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It’s always good to calibrate, to benchmark, so as to anchor things into reality.

In this article, I put in perspective the quantity of circulating spikes post-vaccination and of vaccine lipid nanoparticles so as to have a series of references to bring new light to the circulating Spike debate I have been having with many.

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Sometimes dramatic anecdotes remind us how fragile life is and how the tiniest of incidents can lead to a fatal outcome. Last week, during our weekly beer together, my best friend, a leading and hard-working lawyer, mentioned that his business partner’s husband had died of a simple wasp sting. According to the CDC, there’s 43 such cases every year in the US, translate that to France, that would be 8 a year… either this man was very very unlucky, or the statistics are likely underestimated, wrongly labelled as heart attacks, falls, car accidents…A sad reminder to enjoy life while it lasts.

Coincidentally, I had been investigating bee stings following a very derogatory comment on Tweeter mocking my last article that ended up being very insightful. Simply put, the author of the Tweet was joking about the fact a bee sting could also go intravascular. I thought it was genius!

The report1 below extracted from the autopsy of an Australian man - deceased following a single bee sting - points to the injection of bee venom directly into a vein, rapidly leading to pulmonary embolism. Interestingly, he had been stung recently and had not shown to be allergic.

What if what is traditionally considered an allergic reaction was in fact an intravascular injection of bee venom followed by a Bolus?…

I’ll leave the Bolus Theory on the side for today, but I am convinced there’s definitely something there given the speed of the symptoms and the distant location of the injury from the injection site… If you want to know more about the Bolus Theory click the article right below.

Did you know that the word panacea originated from Mithridates' cure for all poison? Since Mithridates2 and his experiments with small doses of poison, we have known that poison toxicity is a question of dose. The same product - not toxic in small doses - becomes lethal above a certain threshold. This is why I went on to quantify doses of known venoms so as to have a sense of the dangerousness of the circulating spike and of the antigen-filled lipid nanoparticles injected in the COVID vaccines.

We know that each nanoparticle of the vaccine is indirectly cytotoxic (kills cells) simply because the genetic message it brings into the cell will eventually be discovered by the immune system, and the compromised cell destroyed inevitably.
We know also from a few studies3 4 that the spike can be toxic. However, many of these studies use obscenely high concentrations: 0,5 μg/ml spike concentration for example in the study below when a Harvard Medical School Study5 found at peak day 5 after vaccination an average concentration of 63 pg/ml, roughly 8,000 times less.

It shows it's important to get the numbers right. Below, you will find a chart comparing the total doses in weight and the estimated peak concentration6 in the body for:

  • chlorine ingested in one glass of water,

  • vaccine nanoparticles for Moderna and Pfizer

  • circulating spike proteins 5 days after injection (average and peak)

  • intra-tissue inoculation (sting) of bee venom and brown spider venom

  • intra-muscular injection (bite) of black mamba venom

  • anti-spike antibodies weight at Day 14 post the second injection

On Vaccine LNP Toxicity

The first revelation of this analysis is to acknowledge that both vaccines seem designed to avoid toxicity, except if we hypothesise that the LNPs are much more toxic than venom, which is doubtful:

  • Pfizer, if injected intravenously, would peak after 2 hours with a concentration of 371pg/ml, and a total weight injected of 30 μg. That’s roughly 5 times less than a bee sting. Hard to believe it could be toxic.

  • A dose of Moderna injects at higher concentration, and a total weight injected of 100 μg. This is close to the sting of a brown spider. Might hurt some at the injection, not much more.

  • And thankfully, both are very far - both in concentration and weight - to a bite of a Black Mamba. Simply by looking at the chart one can understand why the Black Mamba Venom is so toxic: it’s 10-15 more concentrated, and the dose is 10 times larger (in weight).

  • Given the obviously low transfection rate of lipid nanoparticles, both vaccines, if injected intramuscularly, are likely less dangerous than being stung in the tissue by a bee or a spider…at least on the basis of dose and concentration.

On Circulating Spike Toxicity

Obviously, the quantities of Spike measured by the Harvard Medical School 5 days after seem very low: on average 63pg/ml . Even Chlorine at those levels isn’t toxic. You get a larger quantity of chlorine in a glass of tap water than spike.

It is possible that the Pfizer vaccine is more effective at producing Spike. But frankly, Moderna has demonstrated to be more dangerous. That is most likely related to a dose of particles that is 4 times more numerous.

Many have emphasised an article on exosomes7 filled with Spike (see photo). I have read multiple times the article, and still haven't managed quantifying Spikes from exosomes. I must say the photo demonstrates to me there's no circulating free running spikes in the blood: no taint outside the exosomes. And even what is in the exosome seems the remnants of a cell that was destroyed by the immune system waiting to be processed. Not sure how the spike contained by these exosomes would actually be a threat...again disseminated exosomes can hardly be made responsible for the concentrated harm we have been witnessing in the vaccine injured.

Source: “Cutting Edge: Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein Are Induced by BNT162b2 (PfizerBioNTech) Vaccination prior to Development of Antibodies: A Novel Mechanism for Immune Activation by mRNA Vaccines” by Sandhya Bansal et al

Finally, I would like to emphasise the enormous amount of anti-Spike antibodies (right side blue bar) circulating in the blood quantified in the same article: 2.4 million pg per ml. It is quite evident that most of the circulating spikes would be very quickly neutralised by such abundant levels of antibodies. It is also reasonable to think that Spikes captured into aggregates of apoptosised cells (cells destroyed by the immune system) would not be immediately accessible to antibodies.

Given the relative harmlessness of bee and spider venom in every day doses, I believe this calibration exercise demonstrates that the scientists at BioNtech and Moderna, worked professionally, and designed doses at levels that should not make them toxic. I know some of you will be shocked, but the calibration exercise is clear. I know many folks won’t want to believe this. The fact that billions are still safe and sound today - despite multiple doses - tends to confirm that. It is a certainty that not everybody has D-Dimers through the roof. And we should be very happy.

As I stated multiple times these past 6 months, I am firmly convinced the circulating Spike isn’t the problem. I don’t see how a spike isolated in an exosome and diluted into the blood stream would be any different. In the coming days, I will add a number of important proof point to continue explaining why it can’t be the Spike.

I am still horrified at the fact that these particles end up transfecting even diffusely the endothelium. Vaccine technology will needs a complete overhaul as the endothelium is a precious organ.

So, if the vaccine in normal circumstances is relatively innocuous, we need to find the circumstances, the combination of factors that makes these vaccine unsafe for so many. I think biomimicry here again is an interesting lead… If bee venom is innocuous in the tissue, and lethal intravascularly, it is reasonable to think the vaccine could be innocuous intramuscularly, but very dangerous intravascularly….


“An autopsy approach to bee sting-related deaths” by Karen Riches et al - DOI:10.1080/00313020220131327


120 to 63 b.c.


“Mitochondrial Dynamics in SARS‑COV2 Spike Protein Treated Human Microglia: Implications for Neuro‑COVID” by Erin Clough et al


“Single intratracheal exposure to SARS-CoV-2 S1 spike protein induces acute lung injury in K18-hACE2 transgenic mice” by Pavel Solopov et al


“Circulating Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARSCoV-2) Vaccine Antigen Detected in the Plasma of mRNA-1273 Vaccine Recipients” by Alana F. Ogata et al, DOI: 10.1093/cid/ciab465


2 Hours post-injection with a 6.8% of the dose fully diluted as per the Acuitis/Pfizer data


“Cutting Edge: Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein Are Induced by BNT162b2 (PfizerBioNTech) Vaccination prior to Development of Antibodies: A Novel Mechanism for Immune Activation by mRNA Vaccines” by Sandhya Bansal et al

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