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NTI table top exercise March 2021 simulated Monkey Pox outbreak beginning May 15, 2022

NTI table top exercise March 2021 simulated Monkey Pox outbreak beginning May 15, 2022

NTI table top exercise March 2021 simulated Monkey Pox outbreak beginning May 15, 2022

More than one year before the announced outbreak of Monkey Pox in May 2022, the Nuclear Threat Initiative conducted a table top exercise which simulated a Monkey Pox outbreak beginning on May 15, 2022. This simulated outbreak preparedness exercise was done in March 2021 and their report was published November 2021.  You can download the NTI exercise full report PDF from the NTI website here.

To be clear, the exercise was just a training session for coordinating global responses to a hypothetical outbreak. The fact that the date of the simulated outbreak closely matches the date of a "real" outbreak of Monkey Pox is supposedly a pure coincidence - and it could be. Everything is possible. But remember a similar exercise, Event 201 was carried out in New York on October 18, 2019, just prior to the "accidental" release of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan. The weird fact that global leaders have such an uncanny ability to predict dates of outbreaks proves nothing, of course. When such is viewed in isolation from all the other data, it means little, as event temporal correlations could be pure coincidence.

But there are quite a few problems with the co-incidence hypothesis.

Unlike Monkey Pox, which hasn't yet received much attention, SARS and it's origins has been thoroughly researched. The origin of SARS is well documented in patent filings going back to 2002. The gain-of-function and weaponization of SARS done by Ralph Baric and his global team at UNC Chapel Hill is also well documented. We now know the WIV leak narrative is just an elaborate psyop to obfuscate the facts and shift the blame to China. The coronavirus spike protein was patented in 2002 just prior to the first SARS outbreak in 2003. Just another uncanny coincidence of course.

Another plausible coincidence is how SARS-CoV-2 spike protein picked up a genetic sequence resembling HIV gp120 coincidentally located in the critical part of the virus which allows it to enter human cells. (see Receptor Binding Domain or RBD).  Unlike a natural coronavirus, HIV is a "retrovirus", a category of virus having the rare ability to convert it's viral RNA into DNA via reverse transcription and enter human cell DNA. The presence of gp120 in the RBD alone doesn't prove that SARS-Cov-2 could change human cell DNA, but recent research has been published indicating it does just that, but only using in-vitro models up until now.

[Update: see Dr. Richard Fleming's legal deposition declaring he has proof that SARS-Cov2 is a bioweapon Doctor testifies under oath of perjury that COVID was created as a bio-weapon. ]

There is a plethora of uncanny "coincidences", frauds, cover-ups, provably false disinformation coming from official sources, censorship of research, personal attacks on scientists and doctors who publish findings countering the official narrative.

The probability that all those things are simply a result of erroneous analysis, confirmation bias, or whatever ... is rapidly approaching zero!

Official publications contain enough evidence to prosecute various companies for willfull bio-terrorism and genocide. Meanwhile though, people in influential positions have either been taken by the elaborate psyop and fear, or so scared of the consequences that almost everyone, including state governors and AGs, are coerced into doing nothing. People in power who can see through the psyop veil most likely also become acutely aware of the global scale of the power grab, and perceive their well-being and livelihood is literally on the line and therefore easily coerced into submission.  This same dynamic, including "mass formation psychosis" has run through the whole society it seems.

The idea that a conspiracy of this magnitude would necessarily involve too many people and thus could not be feasible is simply erroneous. Such a conclusion ignores the immense power of fear, mass formation psychology, and a well funded and highly refined propaganda campaign.

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