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Troponin Levels – The Heart Attack Blood Test myheart.net

We know that the vaccine causes heart damage which then manifests itself as elevated troponin levels after the shot.

Apparently some hospitals are now measuring this on all patients and then not sharing the data. But some hospital workers know what is going on.

Here’s the anecdote that got my attention:

Steve, you will find this story of interest.

I was just today discharged from the most prestigious academic teaching hospital in the South. I had gone into the ER yesterday morning because I was so dizzy that I could barely stand (I’m a healthy 62 year old in good shape; BMI: 24). I am also a few weeks post-concussion, so I was worried about a cranial bleed.

Long story short: I was held overnight so that they could do an MRI/MRA w/contrast this morning. That showed no TIA bleeding, which was great news. Apparently, the concussion has done some damage to my Vestibular functions (inner ear). I was then discharged after lunch, told to live life slowly and carefully, and instructed to follow up with a neuro-balance therapy group. Now for the interesting part…

I asked for all of my data files and paperwork, as I always do. As I went through the exhaustive four pages of MRI interpretation, I noticed a paragraph at the bottom of page five titled: HS Troponin - I Beckman with an excellent result (4 ng/L w/ reference range of 3-19). That's curious! So, I asked the nurse “Why did you run this test?” She responded that it is often run for potential stroke patients, which, upon reflection, I could understand.

I went a bit further and asked how frequently it is tested in the general population, and that’s when I got the fascinating answer to the real (vaxx) question. She said “Just this year we have started running Troponin on almost everybody, even a guy that comes into the ER with a cut on his finger”. I asked why the new protocol, and she didn’t have an answer, but she did close by saying “We sure are seeing a lot of elevated levels in so many people”. Wow, I thought. You’ve just given a hard-core mRNA skeptic like me a gold nugget.

Jim R.


I want to know what the numbers are:

  1. What % of people have elevated troponin?

  2. How high are the levels?

  3. What is the % in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated?

  4. How long ago did the person have her last vaccine dose?

Unfortunately, the CDC hasn’t published any of these numbers.

If you know the numbers (amount elevated and percent of patients with elevated troponin when everyone is tested (and their vax status if known), this could be very helpful.

I presume Jim was referring to Emory University in his note. So I sent an email to the Dean of the Medical School, Dr. Vikas Sukhatme who is an old friend (he was the person who pointed out to me that the data on ivermectin to treat COVID was very solid and everyone should be paying attention to it).

We’ll see what happens. But if you know of other data from other hospitals, I’m all ears.

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