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A little while ago one of the Operation Uplift volunteers shared the following chart. I'd cite the creator if I knew who made it. But after my conversation(s) with J.J. Couey, it sparked some disturbing thoughts.

Just as influenza seemed to disappear, so too did other viral illnesses during 2020. Then their patterns shifted, thereafter.

No, I'm not at all certain as to what happened. My article about John Cullen's hypothesis should make this clear: there are a lot of hypotheses still on the table (unless perhaps you're an insider among the game developers). But here's a wild thought:

What if a substantial portion of illnesses are the result of low-grade bioweapons?

I repeat: I don't know what's happened. This is hypothetical exploration only. But it fits with more information than I'm comfortable with.

Operation Sea Spray

During the 1950s and 1960s, the U.S. military and other intelligence agencies were collectively involved in a wide array of biological, chemical, and psychological experiments aimed at the American populace. One of these was Operation Sea Spray during which the crew of a naval vessel tested the susceptibility of a major U.S. city (San Francisco was chosen) to a biological attack. One of the agents used was the bacterium Serratia marcescens, which has a bright red pigment that can be used as an easy biomarker. From Smithsonian Magazine,

In the following days, the military took samples at 43 sites to track the bacteria's spread, and found that it had quickly infested not only the city but surrounding suburbs as well. During the test, residents of these areas would have inhaled millions of bacterial spores. Clearly, their test showed, San Francisco and cities with similar size and topography could face germ warfare threats. “In this regard, the experiment was a success,” writes Kreston.

But there was a catch. At the time, the US military thought that Serratia couldn’t harm humans. The bug was mostly known for the red spots it produced on infested foods and had not been widely linked to clinical conditions. That changed when one week after the test, 11 local residents checked into a Stanford University Hospital complaining of urinary tract infections.

Upon testing their pee, doctors noticed that the pathogen had a red hue. “Infection with Serratia was so rare that the outbreak was extensively investigated by the University to identify the origins of this scarlet letter bug,” writes Kreston. After scientists identified the microbe, the cases collectively became the first recorded outbreak of Serratia marcescens. One patient, a man named Edward Nevin who was recovering from prostate surgery, died, and some have suggested that the release forever changed the area's microbial ecology, as Bernadette Tansey pointed out for the San Francisco Chronicle in 2004.

If you're now thinking back to the high levels of pneumonia among COVID-19 patients, you're not alone. Both viruses and bacteria are cited as causes of pneumonia. During a 1977 Senate subcommittee hearings covering Operation Sea Spray, an outbreak of pneumonia that occurred in the area was discussed (page 14):

On page 18, we hear about another test conducted at Fort McClellan in Alabama that coincided with a tripling of the proportion of pneumonia cases in Alabama occurring in the home county (Calhoun County) of the Army base.

The testimony reveals that influenza cases also tripled, which is to say that increasing the bacteria in an environment can encourage viral spread. Might that even be part of a planned bioattack on a broad population? A similar outsized pneumonia outbreak occurred in 1952 in Key West, Florida, which houses a Naval base and is notably distant from major population centers.

Operation Sea Spray, and similarly known and perhaps still unknown tests stand in stark contrast to any absurd notion that U.S. authorities ever took the Nuremberg Code seriously. And if you're familiar with Tim Truth's video showing men in full body suits releasing some sort of substance into a stream in Canada that seemed to quickly kill the fish, you might wonder whether or not simple, purified bacteria or viruses might be used against communities in the event of an attempted forced consolidation of wealth and power.

Or maybe the DoD and Deep State SuperMegaNarcissaCorp is testing biowarfare defense capabilities while establishing manufacturing capacity for "vaccines" on the taxpayer (and Cantillon slave) dime while simultaneously attacking all internal rivals for power and control? The (potential) motivation of developing vaccine capacity was discussed by Robert Malone and Meryl Nass in a recent Childrens Health Defense podcast.

Controlled Disease Spread as a Variable

I feel a bit of a shudder when I think about the naming of the Centers for Disease Control. And that brings me back to the primary hypothesis I'm floating here: might the DoD in conjunction with its various bureaucratic arms have established pathogen release points in the U.S. and around the world from which to release viruses, bacteria, or both routinely into the environment?

Next: If so, is it possible that the disappearance of numerous illnesses was the result of swapping out the annually released pathogens with purified infectious clones?

Could that be in preparation for World War E? Is it part of World War E?

Again, I'm not jumping to conclusions. I'm just using my eyes and ears, and thinking out loud a little bit.


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