November 27, 2022 from Covid Truths – Exposing Lies and Propaganda

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Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  00:00

US life insurance companies have reported an overwhelming and unexplainable increase in all cause deaths among 18 to 49 year olds. Along with that there’s also been an increase in certain medical diagnosis’ such as miscarriages and Bell’s Palsy.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  00:22

Well, when I first started seeing these strange anomalies in the blood, it’s just there’s something different about the blood all of these people that are dying, [it] doesn’t matter what they died of. They were having this, there’s this unique change in the blood. I feel as though I am seeing something that could be causing their death. No one will see what I see.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  00:50

So in the very beginning, I’m thinking okay, so COVID could have caused this, possibly, but now I’m seeing these in people that supposedly never had COVID and then you find out they were vaccinated. And so it’s like okay, so it’s the vaccine might be causing this.

Speaker Unknown  01:27

I want people to understand that we’re in a fifth generation warfare

Speaker Unknown  01:30

They now shape the news openly to manipulate and deceive the American population.

George Bush Jnr  02:03

Weapons of mass destruction.

Speaker Unknown  02:08

You don’t believe in any conspiracy theories?

News Reporter  02:11

Jane, what more can you tell us about the Salomon Brothers building and its collapse?

Bill Gates  02:21

Then we’re injecting them in a little kids arms.

News Reporter  02:24

A 19 year old health worker has developed blood clots after.

Speaker Unknown  02:27

Controversial (inaudible)

News Reporter  02:29

Just days after getting their second COVID-19 vaccine, two teenage boys died in their sleep.

News Reporter  02:38

A nine year old went to sleep in Eagle Mountain and never woke up.

News Reporter  02:41

A school cheerleader who died suddenly.

Anthony Kiedis  02:43

Who knows young people are dying these days.

Today Show  02:46

You know Matt and I are constantly talking about malthusian theory.

Today Show  02:49

I’m sure you are.

Tom Hanks  02:50

I know it says it on one of the coffee cups I was given. You know, when I graduated, when I was a junior college Chabot, Junior College, we finished a history course, and the professor wrote up you need to learn this word. He wrote up the word triage which represented, I was told, the concept that eventually the world will have too many people in it in order to subsist on its own. And that stuck with me for a long time. And that’s what Inferno is about.. The quantum physics of overpopulation in an instant, there could be too many people on the planet and actually the math does add up.

Tom Hanks  02:51

Malthusian theory.

Today Show  03:23

You just gave us a 20 second definition of Malthusian theory. That’s amazing.

Tom Hanks  03:28

That’s what I’m built for.

Thomas Robert Malthus  03:30

I, Thomas Robert Malthus have merely done you the service of stating the obvious that the demographics of our situation equal death.

Speaker Unknown  03:45

Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus was a British demographer of the late 1700s and was the first to popularise the idea that there’s simply too many people using up too much resources.

Speaker Unknown  03:59

How many cars, stereos, fancy bars.

Speaker Unknown  04:02

How many people could the world support? Well, it depends. It’s a sliding scale.

Speaker Unknown  04:07

Malthusian ideology is often summarised in the following graph.

Speaker Unknown  04:11

A very simple graph, which predict what’s going to happen to the planet over the next 150 years, if we don’t do something drastic to stop it.

Speaker Unknown  04:20

It’s an ideology, an eschatology.

Bill Gates  04:23

Here we can see a chart that looks at the total world population over the last several 100 years. And at first glance, this is a bit scary.

Speaker Unknown  04:34

And it spawned a new genre of fear that lasted for generations. The fear of overpopulation,

Speaker Unknown  04:44

You have to get the death rate and birth rate in balance and there’s only two ways to do it. One is to bring the birth rate down, the other is to push the death rate up.

Speaker Unknown  04:51

If we do not by humane means limit our numbers, the numbers are going to be limited by more famines and shortages.

Prince Philip  04:59

It’s reaching plague proportions.

Speaker Unknown  05:01

No intelligent, patriotic American family ought to have more than two children, preferably one.

Speaker Unknown  05:07

Maybe anybody who’s thinking of having a third child ought to go hungry a week.

Speaker Unknown  05:10

So should we have policies that penalise people for having extra kids in the developed world.

Speaker Unknown  05:16

So I do think that we should at least consider it.

Alexander Paul  05:19

And this is where people start getting nervous talking about overpopulation and population issues, because they’re scared that I’m going to take away their rights to have children.

Speaker Unknown  05:28

It’s the belief in a coming apocalypse, and that it is you and I who are ushering it in.

Bill Maher  05:34

We’re even running out of sand, which may not seem important, but without it, you can’t make concrete or glass, like for windows. So you can look outside and see the world ending.

Bill Gates  05:45

Now the world today has 6.8 billion people, that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15%.

Chad Whisnat, Funeral Director  06:01

Well, common sense would tell you, if you have a man standing in front of you saying he’s gonna reduce the world’s population by 10 or 15%, using vaccines, what does that mean to you? It means somebody’s gonna die, because you put a vaccine in them. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna save people. That’s pretty much common sense in my brain. But yet I saw say it, and he said it.

Chad Whisnat, Funeral Director  06:29

And here we are, I don’t know. I’m just here we are. I’m now an anti vaxxer. I wasn’t before, from what I’ve learned here with this and seeing what I’ve seen, not just in the funeral home, but you know, what everybody else has had an opportunity to see, I don’t wanna take any vaccine, because I don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry. I mean, I just buried someone recently who died suddenly, wasn’t sick, person in their 60s, but otherwise was not sick and I met with the family, and that was my first question what happened to them. Somebody mentioned to go on to Google, and then type in ‘died suddenly’ and find the news articles that pop up. And lo and behold, here’s a whole listing of people, of articles of people within that last week who died suddenly, younger people, older people, but a lot of younger people throughout around the world. Famous people, athletes have just dropped dead without explanation. And it’s like, it’s no big deal. It’s like we just don’t know. It happens. But no, it’s not happened. It’s never happened like this until now.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  08:15

If my phone goes off, I’ve been trying to make sure I don’t miss something. I’m hoping that we can get one of those important calls. See, this is both from carotid and veins.

Speaker Unknown  08:29

Looks like an alien.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  08:32

It came out very similar. It came out apparently I’ve got some of that’s from a carotid artery, and also some veins. Back around November of last year of 2021, people were asking me, well how many people are having these strange clots? And I didn’t have a very good answer for it. So it starting in November, I started making notations of whether or not the person was clotted or not or vaccinated.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  09:07

My grain is people that have been verified are vaccinated, yellow typically is somebody that has smaller clots, and the orange is somebody that had more significant clots, the clots that are really kind of concerning to me. I have it dated for the quart, I mean, numbered by the quarter. So the entire quarter I had about 130. Yeah, almost 14% had no significant clotting. A lot of the substances that I’m seeing are stuff that looks pretty much, its this white fibre stuff.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  09:46

Now instead of calling them blood clots, I try to refer to them as white fibrous clots or white fibrous structures.How come all of a sudden, these things are happening in so many people. When I first started seeing these strange clots in the beginning I thought, you know, this is kind of weird. It’s kind of crazy, I don’t understand. As I started gathering more and more photographs, I’m able to share it amongst other people that I work with. I talk to other embalmers that have 30, 40, even 50 years of experience.

Embalmer Unknown  10:29

I’m a licenced Funeral Director, National Board funeral director and certified embalmer. I’ve been in the death care industry since 1982. I’ve been embalming been in the embalming process with well over 1000 bodies and I had actually noticed some of the differentiations in the clots as well, in some of the bodies I had been embalming and that had started recently.

John O’Looney  10:52

The first time I saw it firsthand pulled out of a deceased my end was about three months ago, been struggling to embalm people for around about 18 months. My embalmer was complaining though he was getting having trouble getting fluid through people. And the way they do that is they cut into the carotid artery and they pump it around the body via a pump. He was struggling to get it through and we kind of thought well, maybe the pump wanted servicing and had a look at it. Pulled this out and he kind of grabbed the amnotic tweezers and this comes out in one piece. One elastic piece. It looks like calamari.

Anna Foster, Embalmer  11:30

The longest one that I have on video is probably almost three foot long. Which is incredible to come out of the juggler up here. It’s just incredible. That is not normal.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  11:49

I’ve  talked to other embalmers that have 30, 40, even 50 years of experience, said hey, you know, have you guys ever seen this stuff before? And the answer was always –

Chad Whisnat, Funeral Director  12:00

– I haven’t seen clots like these. These long white fibrous, different but not blood clots, but they’re clotting the blood so therefore you have to call it a clot.

Anna Foster, Embalmer  12:12

I have been in this profession actually for approximately 12 years and approximately 200 to 250 bodies per year. And I have never seen anything like this until the vaccination.

Brenton Faithful, Embalmer, New Zealand  12:25

Now I’ve been an embalmer for 41 years. 41 years I’ve been an embalmerr and I’ve never seen clots like these.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  12:33

Here’s a guy messaged me the other day. He even sent me a picture.

Speaker Unknown  12:40

A fellow embalmer?

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  12:41

This is not mine, this is his, same stuff. You see that?

Embalmer Unknown  12:45

You know, we know something’s going on. I deal with a lot of funeral directors and embalmers. 10 National Conventions, state conventions, I’m very involved. And you know, we know something different is going on. We don’t know exactly what’s going on. But the timing of it is just hand in hand. We’re connecting dots here. And it certainly appears that there’s some relationship to the vaccine and these obstructions that we’re seeing.

Wallace Hooker, Embalmer  13:14

I was in Ohio last week or the week before last and there were 100 embalmers at the Ohio Embalmers Association in my lecture and I post these photos up where people can see them. And nearly all of the embalmers out of 100 in this room raised their hands that they had seen clots and white fibrin structures of that kind of size. And when I asked again when did they start seeing them? Again, it’s that 16 to 18 month period.

Chad Whisnat, Funeral Director  13:46

This is different this is, and they need to figure out what it is. That’s the problem is they need to figure out, that’s why we’re talking to you is that we’re concerned for humanity.

John O’Looney  13:59

Once I knew what was happening. I’m a man of principle. Do you know your family is just as important as mine? And if I don’t speak out, we’re all f***** anyway.

Canadian Embalmer, Name Unknown  14:10

As a Canadian bomber, I have found that everybody I embalmed for over a year had fibrous mass clots. The fibrous mass clots had been fed by blood clots at the ends that were integrated into the fibrous mass clots. The fibrous mass clots themselves were not blood clots. On average, I would embalm a body every day or two. Every single body had them and they were massive.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  14:47

When I was talking to Dr. Ken Thor, he was more concerned about the real tiny clots that he called micro clots. And when I asked him about micro clots, I was like let me let me explain some times when I’m seeing the blood it looks like the blood is dirty, almost like it has little fine grains of sand or almost like fine grains of coffee grounds.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer 15:18

The reason why he’s more concerned about those is because they will go undetected, and they can get lodged up in capillaries and end up slowly starving organs of the oxygen that it needs. So what I did is I captured some blood that looked dirty, is clouding it up. But see, I want you to see the specs that are floating around here we go –

Speaker Unknown  15:46

– it looks like rust.

Canadian Embalmer, Name Unknown  15:47

It does. Look, you can almost see they’re like stringy looking.

Nicky Rupright King, Embalmer  16:00

The first time I’d seen something that would I would describe as a different type of blood than I had ever seen consistency of blood was on a younger lady that was in a car accident. And I noticed onto the table as we were getting a little bit of drainage from her that her blood looked as if it was, I can only describe it as blood on beach sand, it was sticking to the table.

Embalmer Unknown  16:24

I began noticing strange things with the blood looking like it had coffee grounds or sand in it to complete separation like a clear orangish fluid. And then clots coming later like the blood had almost separated. And of course, then there are the fibrin structures that we get and it doesn’t matter if it’s a young or old person.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  17:07

I’d like you to kind of feel

Speaker Unknown  17:16

– It’s kind of like a rubber band.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  17:19

Yeah, like a rubber band or like calamari.

Speaker Unknown  17:21

So of course that explains people stroking out like –

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  17:25

– and that was my concern in the very beginning of all this. The whole thing was as I’m seeing all of these strange clots. I’m hearing stories of blood clots and embolisms and sudden heart attacks.

News Reporter  17:44

Scientists say there has been an increased rise, a sharp rise in unexplained deaths during the pandemic deaths that are not listed as COVID related.

Brenton Faithful, Embalmer, New Zealand  18:07

I would just like to find answers because so many people, young people are just dropping dead. There were two in the local paper today out of Lafayette, Indiana and I question how did they die?

Embalmer Unknown  18:20

Autopsies are not being done and performed often as is frequent as it had been done in the past. You know, there’s no way that that type of obstruction would not cause stroke, heart failure, some type of pulmonary embolism that would certainly take someone out.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  18:38

Now most of the people are not autopsied. Therefore, no one will see what I see.

Chad Whisnat, Funeral Director  18:46

And that’s why what we see back there, people need to know, nobody will know unless we tell themwhat we’re seeing because it happens. And then you have a visitation and a burial and it’s over.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  19:04

I feel as though I am seeing something that could be causing their death. And the dead can’t speak for themselves. So therefore the only way to bring this forward is like I have to speak for them.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  19:26

Since the vaccine, this rubbery stuff, this stuff here is absolutely, no hold on, I don’t know who this. Hello? Yes. Okay. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I’ll give you a call shortly. All right. Bye.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  20:03

Okay, well, it looks like I gotta go to work. So maybe you guys can come with me and we can talk along the way.

Speaker Unknown  20:12

Do you think they will let us shoot?

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  20:16

I’ve been trying to warm people up to the idea of doing it. So maybe we just go ahead and try to go up there and I’ll give them a call as we’re on our way and see what they say.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  20:39

Good morning. My name is Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, and I have been invited here today to testify to the truth before the legislators of Idaho. The information I’m presenting is made as a protected communication under Title 10 USC 1034 as a whistleblower. My opinions are my own and do not reflect that of the United States Army, the DOD or any entity thereof. Insurance companies figure that if there was something catastrophic that happened to United States, they would see a 10% increase in all cause morbidity mortality. 10% is just like an unprecedented catastrophic, you know, natural event or something that happened in the United States.

News Reporter  21:24

US life insurance companies have reported an overwhelming and unexplainable increase in all cause deaths among 18 to 49 year olds.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  21:33

40% is, no one’s even calculated that I mean, that’s never been factored into what things would look like. It’s apocalyptic.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  21:49

In my 15 years as a doctor taking care of soldiers, I have never seen this litany of debilitating and potentially deadly medical conditions in soldiers. These conditions included strokes, transient ischemic attacks, pericarditis, myocarditis, erratic heart rates, arrhythmias, rapid onset and progression of various cancers to include testicular cancer, esophageal cancer, brain tumours, neuro endocrine tumours, spinal tumours, thyroid dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, cognitive impairment, persistent severe insomnia, suppression of the immune system unprovoked blood clots in the splenic and portal vein, avascular necrosis, liver dysfunction, menstrual irregularities, and miscarriages. Well, I think if you look at the 5.3.6 postmarketing analysis report the 12, 191 adverse events, I don’t think those came as diagnostic tests. I think they came as confirmatory test.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  22:51

You ordered a product, you wanted the product to kill people. Hey, stockholders, we got exactly what you ordered.

CNBC  22:58

Fourth shot (inaudible), the CEO Pfizer. Good for CVS, good for Walmart, good for your health.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  23:03

When I reached out to Army Public Health Command and numerous senior medical and operational leaders my safety concerns, I was ignored. Threats against my career were made. But no appropriate actions were taken to fully investigate the number and scope of adverse medical events after COVID vaccines.

Lt Col Dr Pete Chambers, United States Army Flight Surgeon  23:22

What I was here today to speak about truly was the weaponization of public health. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m also a whistleblower. That person right there called me one day, or I called her, I can’t remember if it was an email, and she said, have you seen the dmed system? Have you seen what it’s up and I’m like, I’m working on the border. I’m trying to stop 12,000 people from coming across this border a week. And she said well take a look at it.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  23:50

Seeing the dmed data, I have significant concerns that we won’t have a standing army in five years.

Speaker Unknown  24:01

Case one dash 01 United States Air Force A10 instructor pilot mid 30 year old male hospitalised 12 hours after vaccination, diagnosed with pericarditis anaphylaxis, removed from flight status for six months, thus negatively impacting unit mission readiness. I’ve never felt so abandoned by the military. I have been forced to take something that brought me close my death. I was mocked, discredited, unsupported, our squatter morale was ripped to shreds. All these things were completely unnecessary. We are truly less ready on multiple levels.

Lt Col Dr Pete Chambers, United States Army Flight Surgeon  24:32

I had to talk to a wife of a soldier that had a stroke which required speech rehab for several months and talk to her while he was in the ICU and say to her, he’s gonna be okay and he’ll be able to serve again because this is what he loved to do.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  24:48

Back in September 2021. I submitted an affidavit in the Robert V. Austin case in which I outlined how the DOD was violating its own risk management process in their push to mandate the vaccine of every member of the armed forces with an experimental vaccine. After my testimony was made public, the DOD made no effort to investigate my safety concerns.

Senator Ron Johnson  25:12

I got contacted by Attorney Tom Renz over the weekend, who represents some whistleblowers within the Department of Defence.

Tom Renz  25:20

I have declarations from all three. This is under penalty of perjury, we intend to submit this to the courts. We have substantial data showing that we saw for example, miscarriages increased by 300% over the five year average almost. We saw [an] almost 300% increase in cancer over the five year average. Cancer is not being talked about except for by Dr. Ryan Cole. Thank you doctor.

Dr Ryan Cole  25:50

I was the first pathologist in the world to say guys, we’re seeing an uptake in cancers. That’s toxic spike protein has so many mechanisms that allow cancers to wake up and certain cancer genes that it binds to and promotes mechanisms. Everywhere I go, radiologists, interventional radiologists, oncologists, cancer surgeons like I met today, cancer, cancer cancer 30 year olds, 20 year olds, 40 year olds reactivated or second shot third shot, month later breast cancer stage four everywhere.

Tom Renz  26:22

We saw, this one’s amazing neurological, so neurological issues, which would affect our pilots over 1,000% increase, a thousand times –

Senator Ron Johnson  26:33

– 10 times, that’s ten times the rate and obviously that resonated {inaudible) –

Tom Renz 26:37

83000, 82000 per year to 863,000 in one year. Our soldiers are being experimented on injured and sometimes possibly killed.

Lt Col Dr Pete Chambers, United States Army Flight Surgeon  26:48

Senator Johnson looked in the camera and said

Senator Ron Johnson  26:50

The Department of Defence, the Biden ministration is on notice. They must preserve these records, and this must be investigated.

Lt Col Dr Pete Chambers, United States Army Flight Surgeon  26:59

And within 24 hours that system that is run by the Defence Health Agency was shut down. This is the bottom line up front. This is the weaponization of our healthcare system. These are done in Acts by legislators. These all started a long time ago. Some could say even in biblical times with good and evil. If we think that they’re not nefarious actors in the world, people that work for principalities and dark places, if we think that, we’re fooling ourselves right, because that’s where we’re at. 1974, Henry Kissinger put out a paper that said we need to decrease the world population. And that’s when the globalists kicked in.

Ted Turner  27:38

We’ve got to stabilise the population. When I was born.

Interviewer  27:42

So what’s wrong with the population?

Ted Turner  27:43

We’re too many people, that’s why we have global warming. We have global warming cos too many people are using too much stuff.

Speaker Unknown  27:50

The book, The Limits to Growth was the first concrete effort using a computer to look at trends that unfold over decades. Even a century. We were trying to understand long term physical demands on the planet. And in the 70s we were thinking that probably in the period 2010 to 2030 was when the planet would start to encounter limits.

Speaker Unknown  28:18

Here’s what Dr. Meadows computers shows. Since the year 1900, the earth’s resources there at the top of the chart have been steadily used up as population, food, consumption, and production of goods have soared. Ahead of us sometime after the year 2000 This computer study foresees calamity. Resources dropped more steeply, and food and production follow suit. Population continues to expand for perhaps one more generation then collapses calamitously as deprivation take hold.

Bill Gates  28:51

Now 11 billion people is still a lot. But the good news is that the faster we improve health, the faster family size goes down.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  29:01

The World Economic Forum. You have Klaus Schwab and George Soros and Bill Gates. They talk about depopulation. They talk about all of these kind of utopic ideas that they have.

Speaker Unknown  29:14

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are 17 targets we must meet by 2030 to ensure decent lives for all on a healthy planet. Right now, it’s expected we will fail. One reason for that is the growth in our global population.

King Charles III  29:30

We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis.

George Soros  29:37

COVID-19 also helped legitimise instruments of control.

George Soros  29:43

It’s a deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world.

King Charles III  29:50

Therefore, we have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path.

Justin Trudeau  29:58

This pandemic has provided for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.

George Soros  30:13

Also be clear, the future is not just happening, the future is built by us.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  30:22

Those people definitely have had tremendous influence and sway in this whole thing. And that is why they seemingly know how to hold these events, and almost perfectly predict what’s gonna happen.

Event 201 Speaker  30:37

The event 201 scenario is fictional, but it’s based on public health principles, epidemiologic modelling and assessment of past outbreaks. An outbreak that circles the globe and affects people everywhere. In other words, we’ve created a pandemic that could realistically occur.

Tom Inglesby  30:56

I know we would all agree that if we had a vaccine in hand for caps, it’d be a game changer.

Event 201 News Reporter  31:00

A majority of Americans expect a vaccine to be available within two months. And 65% of those polled are eager to take the vaccine, even if it’s experimental.

Gay Pride Vaccinate Promoters  31:11

Vaccinate vaccinate, make an appointment. Vaccinate vaccinate, make an appointment.

Vaccine Singer  31:21

I got the vaccine up inside, got that vaccine up inside my life

Vaccine Singer  31:28

(inaudible), I got nothing, for my vaccine.

Vaccine Singer  31:33

Trust in your healthcare. Shot shot shot shot staying alive, staying alive.

Vaccine Singer  31:39

It’s time for us to trust and not debate the vaccine believe it’s safe to take.

Vaccine Singer  31:44

And we will shoot 500 miles and we will stick 500 more.

Vaccine Singer  31:51

I’m a good time and you’re the vaccine. Stick it in me.

Lt Col Dr Pete Chambers, United States Army Flight Surgeon  31:58

And because you are in a war, because this is a fifth generation warfare for your hearts and your minds, it’s done mostly by digits right through the computer and those kinds of things. But it’s also done with adjunct weaponry. And this adjunct weaponry in this case, is a cobra jab.

Dr Ryan Cole  32:13

They don’t want you to know that your body is now their property and playground. And they will do with you what they feel like doing to you. And they will destroy your life if you don’t take a lethal needle in your arm. And it is it’s the new bullet. It’s the new missile. It’s the new form of warfare. You don’t need to fire a bullet and win a war.

Lt Col Dr Pete Chambers, United States Army Flight Surgeon  32:39

I wanted people to understand that we’re in a fifth generation warfare. Fifth generation is for the heart and the mind.

Speaker Unknown  32:44

The United States government has been engaged in psychological operations on its own citizens for over 60 years. MK Ultra and Operation Mockingbird are just two of the declassified programmes designed to manipulate the minds of Americans and the world. The majority of these operations occur in plain sight with the purpose of gaslighting and undermining those who seek the truth and pose a threat to the agenda of the global elite. Just kidding you conspiracy theorists, the government would never lie to you.

Speaker Unknown  33:22

Read my lips.

Greta Thunberg  33:27

Thank you.

Unknown Police Officer  33:43

Cos we got a call regarding you coming over here multiple times. And it seems like they don’t want to talk to you.

Steve Kirsch  33:50

Well, now it seems that way because she called the police on me. You should always be suspicious if the people in charge of safety, don’t want to see the safety data. That should be a red flag. I couldn’t understand why people aren’t looking at this data. Even the clinical trial for the Pfizer vaccine showed that the vaccine killed more people than the placebo group. It’s supposed to be the other way around.

Unknown Police Officer  34:24

So what’s your name?

Steve Kirsch  34:27

My name is Steve Kirsch.

Unknown Police Officer  34:28

Steve Kirsch.

Steve Kirsch  34:29


Unknown Police Officer  34:30

Where do you work? Where do you work?

Steve Kirsch  34:31

I’m a journalist for Substack.

Unknown Police Officer  34:34


Steve Kirsch  34:35

I have close to a million followers on Substack. So I’ve been called an anti vaxxer. I’ve been called a misinformation spreader. MIT has labelled me a misinformation superspreader. And in fact, if you go Google you type in misinformation superspreader, I’m the top hit in the entire world. Why am I labelled a misinformation superspreader? I have no history at all of being a conspiracy theorist. How do I go from being? Hey, you should get vaccinated, waving the flag to I love Tony Fauci to saying, Wow, yeah, we’ve been lied to. How did that happen? I was vaccinated in March of 2021. My wife was vaccinated, and all my kids were vaccinated. So you couldn’t call me an anti vaxxer. I’ve always gotten all these vaccines that the government has recommended. I’ve always trusted the government. And then I started hearing stories from my friends. So one person said, she asked me if the vaccines were safe. And I said, of course they’re safe. And I said, Why are you asking me this question? I mean, like have you not turned on the news? Like, where have you been? She said, Well, three of my relatives were vaccinated, and they died a week later. And they were all perfectly healthy before they got the vaccine. And I said, well, that’s impossible. That must be wrong. And I, then she replied, yeah, but they’re dead.

Dr Anthony Fauci  36:22

Is it really safe? And is it really effective?

Military Person Unknown  36:26

These vaccines are safe, they are incredibly effective.

Justin Trudeau  36:30

Vaccines are safe, and effective.

Joe Biden  36:33

Getting a booster different from your original vaccination is likely safe and effective.

Joe Biden  36:37

But if there’s one message that needs to cut through all this, the vaccines are safe. I promise you, they are safe and effective.

News Reporter  36:48

Researchers have confirmed that the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID vaccine is safe and effective.

Megan Fathers, AstraZeneca Vaccine Victim  36:55

This is what you don’t see. This.

Steve Kirsch  37:15

Surprisingly, most people don’t want to know what’s in the vaccines. In fact, nobody wants to know what’s in the vaccines because nobody in Congress is asking to analyse the vials. Nobody in the mainstream media has ever asked what’s in the vials. And the public doesn’t want to know either. Because the public’s not asking what’s in these vaccines. If people understood what was in the vaccine, they’d go apeshit.

Family Pediatrician  37:43

The first one is a typical package insert that we see with any vaccine. When you open the box next to the vial, you find a package insert that has information about what the product contains. And this is a typical vaccine insert from a vaccine that helps protect against meningitis, it’s a more traditional childhood vaccine. And the other label that I’m going to show you the other package insert came from a box of mRNA product. So vaccine that was brought to the clinic for the purpose of giving that to children. And this should look the same as the other package insert that I showed you. But yet when we open it almost two years into this, we find that it still says intentionally blank.

Dr Ryan Cole  38:34

I mean they’re allowed to under emergency authorization, put anything in them they want. And the FDA isn’t inspecting any of these facilities. The European Medicines Agency allowed the purity to go from 100% requirement down to 50%. And then all of a sudden in the middle of the shot rollouts, you hear, okay, we don’t have to worry about this cold chain. So now you’ve got degrading products, which probably benefited some people in the sense that they broke down so fast that they got basically some mushy fat and sludge and dodged the bullet. But the ones who got the proper dose at the proper temperature are probably the ones that got harmed the most. I mean, how much do they care, they’re making billions.

Albert Bourla  38:34

mRNA was the technology but we had less experience only two years working on this. And actually mRNA was a technology that never delivered a single product until that day, no vaccine not any other medicine. So it was very counterintuitive, and I was surprised when they suggested to me that this is the way to go.

Joe Rogan  39:49


Steve Kirsch  39:49

I offered a million dollars not to win the debate. Just to come to the table a million dollars, and when they refused the million dollars. I said, Okay, name your price? 5 million, 10 million, 100 million. What will it take for us to have a civil discussion on the record, on the record unrecorded where we can go through the evidence in the VAERS system and other pieces of data, so that we can have an open discussion about this. So the VAERS is a voluntary reporting system. And it was created this way, because the drug companies negotiated with the government to say, the government said we will give you liability protection for your vaccines. But the quid pro quo is that we’re going to establish this vaccine adverse event reporting system, which of course they could have done anyway. We have a VAERS system in the United States. the system in Israel was even worse. In March, these researchers came to the Israeli Ministry of Health and said, hey, we got a problem here. Basically, they’re told that the vaccines are killing and hurting people, and you’re withholding that information from the Israeli people.

Dr Peter McCullough  39:49

You known Steve Kirsch, by the way has a great offer out there for your listeners. i don’t know if you know about this, his offer is  anybody from any major academic medical centre, or any government agency who will come to the table and have a fair discussion on vaccine safety and efficacy. He’ll pay him $2 million.

Stew Peters  41:16

So the latest Israeli vaccination studies are out and Steve Kirsch says the results prove that the government was lying all along about the frequency of adverse events from COVID shots. Shocker.

Steve Kirsch  41:27

I sent an email to over 200,  close to 300 people at the CDC asking if any of them wanting to see the data.

Steve Kirsch  41:36


Steve Kirsch  41:36

Almost 300 people, not a single person wanted to see the data at the CDC. Stu, I have the personal cell phone for Grace Lee, who is the chair of the ASIC Committee, which is the outside committee of the CDC. I asked if she wanted to see the data. She ignored me.

Canadian Embalmer, Name Unknown  42:01

Did they explicitly tell you no. Or did they just ignore you?

Steve Kirsch  42:04

No, they just ignored me.

Unknown Police Officer  42:05

Have you been in touch with her before?

Steve Kirsch  42:07

I have yeah.

Unknown Police Officer  42:09

And for the same reason?

Steve Kirsch  42:10

Yeah. So I wanted to contact her because she’s not reachable, she’s not reachable in her office. She doesn’t answer her cell phone, her assistant doesn’t answer, she doesn’t answer her email, that committee is responsible for approving and being the outside independent source for approving these vaccines.

Paul King  42:33

How did ACIP recently come to the decision to recommend COVID-19 shots for this latest group of young kids? And what kinds of things were you looking for in the data?

Unknown Police Officer  42:43

We had a call regarding you coming over here multiple times? And it seems like they don’t want to talk to you.

Steve Kirsch  42:49

Well, now it seems that way, because she called the police on me.

Grace Lee  42:54

You know, I think we need to recognise that COVID-19 is here to stay, that vaccines make for a safer and more reliable way to develop immunity against infection.

Steve Kirsch  43:02

But now it’s very clear that she’s actively avoiding the question of whether she wants to see the Israeli data that shows the vaccines are not safe. That’s pretty serious.

Unknown Police Officer  43:14

Okay, well, it seems like she’s not interested. So

Steve Kirsch  43:16

How in the world could anyone, especially the top person in the world responsible for safety, not want to see the safety data that shows that the vaccines are not safe? They don’t want to be confronted with even the question, do you want to see the data? They want to have plausible deniability.

Rob Roos MEP  43:42

Was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?

J Small, Pfizer Representative  43:44

Did we know about stopping the immunisation before it entered the market? No.

Speaker Unknown  43:56

The Pfizer vaccine not only stops people from getting sick, but also stops them from spreading the virus to other people.

CNBC  44:03

One vaccine could curb virus transmission from just a single dose.

Jodi Schneider, Bloomberg News  44:08

You’re stopping people also from transmitting the disease

Dr Anthony Fauci  44:11

And the chances are very likely that you will not be able to transmit it to other people.

MSNBC Speaker  44:16

Yes, it will protect you. But honestly, it’s not for you. It’s so you don’t kill other people. It’s so you don’t spread it to other people. 114 million Americans, nearly half the adult population in this country has had a vaccine shot already. 114 million of us have had it. The number of people who have died from getting the shot is zero.

Steve Kirsch  44:36

There are about 14,000 Americans who have reported deaths. Now, that’s probably underreported by a factor of 100. So you take the 14,000 deaths that are reported in the VAERS system and multiply it by 100, you get 1.4 million, but the deaths had happened five months later and that’s the bulk of it, are not going to get reported in the VAERS system.

Speaker Unknown  45:31

An elderly woman has died in what’s believed to the South Australia’s first case of fatal blood clotting caused by the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine.

Speaker Unknown  45:39

An investigation is underway tonight over whether a local man suffered blood clots as a result of getting the Pfizer vaccine.

Speaker Unknown  46:10

Two teachers who were at Solms elementary school for more than 20 years, and passed away suddenly this school year.

Speaker Unknown  46:39

Therapeutic Goods Administration is calling for calm following the deaths of two people in our state who received the COVID vaccine, Woodgrove high school student athlete Colette Bane passed away unexpectedly after a medical emergency.

Speaker Unknown  47:31

A 20 year old nursing student died of cardiac arrest one day after getting the mandatory

Speaker Unknown  47:36

The 16 year old had a cardiac arrhythmia.

Speaker Unknown  47:38

A high school cheerleader who died suddenly.

Speaker Unknown  47:40

Conclusions over the death of a woman from blood clots after receiving the COVID vaccine.

Speaker Unknown  47:45

A local man is in intensive care tonight suffering a blood clot after receiving his AstraZeneca

Speaker Unknown  47:50

(inaudible) over whether a local man suffered blood clots as a result of blockage in an artery.

Speaker Unknown  47:54

With medical experts confirming the death of a central coast woman is likely linked to the jab.

Canadian Embalmer, Name Unknown 48:06

I said we’re just going to have to get used to this. And he says the shot, and I said yeah, we’re just gonna have to get used to this. This is the way it is. If people keep doing this, then this is gonna keep happening.

Steve Kirsch  48:17

The vaccine can kill you two different ways. It can kill you in the short term. Now there’s a longer term effect. And this takes five months to kill you. And this is when your veins are basically clogged up with this protein material this amyloid protein material that’s not blood clots. Now, the timing of when the embalmers first started seeing these blood clots mid 2021.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  48:46

So many miles on my car, you know, it seems like half of my time is driving from one funeral home to another. The busiest I ever was, to be honest, was January of 2021. Now I didn’t even think about it being related to the vaccine at all at the time. Looking back, I say no wonder they died of a heart attack or a stroke or some kind of a pulmonary embolism. Because you can’t live with this stuff in you.

John O’Looney  49:22

I probably do about 160 funerals a year. So I’ve been waiting for a young person that died suddenly, who’d also had a post mortem. And then the family had asked me to embalm. So there are three planets that needed to align. And this poor guy of 30 he was full of it. It was hanging out of him like spaghetti. This one here came out of the aorta from the heart. If they take the shape of the vessels that they’re growing in, (inaudible) and they gradually fill the vessels as they grow. And these obviously that what’s killed him.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  50:01

Hey I just want to let you know I’m pulling into the funeral home here and I’ve got some guys that are with me. Are you fine with me bringing them in? This is the iliac artery and a clot is coming out of the iliac. Normally we don’t see clots in the iliac in an artery. Usually they’re in veins. And I’m probably not gonna be able to get it all. This is not normal. I’ll put it on the side this one. The big one came out of the vein. The small one came out of the iliac artery itself.

Nicky Rupright King, Embalmer  51:36

Wow. As the months passed by, the clots became worse. And each person, the quantity of them was much larger. And they were getting larger. We were doing an injection and drainage into the common carotid artery, and we were getting fluid in and then all of a sudden, it just stopped, we could not get any more fluid, we were not getting any drainage of any type.

Richard Hirschman, Trade Embalmer  52:11

Look at that it’s gonna splurt. that’s a monster. Holy Jesus. Come on.

Nicky Rupright King, Embalmer  52:25

I believe the only way that a medical doctor could see this in the body is if they actually went internally into the body.

Speaker Unknown  52:34

So this is coming out as a beating heart. Look at this, tell me if it looks the same way.

Dr Gene Posca, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist  52:44

It’s so good for you to come in today. It’s good to see you.

John, COVID Vaccine Victim  53:03

Thank you, doctor.

Dr Gene Posca, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist  53:04

So I’m excited to get this thermal imaging scan. But before we do that, I want to learn a little bit more about your medical history. Tell me you know, when this all started, the symptoms that you had.

John, COVID Vaccine Victim  53:14

Early August of this year, my legs started swelling, I was getting a lot of pain from the crotch area all the way down to the ankle. They did a doppler on it. and I had several clots in my leg.

Dr Gene Posca, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist  53:27

Oh, wow.

John, COVID Vaccine Victim  53:27

So I was transported to the hospital and they confirmed that and also that I had a clot in my lungs.

Dr Gene Posca, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist  53:36

So you went into the hospital, they put you on a blood thinner, presumably?

John, COVID Vaccine Victim  53:40

Yes, I got put on Eliquis when I was being released, and come to find out the Eliquis did not work for me.

Dr Gene Posca, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist  53:48

Okay. And did they let you know that that is extremely rare.

John, COVID Vaccine Victim  53:53

Every doctor I saw said it was extremely rare.

Speaker Unknown  53:58

Which side did you get the shot in? Which arm?

John, COVID Vaccine Victim  54:01

I think it was both.

Dr Gene Posca, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist  54:03

Do you think it could have been the left for both of them because you’ve had two, right?

John, COVID Vaccine Victim  54:06

Yeah, it could have been the left.

Dr Gene Posca, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist  54:08

Cos the left arm definitely looked, it had much higher thermal signal than the right. Yeah, so we can see the left side of his face has a much stronger thermal image and then the (inaudible) is also extremely hot. And this is in the area of pre and post auricular lymph amalygamy chain, and then the tonsil is also very well lit up, the submandibular submental.

Speaker Unknown  54:39

The left side was the one where he had clots, the right side here is showing significant issues with the vascular system.

Dr Gene Posca, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist  54:40

So I would recommend referring for an ultrasound lower extremities bilaterally to rule out any kind of new clotting or venous obstructions.

Michelle Gershon  54:55


Nick and Matthew  54:56

Hi Michelle. This is Nick and Matthew how are you?

Michelle Gershon  54:59

I’m good. So before the vaccines came out, there were one to two foetal demises. Every two or three months, you would see one. I finally had enough when I got this email the other day, it said that there was a record number of foetal demises and that there were 22 of them in one month. And in this email, it says that it’s projected to increase each month.

Wallace Hooker, Embalmer  55:37

The foetal demise in gestational mothers in that 22 to 26 week period. I had a run of that in my funeral home and five of the six were vaccinated, the other had remdesivir. And they all lost their infants.

Embalmer Unknown  55:55

We’re just saying a fridge full of babies, but we’re not actually doing the funeral, so that’s a mystery to me as to where where these babies are going.

Nick and Matthew  56:06

So you’re saying there’s more foetuses in the refrigerators now than there was prior to 2021?

Embalmer Unknown  56:12

Yeah, I’m saying there’s more foetuses now in the refrigerator than I’ve seen ever before.

Dr James A Thorp, MD, 43 Year Veteran OBGYN  56:16

I’ve been doing high risk obstetrics for 43 years. I see a vast number of patients a year. I don’t know of any other maternal foetal medicine physician in this country that sees as many patients as I do by ultrasound. At one point in time this year, I was on track to see 9000 high risk OB ultrasounds so I know what’s going on. And I’ve seen death and destruction like I’ve never seen before.

Dr Jim Thorp  56:47

The stillbirth rate is measured in terms of live births per 1000. And really, it’s come down in my career from about 10 to about almost 5.8 or six. Now let’s go to 2021 and look at the stillbirth rate for Michelle’s. This is horrifying. But if you take this death figure and you look at that rate at 29.3. That sigma that you’re looking at is 40 plus sigma standard deviation. Let that sink in. This is from Waterloo, Canada. 83 stillbirths, about 4000 deliveries, that exact same thing you saw with Michelle’s. If that weren’t bad enough, look at this. I couldn’t even put it, there were 13 dead foetuses in one 24 hour period. One 24 hour period.

Dr James A Thorp, MD, 43 Year Veteran OBGYN  58:10

1200 fold increases in menstrual abnormalities. And then when we get into pregnancy, we’re looking at a substantial increase in miscarriages and birth defects, a substantial risk of foetal cardiac arrhythmia, foetal cardiac malformations, significant foetal growth slowing, significant reduction in amniotic fluid, foetal cardiac arrest.

Speaker Unknown  58:36

Are you saying babies are having heart attacks in the womb?

Dr James A Thorp, MD, 43 Year Veteran OBGYN  58:39

Yes, the vaccine causes a significant inflammatory effect.

GMA3 Speaker  58:45

Three different safety monitoring systems again, they found no significant safety signals for the mother or for the foetus cos we have to remember in obstetrics we’re dealing with two patients.

GMA3 Speaker  58:55

So no increased risks to be vaccinated while pregnant.

Dr James A Thorp, MD, 43 Year Veteran OBGYN  58:59

Anything that causes inflammation in my business, in my area of expertise, causes damage, injury, death and destruction in pregnancy. We’ve known that for half a century.

Speaker Unknown  59:16

On March 1st, the FDA released the first round of 1000s of pages of data submitted by Pfizer for review of their COVID 19 vaccine.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  59:26

It’s the 5.3.6 post marketing analysis of the adverse events in which they outlined that 83% of all pregnant women who got vaccinated ended up with a dead baby. They had 270 pregnancies, they could not account for what happened to 238 of those pregnancies, in the remaining pregnancies resulted in a dead baby. And they only had one normal outcome.

Speaker Unknown  59:52

And originally the documents were gonna take 55 years to be released. But because of a court order, we’ll get all of the documents by year’s end.

News Reporter  1:00:02

Thank you for the floor, Mr. President. Honourable National Assembly in January this year something happened that has not happened for decades. The birth rate fell by 20% compared to the same period last year. Chabot Gatos??, researcher at the KRTK Institute of Economics points out that this drastic decline came just nine months after the COVID mass vaccinations began in Hungary.

Canadian Embalmer, Name Unknown 1:00:28

Now, I will say a friend of mine, she’s told me this the other day, her mother had volunteered at the hospital prior to COVID. So they called her and said, hey, would you come back in and volunteer and she volunteered obstetrics, right babies? So she said, yeah, all right. So they retrained her, and then they called her back and said, um, I guess there’s no point you coming in, we’re not having any babies born.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  1:00:50

I never pass up an opportunity when I see a newborn baby, I stop and I drink it in. Because my heart aches to think that seeing a newborn baby may become one of the rarest things. And I want to be wrong, I hope I’m wrong. But so many people have taken this. There’s nothing as close to seeing the face of God as seeing a newborn. And you have just evil that is destroying them. And my heart hurts for God. Look, you could give people all of this [and] they would use their time, energy and talents to try and destroy it.

John O’Looney  1:02:03

What the last two years has taught me. It’s taught me but there is a pure evil in this world, a pure evil that has no respect for any of us where I can tell you we are regarded in much the same way as livestock.

Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, United States Army Flight Surgeon  1:02:20

We were trained that the one thing that prevented adversaries from deploying bio weapons was that in order for them to have a strategic impact, our enemy would have to have a delivery mechanism that would allow them to expose a large enough population of people in a short enough period of time, before the people knew they were being attacked. Dispersion in the air would be cumbersome and ineffective given UV light dispersion wind patterns, and that there are generally not significantly large enough numbers of people outside concentrated in a small area. Likewise, attempting to put them in water would have limited effectiveness because of dilution degradation from chloride, etc. But what if? What if hundreds of millions of people would willingly, were under the duress of fear, allow themselves to be injected with a bio weapon? What if global mass vaccination could be accomplished in a short period of time by applying relentless coercion tactics, and psychological operations to demoralise people into submission? It’s my professional medical opinion that this is a bio weapon. And that this was a bio weapon unleashed against humanity with the intent to depopulate and control the population of the world.

Dr Peter McCullough  1:03:44

But basically, it’s achieving its goal. If the goal was to reduce the world’s population its working.

John O’Looney  1:03:51

This has been well planned. This is agenda 2030. This is the great reset. This is what it’s all about, you know, so one of the hardest things, knowing what I know, was accepting that people are gonna die because they’re just not gonna believe it.

Stew Peters  1:04:07

We have to be the plan. And that means that each person in this room, viewing this broadcast, replaying this broadcast. Each one of you has a purpose. Each one of you has a critical God given role. And so if you are quiet, or apathetic, or complacent, you have to stand before God. And you have to answer for that.

Lt Col Dr Pete Chambers, United States Army Flight Surgeon  1:04:46

I can put out a warning to all the people that are in the military right now officers who are responsible for everything that happens or fails to happen with our troops. If you don’t stand in the gap, you’re complicit in this crime.

John O’Looney  1:04:58

The only way we’re gonna save our lives is by together clubbing together to do it. That’s our strength. And this is probably the most biblical world event that anyone could ever imagine, it’s a world war three, it’s a spiritual war of good again evil and I just hope that there’s enough good in the world that we can rally together to defeat it, because if we don’t these monsters will destroy humanity.

Joe Biden  1:05:44

Get vaccinated. It’s incredibly effective, but the truth is not enough people are getting it. We’ve got to change that so we can all have a safe and healthy holiday season.

Don Lemmon  1:06:52

The people who are not getting vaccines, who are believing the lies on the internet, instead of science, it’s time to start shaming them.

Piers Morgan  1:06:59

If you refuse to be vaccinated, you shouldn’t get the same rights as people who’ve been vaccinated.

Gene Simmons  1:07:11

You’re willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy.

Speaker Unknown  1:07:15

That choice doesn’t seem so tough to me. Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes. Come right on and we’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo rest in peace wheezy.

Speaker Unknown  1:07:34

When are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say now it’s mandatory to get vaccinated. F*** their freedom. I want my freedom to live

Dolly Parton  1:08:01

Vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine. I’m begging of you please don’t hesitate. Vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine, because once you’re dead, then

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