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After demonstrating that the circulating spike couldn’t be behind the adverse effects of COVID vaccination, this article outlines the visible commonalities between past vaccines in their harmful consequences. The inevitable conclusion of this observation is that they share the same mechanism of harm. The question that arises immediately is why haven’t public health authorities and pharmaceutical industry investigated and fixed that phenomenon?

When one dives into case reports of the past 50 years, the evidence is overwhelming that injected vaccines harm in the exact same fashion. It is hard to compare their severity, but the symptoms and the disease triggered by these vaccines are essentially exactly the same. This observation points to the need to avoid microbiological rabbit holes and investigate more in the physical drivers that could be triggering these pathologies.

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When 19th century miners would go down a mine pit, they’d always bring a canari bird in a small cage. As you might know these little fellows are more sensitive to carbon monoxide than us humans. Prior to modern-day ventilation, the yellow birds were sacrificial guardian angels, warning the miners they urgently needed to get back to the surface as their environment had become lethal. Evidently, miners would immediately warn their colleagues and rush out when they saw their feathered companion had passed out. Hopefully mine operators also had better waste a few hours and save their workforce. Their immediate interests were aligned.

Image result for canaris in the mine
Portable Canari cage for miners

One would think the interest of a population and its healthcare community would be fully aligned… Common sense and the social contract dictate that the medical and pharmaceutical communities, as well as public health authorities, would all heed the slightest sign of harm from their products and their policies. Incredibly, and without any doubt, governmental and public health authorities, the medical and pharmaceutical professions have all dismissed the signs of COVID vaccine harm. The truth is - apparently - they had been dismissing it for decades.

During the COVID crisis, well thought-through public health protocols were thrown out the window in every country with the exception of Sweden. Everywhere, the dire consequences of these war-game generated1 proposals were systematically hidden to the public…only now is the disaster finally being revealed as an overblown epidemic with catastrophic consequences for the world.

Personally, I am unconvinced by eugenic conspiracies: if one would want to reduce world population stopping Africa and Asia from growing would be much more effective than crippling nations that don’t have children anymore…Call me naïve! (I have been wrong before!)

No. A more Utilitarian theory, fostered by panic, probably by some corruption and certainly by a complete lack of competency has taken over the bureaucratic and political “élites”. Power-hungry scientists and self-righteous journalists, joined the pseudo-messianic Bill Gates gang to convince the world SARS-COV-2 was far worse than Ebola. The moralistic high-ground of the élites was the perfect justification to accept linear unconfirmed policies and to discount reason, knowledge and doubt. They were God-like: they couldn’t be wrong. The tragedy here is in the absolute certainty of those in position of power, in their total disconnect from reality and of course the extreme severity of the outcome of these measures:

  • our elderly left dying abandoned for days in horrendous conditions

  • the monstrous use of Medazolam to euthanise our ancients instead of caring for them with compassion and love

  • the forced vaccination of billions which - according to a recent Swiss study2 - has damaged the hearts of all vaccinated

  • the lay-off without pay of hospital frontline heroes who didn’t want to comply to absurd vaccines

  • the terror imposed on children by nazi-like protocol enforcers who should never have been left close to our children

Traditional protocols never impose drastic and destructive measures simply because:

  1. experience shows the early fatality rate estimates of these viruses are often largely exaggerated: anyone with an ounce of neurones could have known that SARS-COV-2 wasn't that bad from the Diamond Princess experience, or from the median age of death,

  2. the effectiveness of measures are often dubious and too uncertain, and indeed vaccines, masks as well as lockdowns have proven to be utterly ineffective at stopping the pandemic: a simple neutral observation throughout the world testifies to that, and …

  3. measures always carry a negative cost with certainty: lockdown costs on lower revenue families and on small businesses was bound to be very high, massive adverse effects of vaccines - a not-so-mundane medical procedure - were inevitable when vaccinating billions in a hurry, masking children would inevitably slow down and possibly incapacitate forever their education, stopping people from medical care could only seriously harm people…

On the one side, the relative uncertainty of an occasionally dangerous virus; on the other side, the certainty of hurting billions of people with brutal measures. This was not about reason.

A whole class of a pseudo-elite, mostly panicked, some corrupt, often politicised and always self-righteous, took it upon themselves to impose on others these dramatic initiatives, and now they are trying to get away with it, asking for forgiveness, stating they didn’t know.

That’s not acceptable. If they didn’t know, they were reckless with others and need to be made accountable. And, frankly, we know, they knew, because we, the “anti-vaxers”, the “conspiracy theorists”; we, the “unclean” told them so. Very early in the pandemic, and throughout, we were legion explaining, demonstrating, communicating, screaming even, on the low fatality rate of the virus, on the normal age of death, on the danger and futility of masks and lockdowns, on the superiority of natural immunity as well as on the visible danger of the vaccines, not to mention their ineffectiveness… So, no. There’s no escaping responsibility. Anyone in a leadership position, be it in operations, in decision-making, in communications, in nudging, in advertising… will need to be made accountable as a person, given the criminal nature if the events.

Untangling A Collective Delusion and A Self-Righteous Cover-Up

Anyone honest about what has happened these past 3 years understands that something awfully wrong happened. A Utilitarian dystopia founded on delusion, on a corrupt values and on lies coalesced into a world drama that could have been prevented.

One doesn’t need to be convinced the vaccine campaign was particularly deleterious (it was) for the health of millions of people to acknowledge that the world applied crazy and harmful measures on people, and we are all paying the price for it. What most people don’t realise was that:

This catastrophic series of COVID related events was simply the natural continuation of what the healthcare industry had been doing - consciously or unconsciously - for decades.

How so? I encourage you to Google Scholar similar adverse events to the ones we have witnessed since the COVID vaccination campaign. You will come to realise that:

All vaccines - despite distinct targets - trigger the exact same adverse effects: Bell’s palsy, bullous pemphigoid (blisters), encephalitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, myopericarditis, neurological diseases, thrombocytopenia, thrombosis, vasculitis…
Only if the vaccines have the same mechanism of harm could that be the case.

And all the research comes up with the same response:

  1. “It’s extremely rare”, or worse “It’s in line with other vaccine adverse events”.

  2. It’s the patients fault: s/he is one of the rare people allergic. The reality is sending down the vascular system an entire concentrated dose of immunogenic material doesn’t require an allergic reaction for the immune system to react violently.

The “Extremely Rare Adverse Event” Fallacy

The entire industry has been either hiding or deluding itself that these events were rare. Given the experience of the past three years, it’s quite evident that many self-righteous people in healthcare believe lying is worth it. They believe they know better, and that these vaccines will save more lives than they will destroy… In my opinion, that certainty is built on a house-of-cards. However, in my earnest opinion, most are all simply unaware of it. And opening their eyes on the truth, as we have seen, is next to impossible. So let me try to demonstrate it is all built on a House-of-Cards.

  1. The first observation is that every time an intense vaccination campaign is started significant harm is systematically detected:

    1. The swine flu vaccination in 1976 is a good example.

    2. The dengue vaccination campaign in the Philippines in 2017 is another good example.

    3. The COVID immunisation started in January 2021 is evidently the most prominent evidence of vaccine-induced injuries by its unprecedented scale.

  2. Contrary to what many have been saying the pharmacovigilance data is widely unreported.

Two different studies34 in the military - one more thorough than the other - demonstrated that - in the military who are particularly vigilant - the under-reporting factor of adverse events for the smallpox vaccines was found to be 59 x.

1 in 12,819 smallpox vaccinated with clinical Myopericarditis (with under-reporting)
“Myopericarditis following smallpox vaccination among vaccinia-naive US military personnel” by Jeffrey S Halsell et al
1 in 216 smallpox vaccinated with clinical Myopericarditis (without under-reporting)
“A Prospective Study of the Incidence of Myocarditis/Pericarditis and New Onset Cardiac Symptoms following Smallpox and Influenza Vaccination” by Renata J. M. Engler et al

Given the economical5 and psychological6 constraints inherent to the reporting of adverse events in a civilian setting, adverse events (AE) have had to be widely under-reported for decades, at levels much superior to 60x. Indeed COVID vaccine AEs might have been more reported than usual, simply because the usual standard is so low.

The “Dead canaries in the vaccine mine” have been ignored for decades, and are still being ignored.

What do I mean with “Dead Canaries”?
Fundamentally, Bell’s Palsy and Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) are two striking and noticeable adverse events that are very much symptomatic of vaccine injuries, contrary to what the literature is trying to sell us. Their synchronicity with vaccination is so salient and so peculiar that today the reference is no longer zero Bell’s Palsy or GBS. Today, the “acceptable” number for a new vaccine is if the new vaccine has comparable Adverse Events numbers to past vaccines! In other words, as long as a new vaccine doesn’t create more than its predecessors, we are ok

Gruesomely, we have come to accept collectively that there is significant collateral damage with vaccines.

List of Incidence Numbers in the US of Possible Vaccine Induced Diseases
It is quite evident to me that the vast majority of the 2,1 million yearly incidences mentioned - along with unexplainable sudden deaths - need to be investigated with the perspective of the Bolus Theory in mind. In other words, could a bad injection protocol be the root cause behind most of the long-term illnesses in America?  The consistency in numbers and pathologies is unfortunately very convincing to me.  

The reality is Bell’s Palsy and GBS adverse events are/were our '“Canaries in the mine”. They indicated for decades that something was wrong with the vaccination process or the technology, that it needed to be stopped and investigated. Unfortunately, downplaying and covering up these Serious Adverse Events made it impossible to investigate them as a single root cause.

For decades, reports have been stating that BGS and Bell’s Palsy are supposedly mostly bacteria or virus-related. But, frankly I can’t get my head around it:

  • If I can understand that a bacterial or a viral infection can inflict concentrated damage at the point of entry. For example , SARS-COV-2 causes significant damage in the lungs where it enters: A large concentrated dose propagates from that initial location. But when they get into the bloodstream virions are necessarily disseminated evenly across the body, the infection becomes systemic, cytokine storms occur because organs are inevitably touched simultaneously. We can rely on the constance of the vascular system for that.

  • I can’t understand how bacterias and virions can inflict concentrated damage deep in the central nervous system without other systemic damages, or without fast detection by the immune system. There’s a falsifiable hypothesis here. What if these organ inflammations (encephalitis, hepatitis…) were largely vaccine injuries? Vaccine injuries certainly fit the mechanism of harm, and the small footprint - as in exposure to a bolus of vaccine particles - and it explains well the limited number of cases.

But more importantly, the tiny exposure of the central nervous system that leads to Bell’s Palsy or Guillain-Barré following vaccines should stimulate our curiosity to investigate more exposed organs such as the brain that is exposed 40 times more

Extrapolating the entire SmallPox Vaccine Adverse Effects Map from the MyoPericarditis Deep Dive Study

If one in every 216 smallpox vaccinated ends up with clinical myopericarditis, and if 1 in 9.4 have sub-clinical and clinical myopericarditis. How many will end up with neurological disorders? How many with endocrine disorders? How many will have reproductive issues because of leaky blood-follicle or blood-testis barriers ? … By fragmenting adverse events labels, the healthcare community - consciously or not - has been under-reporting and downplaying the true pathological nature of these injections, and thus has negated any chance of looking into it.

Below I considered that the weight of an organ is a good approximation for its endothelial particle exposure. I hope you will follow the logic: The greater the weight of the organ, the more the vasculature needs to bring blood; the more present the endothelium in an organ, the greater the probability of exposure to vaccine particles and the probability of injury. When one proxies organ exposure to vaccines with their relative weight, the picture is very telling. Here is what my estimation portrays in terms of serious injuries (calculated based on clinical myopericarditis data and relative weight for exposure proxy) with simply 2 shots:

  • 1 in 17 vaccinated injured in the bone marrow or the intestine,

  • 1 in 45 injured in the brain or the liver,

  • 1 in 75 in the lungs

  • 1 in 660 in the pancreas

  • 1 in 1700 in the spinal cord

  • 1 in 100,000 in the retina

In other words, vaccines with the same cytotoxic dosage as the smallpox vaccine would have the potential to harm seriously up to 1 in 17 times (or 2.9% at each injection) immediately.

Given the likely locations of the most numerous adverse effects, doctors and patients likely have difficulty identifying it as vaccine related:

  • the bone marrow is very distributed, so the likely impact would be to reduce the capacity to produce blood cells (fatigue) as well as immune cells (VAIDS, Shingles, accelerated cancer);

  • the pain in the intestine would be relatively hard to correlate with an adverse effect of the vaccine, possibly leading long term to arthritis through gut-blood barrier leakage.

What this analysis shows is that the fragmentation of adverse effects is an epidemiological fallacy. Separating out adverse events as if they do not have the same cause likely hides in plain sight an enormous number of adverse events, and has been for many years.

Thankfully the human body is extremely resilient, and many of the AEs will be transient. However, the correlation with the incidence of several possibly related long-term diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes or Alzheimer’s should be an eye opener.

Many have been arguing against my Bolus Theory as if there was no domino effect, and as if the symptoms of the COVID vaccines were truly unique. In reality, COVID are having the exactly the same types of AEs as other vaccines, nothing really unique there. What is truly unique about the COVID vaccines is the scale (Nearly an entire age pyramid: 266 million people), the speed (over 2 months, when typically it is spread over years for MMR for example) and the frequency (2,4 times when the flu is mostly one shot) at which these vaccines have been delivered.

As I was trying to explain in an exchange with my friend Steve Kirsch. Covid vaccine injuries are likely 360 times more visible because of the pace and the scale at which they were rolled out. Of course, Steve is right that these vaccines are the worst ever because they will have harmed more people in little time.


The “Event 201 pandemic exercise” conducted on October 18, 2019


Pr. Christian Eugen Mueller, University Hospital Basel, Basel, Switzerland, at the ESC Congress 2022 in Barcelona


“Myopericarditis following smallpox vaccination among vaccinia-naive US military personnel” by Jeffrey S Halsell et al


“A Prospective Study of the Incidence of Myocarditis/Pericarditis and New Onset Cardiac Symptoms following Smallpox and Influenza Vaccination” by Renata J. M. Engler


Time away from patients is money lost to the hospitals.


Medical staff don’t want to be perceived by their peers as doubting the safety of vaccines. They don’t want to contribute to “Vaccine hesitancy”…

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