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Intro by Steve Cook

This insightful article by Freedom Alliance Founder, Jonatan Tilt examines the latest globalist psyop designed to divide-and-conquer humanity by eroding Man’s sense of kinship with his fellow Man and thereby duping us into fighting one another instead of THEM (the correct target).

This time, the ruse uses the device of labeling people “essential” and “non-essential” so as to split them into conflicting camps.

The obvious irony of all this is that those who arrogate unto themselves the “right” to label other human beings “non essential” (without ever clearly defining the meaning of the term or the criteria by which that judgement is made) are the most non-essential wastes  of space  on the planet.

I refer of course to the globalists, the merchants of chaos who make an unholy turbulent mess of everything they target for their demented tinkering. This parasitic faction that has latched onto the human community is in fact worse than merely non essential in the same way that actively harmful is worse than merely useless.

If it were made to fold up, vanish or perish tomorrow, not only would the globalist crime syndicate not be missed but its absence would see a marked uplift in humanity’s wellbeing, such is the thoroughness of its  suppressive blight upon our collective survival endeavours .

Are You Essential?

by Jonathan Tilt , Freedom Alliance

Are you essential? Of course, you are.

Having to produce an article with this title reflects the absurd and increasingly dangerous times in which we live. You are essential to your family, friends, colleagues, yourself, whoever. It doesn’t matter and no one person has the right to deem another as non or less essential.

But sadly, we do have to address this issue. In the divide and rule matrix that the globalist parasites use essential/ non- essential is about to become the fundamental dividing line. Race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and a myriad of other artificial dividing lines drawn up to inhibit our unity will pale into insignificance in comparison with essential versus non-essential.

To the global corporatists who control much of western society you are almost certainly not essential. But it’s likely that for a little while they will let you pretend that they think you are essential. Why? Because their tyrannical dystopian future can only be implemented if enough future serfs buy into it one step at a time. They need us to build the walls of our future digital prison compound.

So how are they going to do this?

Three times during the last fortnight I’ve been asked on paying for something if I have a “blue light card”. I’d never heard of these before so went away and researched them. The blue light card scheme is a discount scheme run for a for profit limited company that entitles members of certain professions to discounts with some retailers. The professions are the obvious ones and I’m not sure why policeman and doctors need 10% off their grocery bills. If there are discounts to be given surely lower income groups might be a better target for them. But the blue light card isn’t just for doctors and police you can qualify by enrolling as a volunteer with the St John Ambulance Brigade. So, in reality it is fairly easy to get the 10% discount.

Perhaps doesn’t matter too much whilst it’s a smallish discount on offer but what about if this, or another card permits you to even go food shopping in the first place? Would you sign up for St John’s or volunteer at the local state injections centre? My guess is most people reading this won’t, but many will. The result is a great dividing line right through the middle of society.

The blue light card is probably a totally innocuous scheme set up by cunning entrepreneurs who spotted a gap in the market. I don’t know. What I do know is that it is totally symptomatic of the way in which the WEF want the world to move.

In the future they plan your mileage, meat and social contacts will be severely restricted. During the periods of manufactured national emergencies, you may well be under effective house arrest. But at the start there will be a get out. If you are deemed essential then your mileage, meat and socialisation will be increased perhaps significantly.

Of course essential/non-essential had a good airing at the start of the plandemic. If you were “essential” your kids could carry on going to school and in parts of the UK you were exempted from the absurd travel restrictions. Everyone was effectively exempted as the restrictions were never enforced but being “essential” allowed people to believe they were operating within the “law”. Were the parasites just giving the concept an initial airing to gauge compliance? Quite possibly.

Less innocuous than the blue light cards are the latest moves by Oxford City Council who are proposing zoning the city into seven 15-minute zones. The idea being that everything you need will be within 15 minutes “active travel” of where you live. So, you don’t need to leave your neighbourhood. In fact, it will be so unnecessary to leave your neighbourhood that if you do so more than twice in a week – by non-active travel-then the council will fine you £100.

Oxford and similar cities will be used first for the these “sustainable pilots”.The climate change buy in is greatest there. It’s tempting to see a rough justice but there are many in Oxford who fully recognise the tyrannical creep. At Freedom alliance we have been contacted by numerous Oxford residents who are terrified of these proposals. Crucially Oxford is a pilot. They will introduce it everywhere and are just starting with the low hanging fruit.

It’s no surprise that the Oxford plan contains escape clauses. Emergency vehicles and employees and those with caring responsibilities will be exempted from the restrictions. My guess is that a “consultation” process will lead to much wider exemptions. If you are deemed “essential” you won’t need to worry about the 15-minute zones- at least for the time being.

There is of course one restriction that being essential won’t help you with. Essential or not you will be required to keep up with your mandatory injections and other state sponsored medical interventions. In fact, by being essential you will probably find yourself propelled to the front of the queue for each and every booster. You will be expected to be grateful and sadly many will be.

At Freedom Alliance we will fight the encroaching digital tyranny and these cynical societal divisions for as long as that’s possible. We really don’t have any other option. Please feel free to come and help us in that fight.

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