June 21, 2022 from Stand for Health Freedom

Learn what parents won’t be told before the shot.


COVID-19 shots for kids starting at 6 months have FDA authorization and CDC recommendation.

The White House is ready to start getting “shots in arms” of our babies and toddlers this Tuesday, June 21, 2022, mere days after the federal agencies fulfilled their part in the Biden administration’s plan to vaccinate America. Now that FDA has authorized the Pfizer and Moderna COVID shots as of Friday, June 17 and the CDC gave its recommendation on Saturday, June 18, there are over 18 million more children (ages 6 months through 5 years) who will now be strategically targeted (keep reading for evidence) for the shots.

States were able to pre-order COVID shots for kids under 5 in the beginning of June, two weeks before the FDA even met publicly to discuss their recommendation. There are 10 million doses at the ready for Tuesday the 21st, with more on the way.


Parents must question the COVID shots.

The White House knows that people are going to turn to trusted people they know, like a pediatrician or a community leader, to make this decision. So they have already started educating “a network of providers and trusted messengers.” The White House is working with the American Academy of Pediatrics to create a speakers’ bureau to spread their messaging. The CDC site is ready to go with social media downloads with the tagline “less worry, more play” if infants and toddlers get the shot.

On June 8 the White House made it clear that their messages will be coming from every direction:

“We’re going to be reaching out to millions of children and their parents and guardians nationwide through WIC and SNAP, through Head Start and child care programs, through HUD-supported housing, and Medicaid, and CHIP.

“We’re going to work with trusted organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Association of Children’s Museums, the American Library Association, the National PTA, the National Diaper Bank Network, and the National Association of Community Health Centers, as well as a number of Black, Latino, AANHPI, and Native American community-based organizations.

“We’re also going to activate our 17,000-plus-member HHS COVID-19 Community Corps, which will help provide creative, kid-focused English and Spanish toolkits to trusted local messengers.

“At this point in the Biden administration’s vaccination program, our partners are accustomed to this process, and so are we. 

“As we have said previously, we are not in the predicting business; we’re in the planning business.” 

–Excerpts from White House Press Briefing on the Administration’s Operational Plan for Vaccinating Children Under 5 Against COVID-19.[i]

Friends, it’s our responsibility to use our voices. Let’s talk to pregnant moms, bring up the topic with neighbors, and have the difficult conversations with family members. But always remember to open the door with love and curiosity.


We all want our children to be healthy. This is our common ground.

Some people may be drawn to the story that the CDC is painting about the shots: that kids can get COVID, kids can be hospitalized from COVID, and kids can die from COVID, and the only answer to those fears is the COVID shot. This is the core message they want parents to internalize so parents will make a decision based on their message, rather than exercise their constitutional rights to informed consent.

A ”senior administration official” explained at a White House press briefing on June 8, 2022, “the administration’s goal on COVID from day one has been to leave no stone unturned and to deploy every capability of the federal government. We will put that into practice and help to vaccinate America’s youngest kids.

“Our objective is clear: to be ready to swiftly and efficiently deliver vaccines for kids under the age of 5 to communities nationwide as soon as the FDA grants emergency use authorization.  And we are ready.”

Parental rights have not been taken away – yet.  But they will be if we don’t insist on them. We must make sure that American parents have the facts they need to make medical decisions, especially when it comes to the COVID shot.


Our babies and toddlers need you to speak up now.

Friends in your community will hear from their local health department, hospital systems and doctors, and public spaces like museums and libraries, that their babies as young as 6 months are due for their COVID-19 shot. The White House is working on all possible fronts to get their agenda for getting COVID shots out to parents around the country. But their message does not include all the information parents need to make an informed choice about the COVID shots. Read on to learn some things they won’t be told, and what you need to tell them, so they have the chance to make a real decision.

It is on us to break the censorship, and care enough to raise our voices.


COVID-19 is not a leading cause of death among children ages 0-19 years.




This is a slide from a presentation by Dr. Katherine Fleming-Dultra from the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC that was presented during the hearing to recommend the shots for babies and toddlers.[ii] The data in the graphic is based on data in a paper with the same title, published as a pre-print (without peer review) on May 27, 2022.[iii] This chart is being used to support the message that COVID 19 is a leading cause of death among children.

What’s not stated in the table presented by the CDC is that the rank of COVID-19 among causes of death in the different age categories is the cumulative total of all COVID-coded deaths for the timeframe of March 1-2020-April 30, 2022, and that sum total across two years is compared to other causes of death for the single year 2019 when COVID deaths were not even counted. This is only one of the problems with the CDC data. Stand for Health Freedom has also been educating advocates on the changes in recording on death certificates that inflated the statistics that would have been the basis for the article. Other inaccuracies have been reported by independent investigators.[iv]


Parents are being told there is “good antibody response” to both shots, but the FDA and the CDC don’t know if the shots work in children under 5, and that wasn’t important for authorization.

Dr. William Gruber, Pfizer, told the CDC, “Remember, the efficacy was not a requirement for approval.”[v] Pfizer’s application to expand their EUA to our youngest children included only “preliminary descriptive efficacy data from an ongoing” trial, and both the FDA and CDC accepted this.[vi]

The CDC’s Program Lead for COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness, Dr. Ruth Link-Gelles, reported that “two-dose vaccine efficacy (VE) declines quickly in children and adolescents, following a similar pattern in adults during Omicron predominance. A booster dose in adolescents significantly improved VE initially, although there was waning.”[vii]

Dr. Amanda Cohn with the Centers for Disease Control, who also sits on the FDA Advisory Committee VRBPAC, said the agencies don’t know what the efficacy will end up being. Dr. Sara Long, a member of ACIP, said “I think we should just assume we don’t have efficacy data.”[viii]

The FDA and the CDC have internal reviewers, as well as advisory panels, full of medical doctors and researchers whose job it is to review data from trials on the COVID shots. These people are saying in public hearings that they have no idea how effective the shot is. Why would it be given at all if it is not effective? Is it okay to give drugs to children when the people who are supposed to certify them as “safe and effective” have no idea if they are effective? How many parents know that the FDA and the CDC don’t know this information? How many doctors, pharmacists, or drive-through clinic workers know?

Talk about antibodies is misleading, because how much immune response one body has is not the same as determining if a medical product works (is it effective at stopping the spread of disease). Dr. Eric Rubin, who votes on safety and efficacy to recommend these shots for FDA approval, sums it up: “We know what kind of antibody response can be generated, we just don’t know if it works.” If fact, the FDA and CDC do not know the number of shots that we have to give to kids before we even begin to see a benefit.  You can take a deep dive into the false narrative about “immunogenicity” at the Substack of Toby Rogers.


There is no data about getting the COVID shot at the same time as other childhood vaccines.

There are no studies about the safety of getting COVID shots at the same time as others on the childhood immunization schedule. This is so important for parents to understand because at that 6-month well visit, when babies are scheduled to get six separate shots of nine different doses of vaccine, COVID will now be added to that list, making seven shots including 10 doses.[ix]

Dr. Sarah Oliver of the CDC advised on “best practices for multiple injections,” encouraging injections at least 1 inch apart on baby and toddler limbs. One of the factors the CDC wants doctors to consider when deciding on coadministration, is the “likelihood of the child returning for another vaccination.” In other words, if the doctor thinks a parent won’t schedule another appointment for a vaccine, “general best practices” are to give all shots at the same visit, despite no evidence this is safe.

This is especially dangerous for the COVID shots because the mRNA shot is nothing like any vaccine on the schedule, has not yet gone through the full FDA approval process, and has been tested on a very small percentage of the population.


Only one adverse event was attributed to the vaccine during trials, but data shows more.

Pfizer’s safety study for children ages 6-23 months included 1,178 shot recipients and 598 placebo. Thirteen children withdrew from the study, nine who received the Pfizer shot, and four who received the placebo.[x] Those withdrawals were

  • A 21-month-old with a known nut allergy had an anaphylactic reaction 14 days after the shot that was attributed to eating nuts the day before.
  • A 6-month-old had a respiratory infection with fever that turned into seizures two days after dose 2, which continued for 17 days. The child was withdrawn from the study at parental request. Whether the reaction was due to the shot “cannot be definitively excluded” but was also not admitted, nor was the FDA’s assessment included in the report.
  • Another 21-month-old suffered febrile seizures 38 days after dose 1, which was determined to be unrelated.
  • A 4-year-old was hospitalized after dose 2, suffering fevers, pain that caused a limp, and a rash over a 10-day period. The Pfizer investigator considered only the fever related to the shot and the FDA attributed the events to “an unspecified viral infection.”
  • Two 4-year-olds happened to get appendicitis 11 days and 105 days after dose 2, both of which were considered unrelated to the shot.
  • A 4-year-old with a complex medical history had seizures after dose 1 that investigators decided were due to a urinary tract infection rather than the shot. The child was withdrawn from the study.
  • A 2-year-old had febrile convulsions 21 days after dose 1, but continued in the study to receive two more doses.
  • A 4-year-old had seizures 47 days after the shot, which was attributed to a flu shot given after the COVID shot.

These trials in our youngest children started with a grossly inadequate sample size, then dropped even more without transparency in why children were excluded or withdrawn. Parents can’t make a decision about the safety of these shots if we still have so many unanswered questions about what happened to children in the trials.

Further, Pfizer reports there are 749,249 reports of injury or death due to their COVID shot alone as of May 19, 2022.[xi] Tens of thousands of reports represent children who experienced anaphylaxis, myo-and pericarditis, seizures, fevers, rashes, and death after COVID shots.

This is a massive safety signal that is being ignored. Parents need to know this before they take their child to a clinic for these shots!






Take Action



Step One: Parents won’t know the risks of the shots unless we tell them because our government and our doctors will not. We need to be breaking the censorship around vaccine injuries, as well as the fact that these shots don’t work and aren’t necessary. Please, share this blog with 10 friends and ask them to join us in standing for health freedom. Forward your email, or use the links on the left side of the page!



Step Two: These shots are on their way to the childhood immunization schedule. We need strong lawmakers in office to stand up to the FDA and the CDC. Visit Vote for Health Freedom to get information about health freedom candidates in your area and learn how you can support them!

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