Biohacker Dave Asprey interview with Zach Bush - inspirational!(audio podcast)Dave and Zach on what’s really pulling our guts apart, and what’s going on inside your gut, what the environmental factors are and what you can do about it.Zach on plant health versus human health as a doctor. What got you going in this whole thing?“One of the more exciting developments that happened in my career was finding that there was some vitamin A compounds that were enabling these cancer cells to shut themselves down and commit suicide.” Zach’s “goosebumps moment.”“That was an incredible journey of starting to see cancer not as some disease that crops out of nowhere, not a genetic disease as we’re told by the American Cancer Institute and everything but actually just a breakdown in cell-cell communication.” The most abundant receptor in the human cell is really this RXR receptor, what does it do?“We’re twice removed from anything on our plate. That’s largely why we’re so in the dark ages about our beliefs about nutrition because, in fact, you’re never feeding yourself when you sit down to a plate of food. You’re always feeding your bacteria, which are then modifying your behavior and the behavior of your mitochondria to produce ultimately fuel.”How cancer is all about cell-cell communication. A cell with uninterrupted access to information will never disease or die. Zach on his work with chemotherapy.“We were starting to see these correlations between microbiome genomics and human disease outcomes.” How it was originally received as “crazy.”A lot of juicing, a lot of fermentation, a lot of stuff. And seeing big changes! Zach on his practice.Zach on the biohacking community. “My hats off to all of you. You are an inspiration to the world because you guys are really taking responsibility for yourselves, number one, but then you’re immediately applying the truths that you’re finding into a communication network of your own to create a wave outside of you. ““At that moment, we started to research soil. That changed everything. For thousands of years, the pharmaceutical industry and the herbalism community and Chinese medicine have been looking at the plants. There has been a paucity of research and investigation into the deeper story underneath the plant of where the plant’s getting that magic.”“I think my purpose is here. This is why I was born. This is why I did ridiculous journey in academia was just for this moment. The blinders came off. The three-dimensional structure on the right side of that molecule looked like the chemotherapy that I’d been making years previous.They’re like snowflakes. That’s actually what we call them in the lab is carbon snowflakes.Electron potential is literally health. Disease is all positive charge absorption of electrons, loss of electron potential.” Zach on his discovery deep in a “White Paper” on dirt.With the molecule we found is a carbon backbone molecule that’s got redox potential.How the human body is like a phone connecting to a cell phone tower. “That’s exactly what’s happening to the accelerating of the aging process that we see happening in this chronic disease epidemic. People are getting disconnected from their own message.”Suddenly, this answered the whole thing of, “Oh, my gosh.” If you have a screwed up ecosystem in your gut and you start to get perturbation in any particular direction. You get a loss of this ecosystem, you get an overgrowth of this part of the ecosystem. What’s going to happen is you’re going to suddenly lose a part of that wireless communication network. You’re going to become vulnerable at multiple levels within the human body.The other thing I want to ask you about and this is something that’s, I’ve been writing a lot about this is we’re doing things to destroy our soil because we basically say, “Oh, that only affects bacteria, therefore it doesn’t affect us,” which is just a false assumption but spraying glyphosate on soil disrupts bacteria in the soil that now we know toxic your gut biome.Glyphosate, we’ll start at the soil. Glyphosate, if you’re not familiar with it is the active ingredient in the famous weed killer called Roundup. How it is killing the soil and your gut biome.“Number one thing is that glyphosate, which is now the number one chemical on the planet. Four and a half billion pounds of glyphosate dumped annually around the globe now. Unfortunately, it’s a water-soluble toxin, which should never happen in nature. We had a water-soluble toxin, meaning, it’s going to go to every level of the environment. It’s in the air you breathe. It’s in 75% of the air of the US, 75% of the rainfall. It’s penetrated every level because of its water nature. That means it’s doing the same thing in your body. It’s in your bloodstream. It’s in your urine. It’s in your cerebral spinal fluid. It’s going everywhere as this water-soluble chemical that’s all over the place now. It’s in every bite of food we eat. I believe it’s in every drink of water. It’s everywhere.”Get out in nature! We have a lot of national parks that are not being visited right now. We are not visiting these places. I invite you to go explore as many national parks as you can in the next couple years because there is still some intact microbiome. I would tell you my top three favorites, except you all would show up there but go find your own favorite few because I guarantee you, you’re going to find microbiome you have never experienced in your life.We think of fermented foods and probiotics. All of that is just spitting in the wind compared to the potential of just breathing good quality rich air with microbiome. I have my patients go out to Virginia Beach and breathe air and then down in Southern Virginia down by the swamps. Then, up into the Appalachian Trail, be by the waterfalls. Breathe ancient ecosystems. Along the East Coast, a huge hot spot is down in Tennessee, the Great Smokys one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. I traveled as extensively as you do and I try to make sure that at least part of that travel’s taking me to far flung places. Just came back from the Great Barrier Reef and start breathing air down there that I know I’ve never been exposed to. Some of the islands along the Barrier Reef I know have some profoundly ancient microbiome.“You start going into these environment that you’ve never been and you’re adding years to your life. I really have a profoundly strong conviction that the more you can breathe in new environments, the longer you’re going to live.” Zach on traveling just to breathe the air.We have separated ourselves from just fundamental easy, cheap, frankly free mechanism of microbiome exchange, which is touch Mother Earth.Our knowledge is going exponential. Our ability to communicate that knowledge through internet and everything else that’s coming behind that, super exciting. I think we’re going to see an acceleration, obviously of what this community knows, what the biohackers are doing. You guys are going to start having these conferences more frequently I think because the amount of information that’s going to emerge every three months on this planet over the next 5 to 10 years is going to be mind-boggling.Dave Asprey interview with Zach Bush - Inspirational!“You have 70 trillion human cells, which is an impressive number, but you have 1.4 quadrillion bacteria, fungi et cetera and you have 14 quadrillion mitochondria living within you. You are, if anything, a vehicle for the microbiome to travel the world and communicate more broadly a purpose of life itself.”I think if we stop thinking of ourselves as human and start to think of ourselves as a connected biology and to the entirety of Mother Nature, we were going to win the game on a bigger level.
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