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If you’re one of the millions of Americans who’d like to see the country return to normal ASAP, there’s plenty of good news to report this week. As cases and fatalities have continued to drop, the cloud of fear that has enveloped the nation for the last 14 months, is gradually lifting. More and more people are getting together with friends, eating out at restaurants and traveling. This has caused a dramatic change in the public’s mood which is noticeably brighter and more positive. But, what’s even more remarkable than the sudden shift in attitude, is what’s happening off the radar. Restrictions are loosening, masks are being discarded, and power-mad governors are being openly challenged. For the first time in over a year, it’s starting to look like the country might get its act together and shake off this Covid nightmare. With that in mind, here are a few of the “good news” stories that you might have missed.

Good News Story 1: Gosar Champions Resolution To Terminate COVID-19 Emergency Declaration In Effect Since March 2020

“Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is championing a joint resolution to end the state of emergency declared by President Donald Trump on March 13, 2020, officially declaring the COVID-19 pandemic an emergency and giving the White House unique powers meant to curb the threat posed by the China-originated virus.

In a press release, Gosar’s office explained, “After over a year of living under an emergency declaration with Congress failing to do its due diligence to decide if the emergency should continue, this resolution will force Congress to debate and vote on termination.”

Gosar explained that “Over a year later, with cases failing, vaccine rates rising, and states reopening, it is prudent for Congress to consider the merit of this emergency continuation….The National Emergencies Act was never intended to give the President endless and unlimited authority over Americans’ lives.”

Good News Story 2: Governors not Dictators! Pennsylvania voters impose new limits on governor’s powers

Pennsylvania voters became the first in the nation to curb their governor’s emergency powers, approving constitutional amendments proposed by Republican lawmakers angry over Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. (The referendum initiative prevailed on a statewide ballot by a 7% margin: 53% “Yes”, 46% “No”) The Legislature’s top Republicans characterized the vote as a victory for individual rights and freedoms, a move to re-establish checks and balances to ensure a functioning, collaborative government…”

This is a big win for ordinary people who are distrustful of scheming politicians who use public health crises and other emergencies to grab as much power as possible, especially dimwits like Wolf who abused his authority by closing churches and businesses, shutting down schools and mandating the wearing of masks.

As the AP points out: “Wolf vetoed more than a half-dozen different bills designed to restrict his authority.”… Even now, after suffering a humiliating defeat at the ballot box, Wolf still claims he has his authority rests on an arcane “public health law and is unaffected by the ballot questions.” In other words, Wolf thinks he can ignore the will of the voters and do whatever the hell he wants, which is why it is so important that he–and the other aspiring tyrants across the country– be booted from office at the first opportunity. Here’s how Judge Napolitano summed it up at Lew Rockwell:

“No matter the exigency — war, floods, pandemic, fear, myth — individual natural rights,… trump the unconstitutional words of government officials and invalidate their efforts to enforce compliance. … The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and every public official, federal and state, is bound by it.

If government officials could declare an emergency whenever they wished and thereby be relieved of the obligation to defend the Constitution — and the rights it guarantees — then no liberty is safe.

Because our rights are natural and individual and because we did not all consent to their suspension, no government may morally or constitutionally suspend them, and we must resist all efforts to do so.”
(“The Government’s Emergency Powers Myth“, Lew Rockwell)

Comment: Wish I’d said that.

Good News Story 3: Utah lawmakers pass school mask mandate prohibition

“The Utah Legislature passed a measure Wednesday that would bar public schools and universities from implementing mask mandates…

“At some point this has to end,” Peterson said. “What this bill is really about is making sure we have those assurances to our students that they can go forward next fall and get right into the school year without the thought of masks and what that might mean.”

Whatever practical purpose the cotton masks might have served during the pandemic, there’s no longer any need for them. On this point, there should be universal agreement. The cases and deaths have dropped precipitously and the virus is in full retreat. We need to set aside the divisive symbols of mass intimidation and move on. There has never been a more polarizing and infuriating symbol than the mask, which many see as the basic foundation upon which the Covid-hysteria was built. Abandoning the mask, is not just sign that we have put this sad chapter of collective madness behinds us, but that we are determined to resume normal personal interactions like ordinary people in a free country.

Good News story 4: Alternate Medications and Therapies casts doubt on need for a vaccine: Ivermectin crushes Delhi cases

“Just three weeks after adding Ivermectin, Delhi now leads India out of the deadly second surge of the COVID pandemic. Cases that had peaked at 28,395 on April 20 plummeted nearly 80% to just 6,430 on May 15. Deaths peaked May 4, and now they are also down 25%.


“Ivermectin is a heartworm medication that has been shown to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication in vitro. In the U.S., the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has been calling for widespread adoption of Ivermectin, both as a prophylactic and for the treatment of all phases of COVID-19…

A scientific review by Dr. Andrew Hill at Liverpool University, funded by the WHO … found ivermectin reduced COVID-19 deaths by 75%. …

Dr. Pierre Kory, former professor of medicine at St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (said)

“The data shows the ability of the drug Ivermectin to prevent COVID-19, to keep those with early symptoms from progressing to the hyper-inflammatory phase of the disease, and even to help critically ill patients recover.

… numerous clinical studies — including peer-reviewed randomized controlled trials — showed large magnitude benefits of Ivermectin in prophylaxis, early treatment and also in late-stage disease. Taken together … dozens of clinical trials that have now emerged from around the world are substantial enough to reliably assess clinical efficacy.” (“More Good News on Ivermectin”,

Is an inexpensive and time-tested “miracle drug” being deliberately suppressed to advance Big Pharma’s pernicious vaccine agenda?

Yep, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Good News Story 5– Vaccine Refuseniks are gaining ground

We’ll let author Alex Berenson sum this one up:

“The #Covid vaccine push is just about over in the United States. First doses are down 70% from the April peak, to the lowest levels since mid-January – and that includes a temporary bump last week from the hideous decision to allow 12-15 year-olds to get the shot….

The plunge comes despite an incredibly aggressive and expensive marketing and promotional campaign. At this point the public health folks have to see they are pushing on a string….(The only choice left is… ) Coercion. Mandatory vaccinations are out but they can try to get schools and businesses to do the dirty work”

Good News story 6: 29 States Have Now Terminated Mask Mandates

“To date, 18 states that had mask orders covering the general public have fully lifted them. Eleven states did not impose mask mandates at any point during the pandemic….

Most states that have completely reopened have done away with their mask mandates or never instituted one in the first place. But mask mandates, at least for those who are not vaccinated, may persist in parts of the country.

Here’s where states stand on coronavirus restrictions and reopening:”

Good News story 7: Most states that have completely reopened have done away with their mask mandates or never instituted one in the first place

Reopened/states without COVID-19 restrictions:

Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | Colorado | Connecticut | Florida | Georgia | Idaho | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Louisiana | Maryland | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | New Hampshire | North Carolina | North Dakota | Oklahoma | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | West Virginia | Wisconsin

Hurrah for sanity!

Good News story 8: Public push-back against vaccine mandates gains momentum

“Legislators, students, community representatives and others will speak on the topic of informed consent at a health freedom rally at Rutgers University this Friday, May 21 at 11 a.m. ET, in protest of the university’s COVID vaccine mandate. The Rutgers announcement prompted Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) chairman and chief legal counsel, to send a letter to Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway to remind him that mandating Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) products violates federal law.

Kennedy informed Holloway that COVID vaccines, which are EUA products and therefore by definition experimental, cannot be mandated. Under federal law, individuals have the right to accept or refuse EUA products. “Under the Nuremberg Code, no one may be coerced to participate in a medical experiment. Consent of the individual is absolutely essential,” Kennedy wrote

The college and university mandates have sparked a new wave of voices in the health freedom movement, as many college students are speaking out against mandating an experimental vaccine for a virus that has a 99.74% survival rate….

Holland said CHD’s view is that EUA vaccine mandates are clearly unlawful. She cited the legal precedent set by the courts when the U.S. Department of Defense tried to compel soldiers to take the EUA anthrax vaccine. A federal court decided federal law did not permit EUA vaccine mandates, and said soldiers could not be used as guinea pigs.”

Comment: Now that the pandemic has eased, the Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) should be repealed and vaccine manufacturers should be forced to complete Phase 3 trials and prove that their product is safe before it is used on the public. That should happen immediately.

Good News story 9: Former U.S. Health and Human Services advisor denounces Covid vaccine for children. Alexander says he has “grave concern for our children”

“It’s ‘reckless’ to vaccinate children for COVID-19,” said Former HHS coronavirus advisor, Dr. Paul Alexander on Fox News’” “Kids have a 1 in 50,000 chance of dying if they’re COVID-infected,” he added….The risk to children is so small, there is no reason to put our children in harm’s way at this point.”

“Dr. Fauci has said many things before that he has reversed and flip-flopped on, and in this case, he makes absolutely no sense to me, and to many scientists,…“Remember the retraction of the double-mask idiocy? Remember when he said Covid is 10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu? Now they are talking about a third vaccine booster shot and it suggests that those in charge are flying by the seat of their pants and do not know what they are doing.”

Alexander wrote …that the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) …“essentially means that all persons taking Covid vaccines at present are in a large Phase III trial. The efficacy and safety results will be known in 2-3 years and perhaps longer for the longer-term adverse effects that become known at a later date.”

His paper continues, “Exposing children to an untested Emergency Use medication implies that there is a dire risk to the children without it. There are no data to support such a potential risk.”…

“The key for parents to understand is this: These do not provide you the type of safety data to give you the level of confidence to put these vaccines in your children’s arms, because children have 70 to 80 years more life to live. They could be devastated by these vaccines if something goes wrong.”

Comment: Children are at zero risk of dying from Covid-19. The survivability rate for children under 17 is 99.997%. Doctors, however, do not rule out the possibility of long-term adverse effects from vaccination including blood clots, fertility issues or autoimmune disease. This is a risk we don’t need to take.

Good News story 10: 160 experts blast COVID vaccines as ‘unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe’

Excerpt from the Letter:

“In short, the available evidence and science indicate that COVID-19 vaccines are unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe… Actors authorizing, coercing or administering experimental COVID-19 vaccination are exposing populations and patients to serious, unnecessary, and unjustified medical risks.”

They pointed to risks of “lethal and non-lethal disruptions of blood clotting including bleeding disorders, thrombosis in the brain, stroke and heart attack,” “antibody-dependent enhancement of disease,” autoimmune reactions, and potential effects of “vaccine impurities due to rushed manufacturing and unregulated production standards.

“Contrary to claims that blood disorders post-vaccination are ‘rare’, many common vaccine side effects (headaches, nausea, vomiting and hematoma-like ‘rashes’ over the body) may indicate thrombosis and other severe abnormalities,” the experts said. “Clotting events currently receiving media attention are likely just the ‘tip of a huge iceberg.’”

With the mRNA vaccines, the risk of severe adverse events is virtually guaranteed to increase with every successive injection. In the long term, they are therefore even more dangerous than the vector vaccines . Their apparent preferment over the latter is concerning in the highest degree; these vaccines are not safe.”

Readers might want to skim these articles again to get a sense of the seismic shift that is currently taking place across the country. Wherever there has been push-back accompanied by conservative leadership, government restrictions and mandates have been lifted. But wherever leftists have their grip on the levers of power, people remain defacto prisoners of the state forced to follow the arbitrary edicts of liberal governors acting far-beyond their constitutional authority. What should be obvious to everyone by now, is that the real heroes of this drawn-out catastrophe, are the leaders like De Santis and Noem who stood firm and defended the basic rights of their people even while the media and the public health officials heaped criticism on them. We owe a debt of gratitude to these and the many others who put their careers and reputations on-the-line in order to do the right thing and preserve the values upon which America was founded.

Thanks to all who fought back.


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