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I’ve revised the Five Small Stones Wordpress site that I built a few months ago, before the primary site launched in early October.

Below is some of the updated content. There are only four pages, they’re text-only and unlikely to change much, except for the addition of a handful more state civil complaint templates.


Five Small Stones is an online campaign to collect and provide ready public access to self-help legal tools for people injured by the US Government’s illegal Covid-19 chemical and biological warfare program.

The goal is to equip thousands of ‘Davids’ with legal tools to understand the crimes-in-progress; identify the crimes with which we will not comply; notify the genocidal ‘Goliaths’ in government, military, hospitals, nursing homes, workplaces, schools, churches and courthouses that millions of people can now see what they’re doing and name the crimes in which they are complicit; and demand that the killers stop participating in the mass murder campaign and make reparation for the injuries and deaths they’ve caused.

It’s important to understand that the war criminals have been working for decades to construct the legal kill-box in which hundreds of millions of people around the world are now trapped, and the cage is very well built.

Most American prosecutors and law enforcement officers have refused to review submitted evidence and launch investigations into Covid-19 crimes committed by government officials, so there have been no meaningful criminal charges filed against any of the criminals.

Most American judges are dismissing most Covid-19 civil cases, usually on procedural grounds, improperly deferring to illegitimate pseudo-laws passed by Congress and signed by US Presidents to strip courts of their power to check government abuses of the People.

The 2005 PREP Act, for example, was intended to strip Congress itself, federal courts and state courts and legislators, of all legal avenues to check federal executive power abuses exercised during a declared public health emergency.

For as long as state and federal judges continue to defer to these illegitimate pseudo-laws, legal recourse for injuries and deaths is blocked.

The Five Small Stones campaign is therefore an act of faith that millions of injured victims and living survivors of the men, women, children and babies killed by the illegal chemical and biological war, by filing millions of cases in county courthouses in all 50 states, can help provide judges who have allowed the crimes to continue until now, with new opportunities to reveal themselves as men and women with integrity, moral courage and a willingness to protect and defend human lives and uphold the rule of law and the US Constitution.

There are two Five Small Stones sites is a static, templates-only site focused on offering basic, downloadable tools for victims of Covid-19 crimes and civil injuries. This site was built by Katherine Watt of Bailiwick News.

All of the currently available self-help tools are at the Templates page.

The main Five Small Stones campaign page is at The main site is maintained by Rebecca Weaver of Hands for Health and Freedom.

In addition to templates, educational materials, news reports, scientific papers, videos and external links related to Medical Integrity (the right for individuals to be free from criminal bodily trespass), also offers templates and other materials related to Election Integrity…


The Medical Integrity tool-kit foundation was laid in 2021 by Attorney Todd Callender and his team at Disabled Rights Advocates and VaxxChoice. The first templates were developed for use by military men and women in their fight against US Department of Defense-issued illegal “mandates” for masking, testing and lethal injections marketed by the US Government as “Covid-19 vaccines.”

Callender’s team expanded the original set of military documents to add religious exemption resources, Americans with Disabilities Act medical exemption resources, and Nuremberg notices to employers and others issuing and enforcing illegal “mandates.”

In Fall 2022, state civil complaint templates were added to the collection.


At Bailiwick News, readers can find ongoing coverage of the legal aspects of the US Government’s illegal chemical and biological warfare program as it’s being exposed through the Covid-19 program.

For reporting and analysis about the US Government’s illegal chemical and biological warfare program jointly run by the US DOD and the US Department of Health and Human Services, please subscribe to Bailiwick News.

Overview Reports




Affidavit of Noncompliance with US Government crimes.

File in state courts, through county court clerk’s office.

Notice of War Crimes Complicity to Local and State Officials

…Cease & desist letter for filing with local/state representatives, senators, council members, administrators, public health officials, school district administrators, hospital executives, judges, doctors, pediatricians, nurses, pharmacists, employers, personnel directors, news editors, news reporters, etc.

Nuremberg Code Notice

Assumption of Liability Agreement

  • Assumption of Liability Agreement (PDF)Transfers legal liability for costs due to injury from coerced vaxx or other coerced treatment, from the victim to the individual or institution imposing the coercion.

Religious Exemptions and Supporting Citations

Americans with Disabilities Act Letter, Medical Exemptions – Use to refuse mask, test, vaxx and other alleged orders.

Military Letters and Notices


These templates are intended for use by survivors or estate executors of victims killed by NIH-CDC hospital homicide protocols including restraint, starvation, Remdesivir/Veklury and ventilators. Six counts include negligence, gross negligence, neglect, medical malpractice, medical assault and battery and negligence per se.

[Four more are in drafting stage currently, including hospital homicide/Remdesivir claims for people who survived it themselves; coerced and vaxx-injured but not dead; survivors/executives of coerced and vaxx-injured dead; vaxx-refusers who lost employment.]

NOTE: Most state judges are dismissing these cases early in the process, in deference to illegitimate Project Bioshield Act and PREP Act liability exemptions related to use of “covered countermeasures.”

It’s still worth filing them, to help create a record of the victims of the slaughter, and to increase pressure on judges who are uneasy with their participation in mass murder and the cover-up crimes.


Federal civil complaints are extremely complex, but they will be brought against the war criminals, under laws including 18 USC 2441 and 1949 Geneva Conventions, Common Article 3, prohibiting torture; cruel or inhuman treatment; performing biological experiments; murder; mutilation or maiming; intentionally causing serious bodily injury; rape; sexual assault or abuse; taking hostages; outrages upon personal dignity, humiliating and degrading treatment.

As of November 2022, I’m working with a small team of lawyers and others who are developing creative legal strategies using several civil, constitutional and criminal frameworks.

If you are interested in funding or participating in federal cases, please contact me at


The Incredulity of St. Thomas. Painting by Caravaggio.

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