Brook Jackson talks about breaches of protocol at the Pfizer trial site she managed. Data was fabricated, participants unblinded, signatures forged on informed consent forms, disregard for safety. and more..

Brook Jackson was fired from her management position at Ventavia within hours of reporting the issues to the FDA.

Jackson expected researchers would simply exclude such invalid site data from the study, and thus problem solved.

Brook Jackson has filed as a Relator of a crime against the US government by Pfizer under the False Claims Act.

If her case is successful, the taxpayer would be entitled to compensation for being sold a product marketed using falsified data. The value of the contract supplying Pfizer injections to the government is now estimated to be over 100 billion.  The minimum claim would be the refund of the whole product cost (about $100B). The legal team estimates total damages awarded could be up to 1 Trillion dollars and the case could take up to 10 years to complete.

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