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Do the COVID vaccines really reduce your risk of dying from COVID?

Let’s see what the numbers look like. Just answer both polls please and we’ll get an idea if the vaccines reduced your risk of dying from COVID.


  1. Only answer the survey if you know someone who died in that category and you know the cause of death.

  2. Please be honest. We want to know the truth, not prove we were right.

  3. If you know more than 1 person who died, pick the person you know the best.

  4. If you know vaccinated and unvaccinated who died, answer both polls.

  5. If you don’t answer, you can’t see the poll results so I’ll update the article as the poll results come in so you can see the results. Please do not vote just to see the results unless you are reporting someone who died. Thanks.

Poll #3: everyone can answer

And now our final question regards which of these two ads do you think that the CDC should run. Note even if there appears to be a death benefit from dying from COVID, the evidence we have so far seems to consistently show the vaccines increase your ALL-CAUSE risk of death.


COVID-19 Vaccination and Non–COVID-19 Mortality Risk — Seven Integrated  Health Care Organizations, United States, December 14, 2020–July 31, 2021 |  MMWR



This poll means that 99% of my followers are red-pilled.


I polled my followers, but they don’t control who dies or how they die. There would have to be massive collusion instantly upon launch of the survey to get results like this.

The bias in asking my followers will affect the number of people answering the first question vs. the second question; it does not affect the factual question of whether the person died from COVID or not.

But there is a known age bias in vaccination in the US. 95% of adults over 65 are fully vaccinated. Therefore the unvaccinated will be younger on average and should have a lower death rate all other things being equal.

Since the rate of COVID deaths were the same, the age bias suggests that the vaccine may be slightly protective.

But let’s not guess. I’m doing a new poll to collect that info.

Could the vaccine be slightly protective?

To be clear, there are several reasons that the COVID vaccine may (appear to) reduce death from COVID in our survey. Here are a few:

  1. Healthy patient bias (healthier people opted for the vaccine whereas those old people who were about to die would not)

  2. COVID Survivor bias (the elderly susceptible to COVID were already killed in 2020)

  3. Vaccine survivor bias (if the vaccine didn’t kill people, it’s less likely COVID, which is much more mild, will)

  4. Hospitals may be reluctant to tally you as a COVID death if you were vaccinated (note: this particular is speculation on my part)

  5. The vaccine actually works as claimed

  6. If you’ve been vaccinated, it’s going to elevate the other causes of death so as a percentage of deaths, COVID is going to look smaller because the other categories are going to be significantly higher.


Here is the snapshot at 6:10pm PT on 1/2/23 which is 40 minutes after posting. The pro-vax people may try to game it at this point, but the numbers have been very stable.

Here’s the snapshot at 7:27pm PT showing the gap is narrowing:

Here’s the snapshot at 8:23pm:

Here is the snapshot at 11:30pm 1/2/22:

10:19pm PT 1/3/23: This is stunning. The numbers are identical.

Challenging the data

The mainstream media will not like this survey.

Perhaps a fact checker will do the same poll in full public view just like I did, but I doubt it because that would be way too risky.

I had no idea what the results would be when I ran the poll.

But the fact checkers, if they decide to run a poll, will not run the poll in plain view like I did and will then only publish it if it is favorable to the narrative. That’s how fact checking works nowadays.

If you think the poll is biased, run your own poll in plain sight that cannot be tampered with, just like mine.


I had no idea what the result would be when I launched the poll and was prepared to accept whatever the outcome was.

Will anyone else do the same with their poll? Of course not. That would be too risky since their job is to support the narrative, not find the truth.

At this point, the numbers aren’t going to change much. We have our answer, don’t we? They lied to us. There is no other way to explain this poll.

There is no reason for anyone to get these vaccines. There is no upside and it’s all downside. Just talk to the millions of vaccine injured.

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