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A plane carrying Dr. Carrie Madej and her boyfriend crashed on Sunday, leaving both in the ICU. It occurred less than a week after I interviewed her, during which she revealed connections between the Metaverse, Covid jabs, and the depopulation agenda of the New World Order. The video had over 150K views when her plane crashed. It was her last interview; within three days she canceled all future speaking events and interviews after finding out she was being investigated by various medical boards.

Did something she said during the interview prompt action by the New World Order, or was this just a coincidence? It was a long interview and I’ll be going through it all today to see what was said that could have been concerning to them. Frankly, there were so many accusations put forth during the interview that it may take me the rest of the day to pinpoint what she said that triggered them. One thing I recall she said pertained to the notion that the Metaverse and the jabs were being aligned to coincide with a depopulation agenda. Did she hit too close to home for the powers-that-be? Then again, it could be one giant coincidence.

I have not spoken to Dr. Madej since the interview, but I will be reaching out to her people for an update on her condition as well as her boyfriend’s.

Please pray for Dr. Madej and her boyfriend. She has been a valuable voice against the Covid vaccines as well as exposing the machinations of the New World Order. If this was all a coincidence and the plane’s engine troubles were naturally caused, that’s a good thing. If she is being targeted, pray that God will keep her protected.

Here is her last interview prior to the plane crash:

Here are the details from Ethan Huff over at Natural News:

A Plane Crashed With Dr. Carrie Madej on Board, Leaving Her and Her Boyfriend With Injuries: PLEASE PRAY

A single-engine Piper PA-24 airplane carrying Dr. Carrie Madej and her boyfriend has crashed, leaving the two with injuries that are now being treated at a hospital.

The incident occurred on Sunday in Meriwether County, Ga., according to local news reports. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is still investigating the situation, but we know that there was some kind of engine trouble that resulted in the plane having to land in a field just north of Roosevelt Memorial Airport in Warm Springs.

“It happened around 2:15 p.m.,” reported Alive 11 news.

“According to Michael Watson, the chairman for the Meriwether County Airport Authority, the flight was on the way from St. Petersburg, Florida, near Tampa, to Newnan-Coweta County Airport when it experienced an engine issue as the plane started its descent. The flight was diverted south to Warm Springs, but crashed. Flight tracking website Flight Aware shows the path of the flight before the crash.

The FAA is said to be working with the National Transportation Safety Board to determine what went wrong that resulted in this disturbing incident. Neither agency will provide any specifics about the investigation, nor would they publicly reveal the condition of the two on board.

We know, however, from Sons of Liberty Media that Dr. Madej suffered multiple fractures while her boyfriend suffered a broken back and a fractured skull. Tim Brown knows Dr. Madej directly and confirmed her current condition.

“Dr. Madej had just texted me on Thursday to state that she would not be doing public speaking events for several months as the medical board is coming after her full force,” Brown writes.

“I have confirmed that Dr. Madej is in ICU and that she is expected to be released possibly on Tuesday … Please keep her in your prayers.”

Is someone trying to harm Dr. Madej, or was this just an accident?

It is definitely suspicious, to say the least, that the plane Dr. Madej was on just after Brown received that text developed engine problems. Is there foul play involved, or is this just a coincidence?

In case you are unaware of the type of work that Dr. Madej does, check out this article about her concerning the contents of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Dr. Madej told Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in an interview back in May that covid injections contain “exotic nanotech” materials that can be used for surveillance, tracking and bio-control purposes.

Dr. Madej’s statements at the time corroborate the latest findings from the Health Ranger about non-blood clot materials that are being dredged out of the dead bodies of people who opted to become “fully vaccinated.”

Is someone possibly trying to harm Dr. Madej for unleashing these revelations? She is, after all, disrupting the precious cash cow and eugenics mechanism known as Fauci Flu shots – and more importantly, the things she has been saying are gaining more traction in the public conversation.

We will keep you informed if anything new comes up about Dr. Madej, as well as let you know how she is doing and when she gets released from the hospital along with her boyfriend. Our prayers go out to the both of them, and we are thankful that they both survived and appear to be on track to heal and eventually return to their normal lives.

You can also contact Dr. Madej directly at info@carriemadej.com to obtain more information about the situation. Someone from the site will get back to you with whatever they know about her condition and anything that gets revealed about the investigation.

More related news can be found at Conspiracy.news.

Sources for this article include:

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