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Executive summary

The CDC has always told us that there is only a slightly elevated risk of myocarditis from getting the vaccine. They cite data from the VAERS system showing low report rates. However, they always conveniently “forget” to mention that VAERS is under-reported and fail to estimate the VAERS under-reporting factor. This means their estimates are likely off by a factor of 100 or more.

Now we have confirmation from multiple sources that the CDC is misleading people and that their numbers are, in fact, at least 100X too low:

  1. A direct user survey of a cross-section of America done by a professional polling firm (with a 4% nominal margin of error) shows a 3.7% rate of myocarditis among those Americans who took the vaccine who responded to the survey. This number is consistent with earlier runs of the survey with different respondents. It is 500X higher than the CDC numbers.

  2. A paper published in Nature shows rates of myocarditis post vaccine that can be up to 140 times normal. That’s not a “slightly elevated risk.”

  3. An estimate from a US Army Flight Surgeon of a 4% myocarditis rate among military pilots who were vaccinated, very consistent with our survey.

  4. A myocarditis rate of at least 1% in a local school near me where a parent revealed the number of myocarditis rates in the school.

Also, this latest survey confirmed the death estimate in the earlier survey (which was 600,000 minimum). In this case 8.12/12.79 which is Q19/Q23 which is the ratio of deaths from the vaccine/deaths from COVID. So if 1M people died from COVID, then over 600,000 people died from the vaccine.


The CDC says the highest rates of myocarditis are among 12-17 year old males with up to 69 cases per million second doses.

But we just got back a survey that clearly shows that the rates of myocarditis are much higher than that: 3.7 cases per 100 people vaccinated. That’s a statistic over all Americans who have been vaccinated, not just young boys. It’s Question 5. 14.03 said yes out of 371 who were vaccinated. 14.03/371= 3.7%.

That’s a rate that is 536 times higher than the highest value the CDC told us. They assured us that there was just a “slightly elevated risk” of myocarditis from the vaccine.

They never told us that we’re seriously injuring 3.7% of the people being vaccinated. This new number explains why hospitals are seeing so many cases of myocarditis.

An Army flight surgeon estimated a 4% rate of myocarditis among military pilots based upon personal professional observation. It appears that that estimate was not far off.

Also, at Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, CA there are now 5 known cases of myocarditis but only 400 boys, not all have been vaccinated. So this again supports the survey. Note that the head of school isn’t talking. Apparently Christian values compel the administration to keep silent about injuries to the kids so that other parents are not alerted to the risks and will thus be more likely to vaccinate their kids. So the rates could be much higher than 1% at the school since the 5 cases are just the ones we know about from one of the parents at the school.

About the latest survey

See this article analyzing a recent survey. It has three runs of the survey and has the source data. The article also has a methodology section describing how the survey was done (and referring to an earlier article for details).

Basically, 500 people are selected at random from across the US. Once they answer the first question, they are counted in the 500. The first question cannot be used to tell the nature of the survey so there is no selection bias. The numbers are adjusted based on the demographics of the people who responded to match the overall US demographics.

You can use the raw numbers or the adjusted numbers in the computations. It doesn’t matter: the results either way are devastating for the US government.

This is why the CDC and mainstream media never run these surveys: they don’t want to know the truth and, more importantly, they do not want you to know the truth.

Confirmation from peer-reviewed scientific literature

Here’s exactly what the paper published in Nature says (Age and sex-specific risks of myocarditis and pericarditis following Covid-19 messenger RNA vaccines). Note that on Dose 2 for males (lower left graph), all error bars for males are above the dotted “normal” line:

So even if you don’t believe our survey, this paper says that the risks can be as much as 88 times higher than normal rate in males and up to 140 times higher than normal in females.


The CDC tells us that there is just a “slightly elevated risk” of myocarditis from the vaccine and there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Our latest survey and this new article in Nature just don’t match up with what the CDC says.

Our surveys suggest you should avoid the vaccines entirely as the risk profile doesn’t justify the benefits, especially for a virus that if treated early is a minor annoyance. This matches the recommendations of a recent paper by Peter Doshi and others.

Your doctor will not be able to mention any of this to you without fear of losing her license to practice medicine. So the medical community will ignore this result even though they can easily replicate the study.

That’s just how medicine works nowadays.

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