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The World We Live In…

What a world we live in. Where you can wake up to the news that scientists have genetically engineered mosquitos to deliver vaccines and it's not even surprising.

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If that were the only example of such technologies, it'd be bad enough. But, let's take a stroll down a few of the recent examples much like it.

Because it wouldn’t be enough to just toy with nature once… no. Science requires us to continually turn bad science fiction into horrifying science fact.

Because, you know, science gonna science.

GMO Vaccine Mosquitos

It sounds as bad as the plot for “Sharknado”…

“What if, now hear me out, we create the ability to turn mosquitos into living, breeding, spreading, mutating vaccine delivery systems!?”.

What could possibly go wrong??

Feel free to click through the image below for the full article describing this miraculous break through.

I’ll pull a few of my favorite parts out of it for you though:

“A box full of genetically modified mosquitos successfully vaccinated a human against malaria in a trial funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH).”

“‘We use the mosquitoes like they’re 1,000 small flying syringes,’ said researcher Dr. Sean Murphy, as reported by NPR.”

“My whole forearm swelled and blistered. My family was laughing, asking like, ‘why are you subjecting yourself to this?'” 

Reid enjoyed her experience so much that she says she wants to participate in as many vaccine trials as she can. For this research, each participant received $4,100 as an incentive.”

“Dr. Kirsten Lyke calls the research “a total game changer.” 

Lyke led the phase 1 trials for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and was a co-investigator for Moderna and Novavax COVID vaccines.”

But don’t worry, because they would never release these into the wild en mass… would they?

They Just Might

The thing about the mosquito story above is that it’s recent. It’s new to science, and as such, is mostly a curiosity right now. There are no plans to turn this technology loose into the wild world, right?

Well… allow me to introduce you to another, earlier experiment in genetically modified organisms.

The above (clickable) image will take you to an April 2022 article that covers the efforts of MIT scientists from Boston who intend to release hundreds of thousands of GM mice onto the Nantucket island ecosystem in an effort to combat Lyme disease.

Now, as it happens, I saw a documentary on exactly this study years ago. The doc covered it more from the human interest angle where the science was all ready to go, but the local government and environmental authorities stone walled them from releasing the rodents onto the ecosystem.

That was where the story ended for that documentary… years ago. So, imagine my surprise when (due to the mosquito story jogging my memory) I went to look up a link for it, and I found that it was from THIS year!

Turns out, these scientists aren’t going to take no for an answer. And, according to the article, they fully intend to release them. Which would permanently and irreversibly alter the ecosystem in undoubtedly unpredictable ways.

“But some fear that tinkering with nature by using new gene-editing technology could lead to a host of unintended consequences, which the scientists acknowledge are legitimate concerns.

‘Technology can make the world worse,’ said Kevin Esvelt, a biologist and associate professor at MIT who helped found the project. ‘Our overall goal is to advance this safely [emphasis added], safeguarding it from mistrust and misuse, and setting a precedent for how this is done.’

Their first-of-its-kind proposal would require significant vetting by local, state, and federal regulators, such as the Food and Drug Administration. It will also require support from residents here and on Martha’s Vineyard, where the scientists also hope to release hundreds of thousands of engineered mice.”

So, they absolutely intend to “advance this”, but you know, they’ll make sure it’s safe & effective I’m sure.

But Wait! It Gets Worse…

In a 2020 article through association with Cornell university, the technology is (has been) in the works to create an edible GMO vaccine!

At first, reading through the article above (also clickable), I started to feel like they were just talking about our long understood ability to harvest GMO antigens through certain plants as an alternative source for vaccines to the other mammalian or bacterial cultivation techniques.

But, nope.

They exclaim, with vigor, how it’s possible to create fully edible — not injectable — vaccines built right into consumable “potato, tomato, lettuce, papaya, carrot and rice to quinoa, alfalfa, banana and algae.”.

Oh great! What an amazing world we live in. Go science! What could go wrong??

Adding Time Can Go Wrong

So, above, you have three different stories about genetically modified technologies that are known science at this point.

It wasn’t too long ago that all three were considered theoretical. But, now they are all proven and replicable anywhere in the world.

When the knowledge for a novel technology moves from the theoretical into the actual, the only thing, historically, that sits between the presentation and the application is time.

The mosquito example is extremely new. So, of course they’re not talking about a massive, wild release of them right now. But, the Lyme fighting mice are less new, and they’re on the verge of being irreversibly released into the wild world.

I would posit that the only major difference between the two examples is the amount of time that’s elapsed. It’s allowed for interested parties to make their compelling arguments to the relevant authorities to get their exciting project implemented into the arena it was built for.

Because, look… they didn’t go through all the work it took to make these things a reality for the sake of some curious articles to be written. They know the use cases and by god, they’re going to push for them… for science!

One Last Closing, Horrifying Thought

Have you heard about how everyone’s favorite vaccine maximalist, globalist, monopolist billionaire Bill Gates is buying up US farmland like it’s a mission?

In the above (yes, clickable) article, you’ll find interesting stats like this:

“Along with his wife Melinda Gates, Bill owns over 268,000 acres of farmland diversified in over 19 states. Gate's private American farmlands are worth an estimated $690 million.

Turns out, he’s now the largest owner of farmland in the USA.

In that article, they claim a typical, mundane explanation like “He’s just investing, bro. It’s just an investment, bro.”.

Feel free to adjust your tinfoil hat as you consider the following:

  1. Bill Gates is the prototypical example of a capitalistic monopolist. He even had to be taken to court for it in the late 90s, losing a massive antitrust lawsuit over Microsoft.

  2. Since about a decade ago, he’s focused most/all of his time and effort towards vaccines. He is one of the most heavily invested people into the industry. Boasting that he greatest investment was a 10 billion dollars into vaccines that he turned into 200 billion over a decade:

  3. If he really wanted to monopolize the vaccine industry, think about how great an investment it would be to make GMO, delicious, edible vaccine crops on all that farmland.

It’s nothing anyone could prove, of course, but… it’s food for thought.

~ Drew Weatherhead

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