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Comment I posted at Arkmedic’s excellent report

Reinforcing evidence for the measles-coronavirus chimera as pretext for testing population control:

Sept. 2021 - Biden’s Executive Order 14047, adding measles to the list of communicable diseases that authorize HHS and DOD to engage in forcible apprehension, detention and medical treatment under 42 USC 264, and 42 CFR 70.6.

Also Nov. 2021 addition of chimeric SARS-CoV-2 to scheduled toxins list under 42 CFR 73.3 by HHS through 86 Federal Register 64075.

When I first found the chimeric SARS-CoV-2 addition to the scheduled “select agents and toxins” list, I thought it was an HHS move intended primarily to pre-inoculate the bioweapon developers from legal consequences for their actions under federal and international laws prohibiting bioweapon development, stockpiling and use.

I still think that’s part of it.

But today it occurred to me that another feature of the scheduled toxins list is that the federal government controls transfers of and access to samples and has oversight of all research using the samples, which makes it much harder for independent researchers to get samples to conduct independent analysis.

Similar to the DOD/HHS/CDC institutional chimera that completely controls the injectable bioweapons from manufacturing to injection point, with diversion from the distribution network constituting the federal crime of theft of US government property. Bailiwick reporting here and here. Warner Mendenhall reporting here.

Bailiwick reporting on related issues:


Reader comment:

So, China was right? It did come from U.S.

My reply:

I think the China-US conflict is kayfabe. [h/t Ann Barnhardt]

The Bank for International Settlements elites and their administrative teams are transnational and have no allegiance to country or God.

They coordinate development and deployment of chemical biological radiological nuclear (CBRN) weapons through major public health organizations (such as WHO) and the world’s largest military (US-DOD).

Operations are coordinated by specific people in the technocrat class, such as Tedros at WHO; Fauci, Azar, Gates, Kadlec, Austin, Baric, Powell and Gruber in US at HHS, DOD, Federal Reserve, UNC-Chapel Hill, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft; Schwab, Soros, Hariri at WEF and Open Society Foundation, etc., working within their respective administrative, financial, military, nongovernmental and academic organizations.

China has a parallel, collaborating structure, through institutions like the CCP, the Chinese military and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Exemplar of the overlapping, transnational character of the crime is the NIH/NIAID funding of WIV activities.

So it’s useful to ignore the performative mutual recriminations among nation-states, and keep focused on BIS, WEF, WTO, WHO, BMGF, GAVI, IAVI, CEPI and UN.

St. Barlaam of Antioch. Martyred in the Diocletian persecutions, 304 AD

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