April 18, 2021 from COVID-19 REFUSERS

Dear Fellow Activists!

We have to talk about the big elephant in the room. We must talk about “talking about public health” or more specifically the need to say “something is wrong with public health and it needs reform.”

I’ve gotten some good feedback on the idea. The most important one is the fact that “the public doesn’t know what public health is.” Does it refer to sanitation workers or school nurses or doctors? It’d take tremendous marketing effort to develop this idea!

I’d argue though that it is our critical challenge that we must take on.

Many of you have been around a long time in the movement and have witnessed the gross inequities here:

  • The defense of thimerosal usage despite insider testimony of its dangers (ie. Simpsonwood)
  • The denial of the role of vaccines in the autism epidemic instead of bad explanations (ie. it’s genetic, it’s over-diagnosis)
  • Blaming parents (ie. these parents of autistic children are just looking for someone to blame – the problem ain’t vaccines)
  • Blaming vaccine harms on “undiagnosed, underlying medical conditions” (ie. Hannah Poling and mitochondrial dysfunction)
  • Rampant inflation of COVID cases and deaths set the stage for draconian measures like lockdowns, mask mandates, and now vaccine passports.
  • Biased vaccine safety assessment and recommendations which always seem to push for more vaccines (ie. everything that happens in ACIP)

So forth and so forth… the list is never-ending!

Folks, we’ve been fighting a long time. And, yes, we are great fighters! A crisis arises and we mobilize to deal with it. A state exemption is under threat? A new vaccine is coming out? Freedoms threatened? We need to mobilize now!

But there’s something in the above worth noting – we are still on the defensive. Our opponents choose the battleground – the location, the scientific material, the conversations we face against. And the same thing is happening with the COVID response, their greatest attack yet upon us.

Many of us have believed that if we just convince them of the science, then they will change their minds. But the historical record has shown that it’s not just about science. It’s about power and control.

It’s about narrative dominance. Whose story will win in society?

Vaccine-rights lawyer Alan Phillips explains the best: “Narrative domination is the result of psychological manipulation, not information. This is why brilliant pediatricians (and billions of others) believe vaccines are safe and effective. They’re not stupid, they’re manipulated. You can’t fix psychological manipulation with information, as the manipulation causes information to bounce off (as we’ve all seen repeatedly).

“Psychology–perception manipulation–is simply more powerful than the conscious intellect. That’s why decades of debunking false narratives with facts has been ineffective [I’d use incomplete instead of ineffective]. More of the same will get more of the same result.”

We seem to be on a never-ending treadmill. We’ve been thrown narrative after narrative over the years. And then we firefight to beat that narrative, only to be given another narrative, unfortunately, more sophisticated than the last.

They throw us something and then expect us to provide the evidence to debunk it; when we fail to do so, they reply smugly, “See, I told you they were anti-science!”

Folks, we need to get off this treadmill, off of the rat-race. And how do we do so: by exposing the underlying control system. The light fears the darkness; we need to bring a massive spotlight.

We can fight the narrative and then prepare ourselves to fight the inevitable next one. Or we can fight the narrative AND bring attention to the puppet-masters behind the scene.

What’s the common thread that ties the list of inequities together? Public health, specifically the agencies who have regulatory authority over public health – the CDC, the WHO, the NIH, the FDA, etc.

Public health agencies are the source of the problem. Let’s be frank. Who’s defining the health metrics used to justify the vaccine program? Who’s the entryway that lets Big Pharma manipulate the government? Who’s driving the COVID response and, by extension, the whole of society? Who decides what factors even constitute “health”? Public health, public health, public health.

Our main problem is that “The public is not questioning public health.” The public believes that these pronouncements on health come from some divine source and cannot be questioned. In turn, the media pushes the Covid response and vaccinations as inevitable. It’s going to happen anyway – so why fight it? The only people saying otherwise are conspiratorial anti-vaxxers.

Our main challenge is to show the people that public health is the root source, that it is acting as an unelected, fourth branch of government, and that a normal person can question the experts. Public health can only act with impunity while the public is unaware that alternatives are possible.

We must talk about the problems of public health in all our communications. We have to call them out. For example:

  • Here’s a vaccine injury AND here’s why public health’s vaccine safety science missed it.
  • Here’s an ineffective treatment AND here’s why public health failed to look for alternatives.
  • Here’s a Covid response AND here’s why public health was fudged up the recommendation.

There are too many vaccines on the schedule AND public health has not measured the effects on health of the aggregate schedule.

Our ultimate goal is a societal change here. There are four levels to this:

  • Level 1: Bring attention to the problem
  • Level 2: Show how the problem is part of a mistaken narrative
  • Level 3: Show how vested players are controlling dialogue to favor the dominant narrative
  • Level 4: Present an alternative to the existing system based on the new narrative

In our discussions with the public, we are at Level 2. Change doesn’t happen until we shift our dialogue to Level 3; change will accelerate once our dialogue reaches Level 4.

So then, how does this change what we do now?

Call out public health in our messaging: Our messaging has a short-term and long-term focus. We need to tie our current messaging into a longer-term discussion of public health reform.

Shine a spotlight on the systems of control: Fundamentally, the system is unfair. The more we make people aware of this and how these systems work, the better it is for us.

Empower the people: We need to teach people that they have the right to question medicine and public health, that these systems are tasked with serving the people, and, if they don’t, then they should be reformed.

This has been a long one! Congrats and thanks for reading if you have made it this far!

Any comments or questions are appreciated!

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