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30 year old crypto founder unexpectedly dies in his sleep

Here’s the article on crypto CEO Tiantian Kullander. Died suddenly. Unexpectedly. In his sleep. Just 30 years old.

Lot of “died suddenly” going on nowadays. You can’t make this stuff up.

It used to be nearly unheard of for young healthy people to die in their sleep. In a post-COVID vaccine world, this is the new normal.

I guarantee that they will not do an autopsy and see if it was the vaccine or not. People don’t want to know the root cause of any of these sudden deaths and the family always wants privacy.

I don’t know of a single sudden death where there are tissue samples available that we can test for a vaccine cause. So this will keep happening over and over again. Nobody’s going to figure this out.

Fauci’s 7-hour deposition: he can’t remember much it turns out

This wasn’t covered by any mainstream media for some reason. I can’t figure out why. I’ll be writing more about this, but check out this article that appeared on the Brownstone Institute site in the meantime. Turns out that when he’s in a deposition, Tony isn’t able to remember much.

MIT Professor Retsef Levi calls for halt of COVID vaccines for young people

Only one MIT Professor has really been paying attention to what is going on. He’s not mincing words. The vaccines should be halted until we find out what is going on here. If the vaccines aren’t causing all these issues, then what is? That’s a question nobody wants to ask or answer. Professor Levi is one of the very few people in academia willing to speak out about it. See this Epoch Times article.

People in South Africa were spared the pandemic, but the press in South Africa never figured out there wasn’t one

The virus spared people living in South Africa (and likely other African countries). Maybe someone should find out why.

However, none of that stopped the National Press Club from giving out awards to journalists at Bhekisisa (whose reporters are supposedly trained in evidence-based journalism according to their website) for their reporting of the non-existent pandemic. Impressive.

The Amish: Anyone know the death rates in 2021 and 2022?

They don’t mask or vaccinate. Their COVID death rates in 2020 were supposedly comparable to the rest of the US.

But how do the 2021 and 2022 numbers compare? That is something I’d love to know!

Dr. Nepute is being sued by the US government for $480B for telling people that they should take vitamin D and zinc for treating COVID

You can’t make this stuff up even if you tried. See the article.

Al Roker: another vaccine victim that we can’t talk about

Mark Crispin Miller wrote about the Today show weatherman who dropped from view and now it is revealed that it was blood clots, of course.

We never would have guessed.

But it wasn’t vaccine related of course because we all know that the vaccines don’t cause blood clots ().

Nobody can figure out what caused it though. He’s been out for weeks. They will never admit it was the vaccine.

Professor Retsef Levi featured on American Thought Leaders

Here’s the free preview. Here’s the full interview (over 70K views).

Professor Levi is a truth teller. I wish all professors were like him. You cannot intimidate this guy. I have the highest respect for him and his work. One of the few good guys in academia today.

Rootclaim believes the vaccines have saved more lives than they have killed!

More significantly, the CEO is willing to wager $500K that he’s right and can convince 2/2 judges to win the bet. We’re finalizing terms now.

Saar Wilf believes that:

  1. Studies estimate lives saved by the COVID vaccines in the US in the mid 100k’s.

  2. Deaths are harder to estimate but we think it’s in the 10k’s at most.

One of us is wrong. We’ll find out shortly.

Australia not approving latest booster for those under 30

See this article. Wow. They are actually looking at data on myocarditis harms. Who would have thought that the data would make a difference?!?! And in Australia of all places.

Pierre Kory and masks

Pierre claimed masks do provide some protection against viruses and sent me some papers to prove his point. I haven’t analyzed all the papers, but the ones I have analyzed aren’t compelling. When I have more time, I’ll get the full analysis out, but let’s just say I’m not convinced. This isn’t a huge priority for me right now.

Is it practical to do geo-fenced advertising, e.g., to CDC employees?

If there is a way to do this, let me know in the comments.

800 vaccinated people on a cruise ship get COVID

A lot of good the vaccine did in preventing people from getting COVID. Here’s the story. I am actually typing this right now from Sydney, Australia.

Two stories from Igor’s substack you should check out

People getting RSV: I’ve heard they are all vaccinated from sources. Here’s a plausible explanation:

Thinking about getting a flu shot? They don’t do anything. I’m sure people get them so they can “feel like” they are being protected.

And finally, there is an article that I missed from March of 2022. Has anyone done this experiment in the meantime that is described in this article? If you are capable of doing this experiment, please use the Contact Me form and check the first reason box.

Nobody in Sydney is wearing a mask on public transport

But the signs say you will be fined if you don’t comply with what they want you to do.

If masks really work, then compliance is unnecessary… just mask yourself.

Nobody is complying that I could see.

My Twitter account is still as dead as a doornail

See? This wasn’t some shoddy review process. This was a CAREFUL review.

… almost caught up… one more catch-up article after this one.

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