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Dear Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer,

What follows in this letter is a polite but clear and evidence-based instruction to you both. It is an instruction that is supported by the overriding supremacy of the Common Law as we are dealing with criminal fraud and deception upon a truly massive scale. You must please act now without failure or hesitation. Refusal to comply amounts to a treasonous act of repression against the British people, for whose collective and economic well-being you are now both responsible.

For those of us who have recently been listening to high-level whistle-blowers and talking to well-placed people ‘in the know’, there is but one conclusion that can be safely arrived at. Indeed, some believe that the final piece of the intelligence jigsaw dropped into place when His Holiness Pope Francis instructed the Holy See and its connected entities to move all financial assets to the Vatican Bank by the end of September. The drawbridges in the financial world have been or are being raised… and, it would seem, for a very good reason.

The growing consensus is that at some point in the coming months, a contrived collapse of the global economy will be attempted, possibly by deliberately detonating the fraudulent $1.5 quadrillion ‘derivatives timebomb’. If this happens, a tsunami of unsustainable debt and financial chaos will sweep across the world, overwhelming and collapsing the markets, causing high-street banks to limit withdrawals from or entirely freeze customer accounts. Counterparty exposure to failing banks could result in financial contagion causing insolvencies in otherwise sound UK banks, triggering the need to activate bail-in resolution protocols. This will result in a financial paralysis on a scale never before seen. In tandem with the scaremongering pseudo-science of anthropogenic global warming [1], a very dark and pre-planned future of imposed poverty and technological control over the human race is being instigated by those in supposed positions of trust and benign influence. A global power game of enormous proportions is being played out before our eyes and which will be to our collective detriment if we do not act now – these power-hungry globalists appear to have a dark and Orwellian future planned for all of us.

The central players in this very real conspiracy (and there is definitely no ‘theory’ involved here!) are the elitist, unelected and unaccountable private individuals at the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the extremely powerful but virtually unknown Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Between them, they are covertly conspiring to collapse the entire global economy to their ultimate political and fiscal advantage. This is being done to create the right conditions needed to implement their so-called Great Reset. This self-styled Build-Back-Better strategy to create a new Fourth Industrial Revolution is constantly being parroted by WEF ‘young global leaders’, many of whom hold positions of actual power in governments around the world.

This drive to destabilise the governance of sovereign nations involves using the ‘climate change’ pseudo-science peddled by a corrupt, bought-and-paid-for academia which is integral to the fake Green New Deal. The world is being deceived by a cocktail of outright lies and carefully planned subterfuge, all reinforced by shutting down any form of real debate by the mainstream media, that is enabling a criminal mind-set to unlawfully seize control.

It is planned that very soon, invasive surveillance technologies will be used to ‘govern’ each and every one of us – this, as you both well know, is called a ‘technocracy’. These advanced technologies include powerful artificial intelligence; carefully positioned and connected facial recognition softwarecentral bank digital currencies (CBDCs) that will replace cash with a programmable spyware currency; and a social credit system that rewards compliance but which remotely punishes those who try to resist the imposition of tyranny and fascism. This is the same SMART 5G/6G blueprint currently being rolled out by the Chinese Communist Party, a blueprint which is designed to destroy the rights and freedoms of its citizens. The evidence for this is all there to see.

However, this treasonous criminal attempt to impose tyranny in the UK, by unlawfully wrecking the British economy, can be stopped in an instant by both of you immediately resorting to a proven fiscal mechanism that saved Britain from financial collapse in August 1914.

At the outbreak of World War One, the uncertainty of a global war caused many people to want to exchange their Bank of England debt-laden ‘promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of…’ bank notes for gold sovereigns and half-sovereigns. Being then on the gold standard but having committed fraud by issuing many times more bank notes than the Bank of England had actual gold in its vaults to underpin their value, the Governor of the Bank of England, Walter Cunliffe, along with other luminaries of the City of London, hurried to see the Chancellor of the Exchequer, David Lloyd George. A run on the banks and a complete collapse of the economy now appeared imminent. This had to be averted at all costs, especially as the nation was now mobilising to fight this global war.

To do this, the Currency and Bank Notes Act 1914 was rushed through Parliament in just two days, which authorised HM Treasury to issue debt-free, interest-free Treasury notes backed by the wealth and creativity of the British nation. This fiscal process is still used today to create the loose coinage in our pockets. Within another three days, these new ‘Bradbury’ Treasury notes had been distributed right across the country and had thus prevented a devastating run on the high-street banks, which had been shut for an extended ‘Bank Holiday’. They were immediately nicknamed ‘Bradburys’ after Sir John Bradbury, the then Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, whose signature was used on the initial batches of these new notes. The general public was happy and had complete confidence in this arrangement with HM Treasury, thus resulting in no run on the banks and the British economy being saved from complete chaos and total collapse. And there was certainly no talk whatsoever of inflation being triggered by this decisive and effective course of action by His Majesty’s Government. The ‘Bradbury Pound’ had indeed saved the day [2].

Since then, this indisputably effective historical event has been deliberately airbrushed out of Britain’s history books, thus ensuring that there is complete public ignorance of this simple and common-sense form of money creation. The current ability for private, unelected and unaccountable central bankers to control the world’s stage by directing the money supply in secret must be brought to an end. Their capability to practise fraud on a truly massive scale through their privately-controlled central banking system led by the Bank for International Settlements, must be ended immediately. Their ability to fraudulently create money out of thin air as debt – money that is not backed by anything of tangible value – must cease forthwith. This is a massive fraud that our political class has endorsed or is largely ignorant of. The world is drowning in a sea of unlawful, unsustainable debt and our politicians are playing along with this appalling criminality.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Britain’s total assets were worth £10.7 trillion in 2021. The nation’s latest human capital stock figure – that is the nation’s labour potential or creativity – was valued by the ONS as being worth in the region of £21.4 trillion. This means that Britain’s total wealth is over £30 trillion. From this figure, it would be quite possible for your government to release around 5 per cent of this total – approximately £1.5 trillion – to be used as debt-free, interest-free Treasury sovereign money for the well-being, security and sovereignty of the nation. In other words, it would be new money that is spent into existence in a responsible and well-managed way to meet the needs of the entire nation as regards its essential services and infrastructure. It also means that the current complex and invasive direct taxation system should come under review as should all other government revenue raising.

To address all of this wrong-doing we call upon you both, as Prime Minister and as Chancellor of the Exchequer, to:

  1. Announce with immediate effect that the entire lawful part of the British economy is now supported and underpinned by the real credit, wealth and creativity of the British nation and that all future money creation and money supply will be firmly in public ownership and stewardship whereby openness, accountability and transparency will prevail at all times.
  2. Order that the Bank of England, which is ultimately controlled by the BIS, is to cease being a separate and independent entity and is to be fully and permanently absorbed into the lawful and accountable workings of HM Treasury.
  3. Sever, with immediate effect, all connections with the BIS and its privately-controlled central banking system.
  4. Authorise HM Treasury and the Royal Mint to issue debt-free, interest-free sovereign Treasury notes in the following denominations: £50, £20, £10 and £5. You will also authorise HM Treasury to instigate its own sovereign, non-programmable digital money arrangement to replace current money creation practices [3].
  5. Sanction that existing Bank of England notes have their debt status annulled and reclassified as debt-free, interest-free sovereign Treasury notes.
  6. Announce the widespread creation of publicly owned and completely transparent local and regional investment banks. All communities will have proper access to staffed ‘cash hubs’ thus ensuring the freedom of a healthy and balanced choice between physical cash or electronic digital money.
  7. Confirm that the value of sovereign Treasury notes is constant, stable and impervious to the whims and machinations of the private financial sector and money markets.
  8. Ensure that the prices for essential foodstuffs and energy are sensibly capped to prevent any major build-up of inflationary pressures.
  9. Begin the Common Law process to annul the criminally-arrived at and interest-bearing National Debt (now over £2.7 trillion).
  10. Suspend with immediate effect the ancient privileges and rights granted to The City of London, including the physical removal of the City Remembrancer from the Palace of Westminster.

By executing these ten clear instructions, Great Britain and the United Kingdom would become completely impervious to the unlawful machinations and totalitarian ambitions of the World Economic Forum and the Bank for International Settlements. However, failure to carry out these instructions will be seen as the British Government being complicit with the aims of the Build-Back-Better ‘Great Reset’ and the fake ‘Green New Deal’—both of which are designed to deceive, ensnare and imprison humanity into a very dark future indeed. A future that will see a new and global feudal system established where evil megalomaniacs completely control people’s lives and the narrative. Such a future must never, ever be allowed to happen!

With this in mind, failure by yourselves to respond to this open letter in a positive and decisive way will confirm that this new government, as with all recent and previous administrations, is nothing more than a ‘government of occupation’ that is happy to do the bidding of the globalists at the expense of us, the British people, who elected you to protect our sovereignty, our prosperity and our ancient freedoms in perpetuity.

We will now leave you with this one simple question:

If HM Treasury was able to use a fiscal mechanism in August 1914 that gave the British people the necessary debt-free, interest-free liquidity needed to stop a devastating financial collapse, why cannot the same fiscal mechanism be used today to prevent a similar collapse?

This is a very simple question to you both – we now look forward to your public and positive response, and, of course, action. The British people are now hurting. The food banks are getting much busier. You must unleash the proven truth about money creation and money supply to protect people’s homes, livelihoods, pensions and savings. And you must stop immediately your recently announced plans to borrow yet even more unlawful debt-laden and fraudulent ‘fresh air’ money from the financial criminals in the City of London.

Yours sincerely,

Justin Walker and Sir Julian Rose, 5 November 2022


  • [1] Anthropogenic global warming—genuine scientists, who practise real science by always following the evidence, know that so-called ‘climate change’ is occurring naturally as it has done for millions of years and that CO2, which only accounts for 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere, is a benign gas whose concentration actually lags temperature trends—indeed, it is considered by real ecologists to be the ‘gas of life’ for all living creatures and that we actually need more, not less! But the most frightening aspect of ‘climate change’ is how the mainstream media, especially the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, along with universities and schools, have completely and deliberately shut down any further balanced debate on this subject as they all promote a carbon-free future that endorses the globalists’ agenda for the Great Reset and the Green New Deal. Simple common sense, not to mention fairness, tells you that this is not right and that this UN-led official narrative is completely unable to meet public challenges from highly qualified climatologists. You cannot ever close down scientific debate… unless, of course, there is something to hide!
  • [2] For further information about the historical ‘Bradbury Pound’, please read ‘The Financiers and the Nation’ by the Rt. Hon. Thomas Johnston MP (Chapter Six – Usury on the Great War).
  • [3] As confirmed by the Bank of England in its Quarterly Review for the Spring of 2014 where it stated “In the modern economy, most money takes the form of bank deposits. But how those bank deposits are created is often misunderstood: the principal way is through commercial banks making loans. Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money.”

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