December 27, 2022 from Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter

We want accountability and we want justice and there must be no COVID ‘Oster’ amnesty.

I will remind you, the information and data that was coming from States to our office and we rolled up to White House, that was why you saw Trump fighting CDC and Teachers Unions and Fauci and Birx of the Clown Car Task Force Podium, daily, he was fighting them to open up as they conspired to keep schools closed, but let me remind you we had 8, 9, 10 year olds found hung by their parents in their bedrooms across US when schools were shut down. The lockdowns and school closures drove them over the edge, they could not hold on, it devastated them. See here:

You beasts, you Fauci and Birx and Walensky and Howard Njoo and Tam, all of you, you know you had zero science to back up your lockdown lunacy, but you were power-drunk and IMO malfeasant, you illogical, irrational, absurd, inept and incompetent malfeasant untermensche, you beelzebubs. You bottom-dweller public health officials, you worst than devil putrid vapid filths, with the complicit equally filthy legacy media, for the lives you took with your lockdowns and school closures, the mandates, the lunacy, the denial of early effective treatment, the lies about inferiority of natural immunity relative to vaccinal immunity, the lies about asymptomatic transmission, the fraud PCR test you used to drive 95% false positives, the lie about equal risk of severe COVID outcomes regardless of age and risk background, and the forcing of the fraud failed ineffective and deadly COVID gene injections that have so many of our police and military and border agents and nurses and judges vaccine injured with many going to, not ‘if’ but going to die in time due to your mandates, I want each and everyone of you shown to have caused deaths, to hang!

You are trying to run to the hills now and reversing course but we have all your ex cathedra policies and mandates etched in writing and videos etc. Non-sensical absurd irrational policies that killed people. That had no, none, zero scientific or medical basis. Like the pushing of a bivalent booster (Pfizer) that is based on study of 8 mice, not one human being, and which has failed where the CDC Director Walensky took a 5th shot and got re-infected yet you are lying to the nation and world, pushing it knowing it is actually harmful as it is causing immune escape and antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease as well as original antigenic sin (immune fixation or imprinting with recall antibodies to the original prime). You know that the selection pressure will cause more infectious variants to emerge and you know that this is your means to keep the fraud pandemic going for 100 more years. There was never a pandemic, you Tedros, Wen, Hotez, Fauci and Njoo et al. created one and you are maintaining one with the fraud sub-optimal gene injection.

Yet for some reason, and I argue a combination of incompetence (you do not even understand the science or immunology or virology) and gross malfeasance, drives you. Follow the money I say, follow the $, see who in CDC, PHAC, Health Canada, FDA, SAGE, NIH got money, direct or indirect. See who benefitted financially and imprison them.

And I am being respectful with my words as we celebrate the Christ-child. And we denounce your trans gendering bull-sh*t. As we fight to bring God, family, father, law, mother, justice, decency back into our communities and homes. As we try with Wolf to protect the pregnant woman and the unborn child from the toxicity of the fraud COVID gene injection.

Do not think we forgot you Leana Wen, and you Gotlieb. No no no. All like you with your specious, reckless, dangerous lunatic COVID policies and positions that harmed people. We want you all investigated and you allowed to defend your every insane action. Hotez too. Your role in causing deaths. Bright, do not think we forgot you Rick. Gupta of CNN and his insanity and that media type. We need him investigated too. All in media who conspired with CDC, NIH, FDA to mislead and deceive the public with fraud information. All! You too Siegal of FOX, you too Cavuto, your vaccine shill dangerous types. All and any one who it is shown to have played a role in the fraud lunacy of the COVID lockdowns, I want you investigated, and punished! All you CEOs of TWITTER and the ones there who cut us off and cancelled us and blocked us as we gave the nation proper science to make decisions. You at FACEBOOK, CEOs, all.

I want you punished to the highest order! All you American and Canadian, Australian health officials at CDC, FDA, NIH, Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada etc., ministers, MPs, MPPs, senators, congresspeople who benefitted from COVID, who made and stole COVID relief money. Investigate that. We want the money back as tax payers and you held to account. Once legal settings declare this is just and warranted, then we hang you! We take no matters into our hands, no, we deal with you as good governance societies and natural justice in proper legal forums, with fairness for all sides. Must have it. If shown you did good, we praise and ensure you are celebrated. But we hang you if it is shown you killed people! And we know we can show it! We clean you out financially and hang you!

This must be Nuremberg 2.0, you must swing from gallows for what you did! You could not be that inept so we need this investigated to see how you all did so much wrong. I say there is and was a level of malfeasance and we need to know who, when where, what, who ordered what, who was incentivized how.

You named here above (and not an exhaustive list) are among the most inept, incompetent, corruptible, inane and vacuous, filthy, nasty, so called ‘public health officials, regulators, and vaccine makers and CEOs. Your stupidity knew no bound when it came to COVID and how you hold the positions you do, defies logic. It stretches my imagination.

We gave you the data day one, I ensured you got it while at HHS, you Hahn, all of you, me, Berenson, Kulldorff, McCullough, Jeff Tucker, Risch, Ladapo, Tenenbaum, Bhattacharya, Gupta, Atlas, Sass, Tyson, Zelenko et al. We printed the data, spoke out, gave it to you, went on media, but you pretended, you covered up, you worked to cancel and smear us with TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YouTube etc. You filthy animals.

We gave you an effective, cheap, regulatory approved, safe set of therapeutics but you denied it, you preferred to watch people die. You and your CPSO corrupted rotten College of Physicians and Surgeons. You corrupted State Boards. But you cannot hide. We will never stop until you are in a proper legal inquiry to answer for your COVID lunatic policy decisions that killed people. Taken down to the studs, each of those decrepit alphabet health agencies. Each one of you I named have blood on your hands of Americans, Canadians, British people, all peoples. Your decisions killed people, killed our elderly, killed our children, many committed suicide on accounts of your lunacy. So you must pay! You must be held accountable and yes, you must be allowed in proper inquiries, legal, to defend yourselves.

But if shown conclusively in court, and a judge declares such, that your actions caused deaths of innocent otherwise healthy people and children, then I want them to hang you!

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