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As the public health emergency continues, the majority of Americans have likely forgotten about the formation of the COVID-19 Community Corps Program (The Corps)—the “nationwide, grassroots” network launched in April 2021 by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to “mobilize doctors, community leaders, businesses, sports leagues, and citizens to build vaccine confidence and uptake.” Essentially, the network is an indoctrinated coalition of vaccine foot soldiers paid to help Biden achieve mass vaccination. The American College of Obstetrics (AGOC) quickly jumped on board as a “Founding Member” of The Corps and promptly recommended that all eligible citizens, including pregnant and lactating women, get vaccinated. Yet, nearly two years later, evidence indicates that the taxpayer-funded initiative to coerce mothers (and all others) to get jabbed is being overpowered by the very voices it aims to silence. 

In a column on Wednesday, Dr. Peter McCullough explained that once ACOG joined forces with The Corps and accepted an “undisclosed amount of money,” it violated the formal practice dictating that experimental and novel therapies should not be administered to pregnant women. Instead of following protocol, and “with federal dollars in hand” (part of $3 billion in CDC funding to support the endeavor), ACOG adopted a “wholesale endorsement of COVID-19 vaccination.” Unbelievably, ACOG’s endorsement came despite having zero assurances on short or long-term safety.   

Still, two years into the vaccine campaign, it appears that the truth-filled voices of those censored are louder than the manipulative and underhanded efforts (as illustrated in the video above and here) behind the sinister COVID experiment. Encouragingly, studies show that ACOG’s profitable endorsement of the COVID jabs failed to persuade most pregnant women to participate. Indeed, the unjustifiably suppressed messages from those working tirelessly to warn of the dangers of the experimental vaccines appear to have been heard by pregnant women. Since its unprecedented rollout, expectant mothers have consistently and increasingly rejected COVID vaccines. Mothers, after all, are instinctively wired to protect their children. 

Screenshot / TrialSite News / Pregnant Women Reject COVID-19 Vaccination

Dr. McCullough notes in his column that throughout the vaccine campaign, enthusiasm for the COVID shot has been tepid among pregnant women, with less than 20 percent receiving a vaccine at any time. By the summer of 2022, fewer than 2 percent of pregnant women were getting vaccinated. Still, the ACOG has ignored morally principled doctors like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Naomi Wolf, and countless others, instead remaining committed to the increasingly exposed tyrannical agenda behind the COVID narrative. Shockingly, ACOG’s website (last updated Jan 6, 2023) continues to wholeheartedly recommend COVID-19 vaccines and bivalent booster series for all people six months and older, including (in bold) pregnant and lactating individuals

VIDEO: ‘This Is Not a Knew Thing’: It’s Been Known for Ten Years That LNPs Accumulate in the Ovaries

Repeatedly, Dr. McCullough has reminded us that there were no large-scale randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trials demonstrating the COVID-19 vaccine’s safety in pregnant women. Instead, McCullough points out that an enormous amount of conflict-ridden non-randomized literature has been published to back up the narrative. With that in mind, McCullough highlights a paper that caught his eye by Aharon Dick et al., titled “Safety of third SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (booster dose) during pregnancy.” The paper shows a nearly fourfold post-partum hemorrhage rate among those triple vaccinated compared to those double vaccinated. He commented, “One could imagine how large the magnitude would have been compared to unvaccinated where hemostasis is not impaired.” Remarking on the worthlessness of the nonobjective literature, McCullough explained:

“The non-randomized literature was prone to financial conflict-of-interest bias since the doctors and editors were likely affiliated with ACOG and influenced by the government money and aspiration to promote mass vaccination. Thus, as a clinical scientist, my concern is only the neutral papers on safety were being written and published.”

Like the other devoted medical professionals who banded together to honor the Hippocratic Oath as the corrupt plot to vaccinate everyone got underway, McCullough has remained a steadfast voice of reason throughout the pandemic. As previously reported, in a Jun 27, 2022 podcast titled “Nothing is More Natural than Pregnancy without mRNA or Spike Protein,” Dr. McCullough reminded his listeners that “the wondrous biological process of reproduction is the most natural and profound aspect of human biology.” On that note, he declared that only ” the oldest, tried, and true” products with a well-established safety profile are allowed during pregnancy.

Early in the heavily pushed COVID-19 mass vaccination program, Dr. McCullough and fetal loss expert Dr. Raphael Stricker announced that the experimental COVID injections were considered “Pregnancy Category X.” This FDA-established pregnancy category states that “studies in animals or humans have demonstrated fetal abnormalities and/or there is positive evidence of human fetal risk based on adverse reaction data from investigational or marketing experience, and the risks involved in use of the drug in pregnant women clearly outweigh potential benefits.” Disturbed by the government’s negligence, in a July 2021 publication, McCullough explained:

“Despite this warning, the CDC/FDA COVID-19 vaccination program violated that regulatory standard and, at first gently and later with much force, strongly encouraged pregnant women to take risks and accept one of the COVID-19 vaccines. Brock et al. have demonstrated a 7-8-fold increased risk of stillbirth after COVID-19 vaccination.”

Screenshot / HHS / FDA Pregnancy Categories / Last updated: Wed Nov 16, 2022

VIDEO: Shame on Them! OB/GYNs Willfully Ignoring the Harm Done to Babies Deserve to Face Criminal Charges

With documented increases in spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, and attacks on a protein necessary for placenta formation (among other serious issues), even to the average individual, there is little doubt that the COVID-19 shots fall under Pregnancy Category X and should not be used on pregnant women or anyone else. The ACOG (and other members of The Corps) should be dismantled. Meanwhile, Dr. McCullough’s report confirming that pregnant women reject the COVID-19 vaccine is encouraging and indicates that Americans have taken heed of the dire warnings that they should avoid the vaccines. Referencing his 2021 publication, McCullough commented:

“This message got out to the community, and rates of vaccination have progressively winnowed. As we sit here today, we should understand that ACOG and the OB/GYN community is compromised and thereby putting the maternal-fetal health of women at risk by promoting COVID-19 vaccination. Under no circumstances should a woman of childbearing potential or gravid should receive a COVID-19 vaccine. It is absolutely contraindicated.”

It’s necessary to emphasize that it is unacceptable for Biden’s corrupt COVID coalition (as well as the CDC and FDA) to ignore that the vaccines fall under “FDA Pregnancy Category X.” Equally as scandalous is the fact these government agencies have blatantly ignored their own VAERS data. A quick look at the VAERS database before the introduction of the mRNA COVID-19 jabs should be enough to immediately stop the shots. In its 32-year history, the VAERS database reported roughly 1,500 cases of fertility issues among ALL vaccines combined. However, during the pandemic, reports of miscarriage and stillbirth in VAERS (which is under-reported, meaning numbers are significantly higher) is close to 5,000.

Screenshot / OpenVAERS / VAERS COVID Vaccine Reproductive Health Related Reports

With nearly 17,000 members, The Corps is full of entities exactly like the ACOG, who, to this day, push the COVID-19 jabs. They continue to ignore the growing group of experts calling for a moratorium on mRNA vaccines. Remember, these public health and medical organizations and other groups have been compromised. They have sold their souls and put their bottom line over the health and safety of the people they claim to protect. Thus the battle continues, and with increasing talk of fast-tracked mRNA products for not just COVID-19 but all illnesses, those fighting to protect the health of humanity will not stop. Likewise, as the next battle rounds the corner (for example, climate change), it is important to highlight that many Americans and humans around the world—perhaps starting with mothers—are increasingly hearing the frantic pleas of those putting their careers and lives on the line to draw attention to the tyranny and protect the freedom and health of humanity.

VIDEO: AMP Liberty Hour: Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Naomi Wolf: Pandemic Response Gone Wrong

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