December 23, 2022 from NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Yet The NZ Press Downplays Trauma and Events With More Lies.

With the recent revelations from Australian medical leader and MP Dr Kerryn Phelps that she and her partner Jackie Stricker-Phelps have suffered severe adverse jab reactions, NZDSOS again asks why this hasn’t been discussed openly, why are doctors being censored or silenced and why adverse reactions being swept under the carpet at an astounding rate? To say otherwise is simply a lie.

In typical trials, which this mRNA experimental gene therapy is still in, serious adverse reactions and deaths, even months after being administered, are considered to be connected to the drug unless proven otherwise.  If even a small number of serious adverse events are reported, trials are stopped immediately. 

When a drunk driver is involved in an accident, the alcohol isn’t discounted as a contributing factor. So why, in the cases of Isabella Alexander and Sarah Barnes, Tiare Lanigan and Nishi Silva who all died within days of the injection with blood clots throughout their bodies (along with so many others), is the mRNA gene therapy not being flagged as a potential cause? This last case is especially tragic but curious. Nishi and her baby died in late pregnacy from her sudden pulmonary clots. When her death turned up surprisingly in the US VAERS register of post-vaccine death reports, in capital letters it stated that the use of the Pfizer vaccine was OFF LABEL. Of course, not Pfizer, the FDA or even Medsafe recommend it’s use in pregnancy, but our Drs Turner, Petousis-Harris, Bloomfield,  Betty, Murton, Walker, Baker, Jackson etc have all advised safety in all stages of pregnancy and demanded pro-vaccine messaging. In fact, mandated pregnant workers where forced, on pain of losing their jobs. 

Does this Gene Therapy Need More Scrutiny?

Ever keen to get ahead of the actual truth in case it germinates and grows, the NZ Herald article discussing Dr Phelps’s concerns, states, “It’s important to consider these other factors because not everything that happens after a vaccine is due to the vaccine. Heart attacks, strokes, new autoimmune diseases, and death can all occur shortly after a vaccine. The key question is whether a vaccine caused or worsened the risk of a condition.”

We say – You’re damn right! These have all occurred. It is not a “key question”. It IS the drug until painstakingly proven otherwise, given the implications of getting this forced rollout so wrong. The article continues with a list of falsehoods and fake reassurances, implying ‘everything is awesome’ and does not mention the parade of evidence we and others have been posting since time zero. The blood on the hands of these reporters is obvious.

Dr Peter McCullough, one of the most published peer-reviewed cardiologists in the world, says it accurately when he states: “when a new drug is being released and there are serious adverse reactions reported in close proximity to the dose, the drug must be considered as a cause.”  This is not happening with this mRNA gene therapy.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield stated every vaccinated Kiwi would be followed up, and these injections would undergo NZ’s own quality assurance and then rigorous independent safety monitoring. However, in an OIA response obtained earlier this year, Medsafe has revealed no such QA was possible in New Zealand. He ‘misstated’ on both these matters.

OIA request noting the curious contradiction of independent safety testing of the Covid-19 injection.

So a provisionally approved gene therapy still in both Phase 3 and Phase 4 clinical and post-marketing trials, that has had more adverse event reporting since its release 18 months ago than all other vaccines in history combined, isn’t actually being monitored in New Zealand. But NZ Herald trumpets (non-existent) close pharmacovigilance. The article is a deceitful disgrace.

Dr Kerryn Phelps’s wife is still suffering significantly from ongoing neurological issues while other doctors remain silent, she says gagged by the Australian governing bodies. The Herald article is silent on this. 

The New Zealand Herald article discussed the potential for adverse events to happen, yet downplays the significance of them. If cold and flu-like symptoms of Covid are demonised with a death rate of 0.07% below age 70 (and being jabbed for grandpa doesn’t protect him anyway), and yet serious adverse events such as heart inflammation, blood clots, Guillain Barré Syndrome, dysautonomia, immune thrombocytopenia, and many others are marginalised, there is something significantly wrong with the information we are receiving.

This paper by world-renowned authors proves emphatically the jabs cause more major harm than they prevent covid admissions. 

The New Zealand Herald stated, “While most people with myocarditis related to vaccine have mild symptoms and recover over days or weeks, a small number have more serious disease or prolonged symptoms”.

Heart inflammation is never a mild issue, blood clots in the body are life-threatening, and Guillain Barré is not just a minor health challenge that will easily resolve itself. These are all significant adverse events that are life-changing for the people affected by them. The article dramatically misstates the incidence of these severe side effects as published by other reputable experts. For instance, it quotes myocarditis in young men post-jab as “around two to ten cases for every 100,000 second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine doses”. Yeah right. The Swiss and Thai studies we have been quoting are settling in on several per cent rates of carditis, and the Swiss one expresses concern that most vaccinees get a degree of hidden heart inflammation. There are literally many hundreds of such patients in New Zealand. Famous cardiologists are urging people not to take the shots and uncover the malfeasance. 

Every day New Zealanders who were ‘doing the right thing’ by listening to this tyrannical government, have lost their jobs, their livelihoods, their health and sometimes their lives, and are being entirely ignored by a health system that is inherently failing. For those that think they are still OK, it’s time they wised up and stopped kidding themselves while being lied to by people they used to trust.

The Ministry of Health Covid-19 Case demographics, as listed on the Ministry of Health website, show that out of the 3435 deaths from Covid-19 in our nation so far, 2475 of them are boosted. That’s a whopping 72% of deaths from the boosted group, and it looks even grimmer if you add in the fully vaccinated group.  This data isn’t representative of the per 100,000 population, but it is mainstream data presented on the Ministry of Health website. 

Case statistics correct as of 23 December 2022

Still happy that your vaccine is keeping you from severe outcomes? More lies. Admittedly it seems to be the last one left they are hanging on to, since effective has gone down the gurgler and safe is curiously absent from the messaging now. 

Thus members of parliament in Britain are calling for its complete suspension from the market, and NZDSOS calls once again on our authorities to look at the growing mountain of evidence going against the narrative and call a halt to this rollout. The evidence is clearly increasing by the day that the hopeless ‘independent safety monitoring’ is failing us. These vaccines, along with the newly provisionally approved bivalent booster, must be stopped. 

Mainstream media states there are those who “just need to take one for the team”.  This is not good enough, and quite frankly it’s disgusting. What if it were your son, daughter, sister, brother, mother, father or friend who did take one for the team and died or was maimed, like many have been? What if it was you? Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened to thousands of others. Don’t help the government to normalise this carnage.

In fact the government pre-planned for around 1.1% of vaccineess to sustain serious adverse reactions. In a team of 5 million, that is at least 50,000 people who the government itself was expecting to be maimed or suffer ill effects from the injections – taking an intervention “for the team” that does nothing to help or protect the team. We are discovering why this is, since the Herald is ignoring its job.

The US Department of Defense took absolute control of the vaccine program as a “countermeasure” to the identified bioweapon from Wuhan in early 2020, hence allowing rushed development and zero safety tests. In fact, years ago, it identified the mRNA platform as one it wanted to test out on a large scale. Researchers Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova have exposed all this, and our Australian colleagues are now hot on the chase too. 

So all our alphabet agencies are sidelined and disallowed from recalling even if they wanted to. So, even Pfizer and Moderna are bit players, albeit well-paid ones. Why is Australia, NZ and the rest going along with this? Money. Specifically, to maintain US dollar, its bonds, and its military enforcer. 

Even if you disbelieve this, trust Dr Phelps, past president of the Australian Medical Association. She is calling for an investigation into adverse events from this gene therapy after many doctors she has spoken to have revealed they have been silenced, and some themselves were injured. Once we have reclaimed democracy we might then see some actual treatment protocols put in place to help those with adverse events.

These patients are not misinformation, they are real people who are suffering, often in silence and largely ignored by medical authorities because, according to our government, they should not exist. 


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MP calls for complete suspension of mRNA jab in extraordinary British Parliamentary speech

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen calls for complete suspension of mRNA jab stating unprecedented harms and close to ‘non existent’ benefit

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