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Executive Summary: An additional brick to the “Bolus Theory” is brought by the realisation that some critical cells are naturally protected from immune attacks; stem cells and progenitor cells. At the core of the cellular foundation, these “royal” cells are too valuable to the body to be scuttled: They are indispensable for blood, for immunity and for regeneration. Moreover, they can replicate considerably given they are the closest to our original foetal cells. This is a major loop-hole vaccinologists haven’t apparently considered: What happens if such a cell survives vaccine transfection? Inevitably, given their high replicability, they could trigger cancer - in a form or another. And, unfortunately, the rise in blood-related cancer deaths seems to support this new hypothesis underpinned by many studies showing intracellular and intra-nuclear damage.

Apologies for the technicalities of the article, I am sure you will understand the need to be rigorous, given what is at stake.

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Cancer cells dividing.

In my quest to understand the potential harm of COVID vaccines, and of transfecting vaccines in general, I had so far limited my observations and my investigation to the most visible and immediate adverse effects - essentially arterial rupture, thrombosis, organ failure and endothelial leakage induced illnesses. And the Cytotoxic Bolus Theory covers that very well, especially now that accidental intravascular shots are a demonstrated reality12 .

So far I had not addressed the apparent emergence of cancers (beyond VAIDS-induced cancer acceleration) as a possible pathological outcome of the 2 year-old vaccination campaign; simply because I had no mechanism of harm. I have now.

VAIDSThe reappearance of dormant viruses - notably shingles and hepatitis - was indeed indicative of vaccine-induced acquired immune deficiency (VAIDS) that would inevitably permit cancer to accelerate.  If one’s immune system doesn’t curtail the exponential growth of tumours, unfortunately, it is a mathematical certainty that one will get an explosive form of cancer.  And VAIDS fitted well with a leak in the blood-bone barrier or possible organ damage to the Thymus…
Accelerated Cancers in Bolus Theory

Today, I would like to highlight another realisation I had a few days ago: a visualisation of how a transfecting3 vaccine most probably triggers cancer - notably blood cancers - via immune privileged cells (stem cells and progenitors).

T-cells Normally Destroy Vaccine-Penetrated Cells …

One of the fundamental premises - on which I have built the Cytotoxic Bolus Theory4 - is the fact that all healthy cells penetrated by vaccine particles would end up destroyed by immune cells. Hence the term “cytotoxic”. They would be presenting a highly suspicious foreign protein to the immune system. And clearly, there’s no question autopsies5 and multiples studies67 are finding T-cells attacking. Findings are consistent with vaccines’ mechanism of action: the stimulation of an immune reaction.

And indeed, several studies89 highlight the cleaning up of the vast majority of the compromised cells in just a few days, freeing up spike proteins into the tissues ...and the net of antibodies. Data shows that, after the second injection, spikes are less numerous1011. That is consistent with faster T-cell intervention and/or faster neutralisation. Most likely, the production time is simply cut short, as it should.

Spikes appearing following T-cells attacks post-jab1, limited post-jab2

In a recent study12, T-cells (CD4+) in vaccine-injured with myocarditis were found to be literally “exhausted13”: The protective cells worn out by the amount of cellular demolition they had had to achieve; whereas non vaccine-injured weren’t, a clear sign14 that more cells are transfected15 in vaccine injured… This is again consistent with a bolus injection which greatly increases transfection effectiveness.

Based on the premise of T-cell systematic action, I was never too concerned by the risk of:

  • genetic modifications

  • intracellular tinkering

  • intracellular toxicity

  • long term spike production

Indeed, if all transfected cells are systematically eliminated by the immune system, those risks should neither be relevant nor possible.

What do you care if your old car is at risk of spontaneous fire, or if a nails sticks out of your old sofa, if you are dumping them both tomorrow morning? You don’t. Both will be dismantled and recycled. Well … that’s not counting for exceptions. Life is full of exceptions, that combined with other factors ends up in disasters...

I WAS WRONG with the generalisation of immune cell effectiveness. Biology is filled with trade-offs and exceptions. This doesn’t mean that the Bolus Theory is wrong, but it brings an incremental dimension of understanding: vaccine-induced cancers and gene modification. Let me tell you why…

Some Signs Indicate Not All Transfected Cells Are Being Destroyed…

Even if they destroy your hypotheses, observations are the anchor to clinical reality:

  1. Some studies1617 are finding low traces of mRNA and spike a few weeks or months out. How is that even if possible if T-cells have "nuked” all the cells that up-took nanoparticles ? IMHO there's several options:

    1. Some received another vaccine injection. May be? We’ve seen people with myocarditis given a second shot right after! That would be good news…It would simply mean that’s a false positive.

    2. Dormant LNPs - like dormant viruses - are reactivated at a later stage. Possible, but hard to imagine when we were told they had a very short life outside of the fridge…

    3. Some transfected cells are protected somehow from the immune system. Very Probable. Indeed, specially in the bone marrow, stem cells and their progenitor cells, are protected from the immune system, and so if transfected, T-cells would theoretically be powerless.

Immune Privileged Stem Cells/Progenitors at Risk


Indeed, mesenchymal stem cells and progenitors cells in organs are immune privileged. As such, not only are these cells untouchable by T-cells, but they are also the origin of all blood cells, all immune cells and all regeneration cells. These cells are high replication, and therefore any cell defect would end up escaping the bone marrow and spreading throughout the body as Amber et al state18 :

Metastatic tumors have been shown to establish microenvironments in distant tissues that are permissive to disseminated tumor cells. Hematopoietic cells contribute to this microenvironment, yet the precise initiating events responsible for establishing the pre-metastatic niche remain unclear.


We detected elevated levels of HSPCs (stem cells) in the circulation of newly diagnosed cancer patients, which correlated with increased risk for metastatic progression. Taken together, our results highlight bone marrow activation as one of the earliest steps of the metastatic process and identify circulating HSPCs as potential clinical indicators of metastatic niche formation.

As vaccine particles run down our vascular system, either leaking from the muscle or inadvertently injected in the circulatory system, they principally transfect endothelial walls which are now known to host niches for stem cells19. In other words, stem cells are at risk of transfection not only in the bone marrow, but across the entire body in the organs where regeneration might be needed.

Data and case reports point to blood cancers for now

And indeed the bone marrow is particularly exposed. The combined endothelial footprint of the bone marrow and lymph nodes is at least 10x that of the heart. In other words, the probability of LNPs ending up transfecting the bone marrow is very high, and it should not come as a surprise that stems cells and progenitor cells be transfected by nanoparticles, specially if a bolus occurred. The significant difference here being that the production of spike would not be interrupted by T-cell interventions. Therefore the intra-cellular ecosystem could be disrupted and the damage carried forward and expanded, the very definition of cancer.

And indeed, some anecdotal reports20 21 22 are highlighting cancer diagnoses following COVID vaccine injections.

But more importantly, detailed mortuary analyses undertaken by my friend, John Beaudoin, show a:

  • 118% increase in secondary neoplasm lymph node deaths vs pre-COVID average in 2021, and a 176% in 2022.

  • 40% increase in bone and marrow cancer deaths vs pre-COVID average in 2021, and a 35% in 2022.

  • 40% increase in CLL B-cell type deaths vs pre-COVID average in 2022, despite it is slow moving cancer

These numbers are equivalent to 17,800 excess deaths for the US cumulated in just two years just on these 3 types cancers. For the moment, it is still difficult to determine if the vaccine simply accelerated the cancer, or if it triggered it. Overall, cancers seem stable based on John’s data. Hopefully, there’s no Simpson paradox occurring given the excess mortality of 2020.

Multiple IntraCellular Tinkering Avenues

Viruses are known to have modified and enriched our DNA throughout time.
Mimicking a viral infection was bound to have the exact same effect: change our gene pool.

Viruses are known to trigger cancer.
Mimicking a viral infection was bound to have the exact same effect: trigger cancers.

A number of proven scenarios are possible from reverse transcription and gene integration23 into DNA to mitochondrial damage to the N1-methyl-pseudouridine induced silencing of miRNA24... Frankly, this is beyond my competence. It is quite apparent that the type of cell, its location and the type of damage will dictate the type of cancer.

Blood Cancers Map

Unduly modifying one’s software in one of innumerable cell copies, and to then having it destroyed carries little to no consequences. But modifying our original source code, with the risk of it being transferred to the next generation, and tinkering with the micro-environment of our most precious genetic asset, stem cells, is absolutely crazy.

Just like the probability of meeting a bee is far higher than meeting the bee queen, the probability of transfecting a specialised progenitor (e.g. committed to B-cells) are naturally much higher than reaching an original hematopoietic stem cell. One has to presume the higher up the stem cell chain the transfection, the greater and faster the damage.

The fact that a risk analysis encompassing mesenchymal stem cell and progenitor transfection wasn’t considered shows an unimaginable level of incompetency or of delusion. No wonder conspiracy theories thrive. On that basis alone should the vaccine have been stopped.

The consistency of this theory, both bottom-up and top-down, is as intellectually appealing as it emotionally disturbing. Time will tell whether or not I am right or not. I believe it is also tied to the Bolus Theory, an Non-Cytotoxic arm, simply because of the huge increase probability of transfection a bolus provides. That also gives me hope that the damage isn’t applicable to all, but to a few unlucky souls.

Covid Myth Buster Series is a reader-supported publication. Please consider becoming a paid subscriber.


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