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I think Died Suddenly is one of the most important films to come out since COVID has started. Full disclosure, I had nothing to do with its production, did not know I’d make an appearance, and get nothing from it. Not only do I get nothing from the movie, the fact that it has been absolutely viral means there are a ton of “fact check” lies that are already hitting and more coming. This means I’ll have more work because I’ll have to explain why the lies the mainstream is pushing on the movie is garbage. Further, it appears there might have been a couple of errors in the movie which means the mainstream will focus on those while downplaying the inarguable truths contained therein.

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So why would I be so excited about something that I get nothing out of and creates more work for me? The answer is that this film did a wonderful job of forcing people to look at some very scary issues that many have done everything possible to avoid. The press has been put in to a position where they have two options, try and discredit a movie that has a number of facts that cannot be discredited (the rubbery clots are a new and inarguable issue and the DoD has yet to provide any explanation for the DMED data other than to say, without ANY explanation, that there was a “glitch”). If the press does try and discredit the movie it only makes it more popular and if they ignore it then it continues to move forward without any counter-narrative. This is good for anyone that wants a public discourse about the truth of these death jabs.

There have been some that have taken issue with the movie that are also on the right side of this fight. I understand their concerns. Some with concerns are brilliant scientists that view things through the lens of scientific purity. They feel that anything that has any errors in it opens us up to scrutiny. This makes complete sense for a true scientist and if this were a journal article that position would be justified. The problem is that this is not a journal article and was not meant to be. Rather, this was a movie designed to force people to talk about tough issues and, in those regards, it did a wonderful job.

Others that are fighting on our side but that are less focused on the science seem to focus their disagreement with Stew on Stew himself and his style. I have not and will not speak negatively about ANY person on my side of this fight. I hear the stuff about the controlled opposition and honestly refuse to get in to it without evidence. If there is evidence it can speak for itself but, as long as the “controlled opposition” is promoting truth I will keep my fight focused on those that are promoting the death jab and other COVID lies. Regardless of whether you like or approve of Stew Peters, his style, or anything else about him, his movie has made an impact and so I am glad he did it.

My view of all of this is the view of a lawyer and regular guy just fighting for freedom. I understand and have background in the science but am not a scientist and cannot pretend to be at the level of many of the people I’ve been privileged to work with. What I am good at is digging out underlying truths and detecting BS (I apologize for the language). With all that said, I am fighting and fighting to win. If we look at this movie in terms of the fight, the question is, does this help or hurt?

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I would be very hard pressed to argue this movie does not help with this fight. Whether every word is correct is not relevant to the people watching, what matters is why aren’t these widely discussed issues being fully vetted in public. I don’t care whether one or two of the people that collapsed in the movie ended up living, if even one person in this movie died as portrayed I want to know why. I want a public discussion about it. Those clots… what about those? I know Dr. Ryan Cole and that man has amazing knowledge and integrity and would definitely know the truth and absolutely would NOT lie about this.

I have also spoke with Richard - the embalmer - several times. Those clots are real and tons of other embalmers have spoken off record about the same thing. They won’t go public for fear of ridicule and losing their jobs but they privately tell me the same thing. Richard is not lying and when he sent those rubbery disasters to the one CERTIFIED lab that was willing to study them, the lab said they did not appear natural or even to be blood (the lab is run by my friend Mike Adams - the Health Ranger and owner of the Brighteon network). Why wasn’t anyone talking about this… they are now.

And that is the point. I work with a lot of people that promote a lot of things I disagree with but, in the end, we can all agree that the COVID death jabs are just that - death jabs. If these jabs kill 1% of the people that get them then they are far more dangerous than COVID (especially if we allowed early treatment) and fail to pass legal muster (I’ll explain that in another article but the law requires a balance of harms analysis for these to be on the market). People are talking about that now and that is a win. I’m not a scientific purist and don’t care about style. At the end of the day I want to save lives and get justice. This movie does that so I hope you will help me promote a movie I get nothing out of promoting but knowledge of the fact that it is driving a very important conversation.

You can find the Died Suddenly movie by clicking here.


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