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Washington, D.C. — Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Publishing introduces two new titles outlining the mishandling of the global COVID-19 crisis. Both books aim to reveal the true story behind the pandemic response while equipping readers with the knowledge necessary to prevent governments and public health officials from using future disease outbreaks to claim dominion over nearly all aspects of human life.

Since COVID-19 arrived, the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex — consisting of multinational drug companies, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies, research and virology labs, and private enterprises, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — have endeavored to seize power over nearly every aspect of peoples’ lives and liberties. “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex,” by true crime writer John Leake and eminent cardiologist Peter McCullough, recounts how Dr. McCullough and his colleagues began their work by fighting a novel infectious disease and ultimately became leaders in fighting the tyrannical regime that endangers our American way of life.

At the beginning of 2020, Dr. McCullough was a highly regarded physician, professor, journal editor, and clinical investigator at a major academic medical center in Dallas, TX. When COVID-19 arrived that March, Dr. McCullough followed his instincts and training as a physician and set out to find a treatment for the disease, adhering to the well-established principle that early treatment is always best. Using generic, repurposed drugs and supplements, Dr. McCullough and practitioners around the world developed COVID-19 treatments that have saved millions of people from hospitalization and death.

Much to their surprise, public health officials and mainstream medicine dismissed these undeniably successful treatments, maligning anything outside their Pharma-driven agenda. At the same time, academic journals began publishing papers disparaging inexpensive, repurposed drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, ignoring their long-track records of safety and efficacy.

“The Courage to Face COVID-19” tells the story of how brave physicians who put saving lives over their impressive careers found themselves censored, censured in the media, criticized by their peers and fired from their jobs. The greatest victims, however, were the hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 patients who died needlessly due to the suppression of early treatment.

“Dr. Peter McCullough is a hero for our time and all times. When the world collapsed from the COVID-19 pandemic, he led “the 500 doctors who saved the world” and saved millions of people with his global research and at the bedside with his own hands. When government health agencies and big pharma failed to do their job and lied about repurposed drugs that could end the pandemic, he did their job and called them out. When reporters and editors failed to do their job and launched the largest propaganda campaign in history to cover up the lies, he did their job and told the truth about the lives lost and vast human suffering. Instead of giving him a Nobel Prize, they tried to destroy him. If you can read, you must read this powerful book he wrote with author John Leake, one of the few journalists with the talent and courage to tell the truth about the pandemic. Their job has just begun.”

Michael Capuzzo, New York Times bestselling author and journalist, cofounder of RESCUE on substack

“Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming,” by internationally recognized vaccinologist, research scientist and mRNA technology pioneer Dr. Robert Malone, explains how he came to terms with what happened during the COVID-19 crisis and how we as a society cannot afford to allow history to repeat itself.

The book consists of accounts from renowned doctors, professionals and experts who watched the pandemic unfold from the frontlines, including security expert Gavin de Becker, who found that COVID-19 risks have been exaggerated; doctors like Paul Marik, Pierre Kory, and Meryl Nass, who dared to use effective methods to treat COVID-19 which health officials nonetheless shunned; and hedge fund manager Edward Dowd, who spotted and verified the alarming new trend of sudden death in young people.

Early on in the pandemic, Dr. Malone began researching drugs that might be effective against COVID-19 while his wife, Jill Glasspool-Malone, Ph.D., chronicled what they learned in an ebook that both doctors and patients could quickly disseminate.

In keeping with the trend of suppressing COVID-19 information not sanctioned by the U.S. government, the Malones’ efforts to avert widespread death and devastation were censored. They joined the growing number of professionals who were astonished as they witnessed the U.S. government, scientific journals, the media and even their own medical boards shut down brilliant physicians who were saving lives using innovative combinations of cheap drugs with long records of safe use.

“Lies My Gov’t Told Me” illustrates how data, information and psychology have been distorted during the pandemic and takes a hard look at how the lies spread by governments persist while our institutions fail to correct them. Dr. Malone offers multiple strategies for achieving a society that protects the fundamentals of the Constitution, upholds individual liberties, and respects free expression.

“Robert Malone has compiled an indispensable compendium of truth, exposing the lies and obfuscation behind our failed and destructive pandemic response. He has been among the most courageous, ethical, and scientifically sound public voices throughout the pandemic. When so many other doctors and scientists stayed silent or ‘went along’ to protect their interests, in the face of enormous pressure to conform and despite malicious opposition, Dr. Malone spoke out.  This book should be read by all who want to understand the public health travesty we suffered during COVID so that we can build a future where humans can once again flourish.”

—Aaron Kheriaty, psychiatrist, author of “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State”

The Courage to Face COVID-19and “Lies My Gov’t Told Me,” released by Children’s Health Defense Publishing/Skyhorse Publishing, are available now on Amazon and at major bookstores nationwide.

To schedule an interview with Dr. McCullough, Mr. Leake or Dr. Malone, please contact Tony Lyons at  917-902-5297 or

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Children’s Health Defense is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable and establish safeguards to prevent future harm. For more information or to donate to CHD, visit

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