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I believe vaccines can cause a significant number of health issues, particularly neurological and immunological disorders, and that the historical trends in vaccination account for much of the “inexplicable” increase in these debilitating diseases that have been seen over the past 150 years. Since the preceding sentence encapsulates an immensely complex topic, I have gradually authored articles here on each aspect of it.  

In this series, I have focused on the outliers (the sudden death syndromes), as they are now easy to recognize due to the sudden “inexplicable” emergence of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

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A key principle of pharmaceutical toxicity is that individual responses to a toxin distribute on a bell curve, which means that the extreme outliers, such as death, represent a relatively small number of the injuries, whereas chronic complications, like the large spike in disability that has been observed following the spike protein vaccine rollout, represent the rest of iceberg that remains unseen underwater.  

Many physicians I have either trained under, have direct knowledge of, or have read the writings of, have noted an abrupt change in the health of their patient populations from the start to the end of their career (some of the earliest examples can be found here).

The explosion of diseases I have witnessed following spike protein vaccination has made me suspect we once again have arrived at a point that will mark a profound shift in the nature of human diseases. Many others I have consulted have also made similar observations. For example in a recent correspondence with Pierre Kory, I was informed he also has seen signs this is happening (as many of the patients contacting him with vaccination complications are experiencing severe illnesses you typically never see in their demographic). 

How Do Vaccines Cause Harm?

Presently, I believe vaccines primarily cause harm through three interrelated mechanisms:

 •Agglomeration of fluid throughout the body. This clumping or thickening of fluids gives rise to issues numerous issues including blood sludging (which can create disastrous microstrokes) and was the subject of the previous part of this series.

 •The immune provoking design of vaccines makes them highly likely to also create autoimmune conditions (along with other forms of immune dysfunction).

 •Vaccines systemically activate the cell danger response (this will be the subject of a future article).

Although many vaccines do all of this, the spike protein vaccines are uniquely suited for creating these effects.  

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Previously in this series, I presented the century of evidence that SIDS (another unexplained “syndrome”) was caused by vaccination and the countless attempts by the government to cover this up so that the vaccine program could be maintained. I chose to dedicate an entire article to this subject because SIDS represents the closest parallel we have to SADS, and because evidence continues to emerge to support the SIDS vaccination hypothesis. Recently, for example, many individuals predicted that the COVID-19 lockdowns causing a reduction in nonessential childhood vaccinations would also result in a reduction in infant deaths, and that was exactly what happened.

Since infants cannot advocate for themselves, their adverse reactions to vaccination have been extremely easy to sweep under the rug. My sincere hope is that since adults (who can advocate for themselves) are also being harmed by forced vaccination, the political will now exists to do something to address this century-old issue.  

Although infants cannot directly advocate for themselves, a key accomplishment of Andrew Moulden MD was the identification of previously unrecognized clinical neurological signs suggesting the vaccinations were causing neurological damage through the microstrokes they induce. These signs include the distinctive and inconsolable high-pitched scream or shrill shriek that follows vaccination (before becoming a doctor it always surprised me how resistant parents were to acknowledging this suggested a problem), facial droops, and incorrect positioning or movements of the eyes.  

Many of these problems arise because the nuclei of the cranial nerves that controlled these functions are in areas of the brainstem that have poor blood supplies and thus are more vulnerable to strokes such as vaccine-induced microstrokes. The cranial nerve that has one of the most vulnerable blood supplies is responsible for turning each eye outward, and when it is dysfunctional one eye will turn inwards, while another cranial nerve is responsible for facial muscle tone and will cause a facial droop when it is affected by a microstroke.   

In the previous article explaining why all vaccines cause harm, I reviewed Andrew Moulden's work in much more detail. For those unable to read it and those wishing to learn more, I would highly recommend reviewing the video series he produced on this subject:

In the previous article on SIDS, I presented numerous pieces of evidence demonstrating that vaccination disrupts the normal respiratory function of infants. That disruption in breathing following vaccination has been observed both within a hospital setting (where it is easy to identify since infant breathing is continually monitored), and at home when a customized device was used for this purpose.

Given that infants who die from SIDS are either found after they have died or observed by their parents to suddenly stop breathing, I believe it is reasonable to assume all of these events represent the same disease process occurring. Similarly, in the studies I referenced previously, had hospital interventions not been available to detect and treat the infants who stopped breathing, they likely also would have died in a manner no different from that seen in SIDS.

Although this key aspect of SIDS is relatively unknown, most of us are familiar with the concept of interrupted breathing within the context of “sleep apnea.” Sleep apnea, like many other forms of apnea, can have two causes: obstruction of the airway (obstructive sleep apnea) and damage to the part of the brain for the automatic control of breathing (central sleep apnea).

As mentioned previously, I recently put forth the framework to explain how vaccinations frequently caused microstrokes in the body and the emphasis of Moulden’s model on the susceptibility of certain cranial nerves (particularly 4, 6, and 7) to these microstrokes due to the regional blood supply of their nuclei. Let’s quickly review where they are located in relation to the respiratory centers of the brain:

Note: I apologize for the quality of these pictures (e.g. the extra line). They were the best images I could find to illustrate the point. It is important to remember that this view cannot show that a pair of each of these nuclei with its own blood supply exists on the left and the right of the brain (e.g. there is a different cranial nerve responsible for each eye’s outward movement).

As you may have noticed, two of the primary control centers for breathing (collectively known as the pontine respiratory centers) are located near the nuclei for cranial nerve 6, while the others are not that far from cranial nerve 7. Since Moulden observed that as microstrokes became more severe, more adjacent cranial nerves would show signs of dysfunction, he also reasoned that other nuclei within their vicinity, such as the respiratory centers could also be affected.

With further observation, Moulden concluded that if there was a microstroke to only one side, intermittent interruptions in breathing would occur, while if the process that creates microstrokes became severe enough to interrupt the blood flow to both sides, a fatal cessation of respiration would occur. Building upon the existing data showing partial or complete cessations of respiration following vaccination, Moulden correlated these apneic (interrupted breathing) episodes to the inwards movement of one of the eyes (a sign of interrupted blood flow to cranial nerve 6), and fatal episodes to both eyes moving inward.

Autopsy Studies

A variety of autopsy studies have been conducted on infants who died from SIDS shortly after vaccination (e.g. here and here). These autopsy studies found significant changes within the brain such as frequent edema and weakening of the blood-brain barrier. The most detailed findings were found in this study:

Abnormal neuropathologic findings were acute congestion, defective blood–brain barrier, slight infiltration of the leptomeninx by macrophages and lymphocytes, perivascular lymphocytic infiltration, diffuse infiltration of the pons, mesencephalon and cortex by T-lymphocytes, microglia in the hippocampus and pons, and in one case a necrosis in the cerebellum.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate an autopsy study that assessed for the presence of the lesions Moulden suspected caused SIDS, and hence cannot state with certainty the apneic episodes were central (due to a neurologic issue) in origin. Conversely, I also came across one autopsy study showing the damage also occurred throughout the body which argues for the apnea’s cause partially being within the airway:

Histological examination revealed polivisceral stasis, mild cerebral oedema. Acute pulmonary oedema mixed with areas of acute pulmonary emphysema were recorded. Myocardial interstitial oedema was also detected. Histological examination of the cardiac conduction system was unremarkable. Small intraparenchimal haemorrhages on spleen and adrenal glands were observed. Pulmonary mast cells were identified and quantified and a great number of degranulating mast cells with tryptase-positive material outside were observed (Fig. 2). Data resulting from quantitative analysis recorded a numerical increase in pulmonary mast cells in fatal anaphylactic shock (average mast-cell count 12471/100 mm2 ) compared with that of the traumatic control group (traumatic death) whose average mast-cell count was 3657/100 mm2.

I also discussed this study with a government specialist who previously worked with the pertussis vaccine who informed me that some of these effects (e.g. vascular leakage) are also seen with pertussis toxin toxicity, which led me to wonder if this mechanism also plays a key role in that vaccine causing SIDS (a few physicians of the previous era suspected this).

Finally, it should be noted that Moulden believed the microstrokes and tissue damage he could detect through neurologic evaluation were also silently occurring throughout the body, and in a few instances Moulden was able to review autopsies showing this was indeed occurring.

Dose Toxicity

A key principle of toxicology is that a dose-response relationship should exist: if something is toxic, more of it will cause more harm. Many vaccine zealots believe vaccines are safe, adverse reactions are one in a million, and that countless vaccines can be given simultaneously (and for those curious, this is the context behind the “10,000 vaccines are safe” Offit quote).

Conversely, vaccine skeptics believe vaccines are unsafe and that a dose-response relationship exists between the number of vaccines given and the likelihood that severe side effects will occur. For example, in the previous article discussing the century of evidence that vaccines cause SIDS, I cited numerous studies which showed those who are at the greatest risk of dying after vaccination were either premature infants or infants who received multiple vaccines simultaneously.

From a dose-response perspective, these observations make sense. In both cases, the infants who are less able to survive the effects of vaccination are receiving a higher vaccination dose. In the case of premature infants who are smaller and less capable of tolerating the stress of vaccination, the “higher dose” they receive is a result of them receiving the same vaccine dose as a normal-weight infant, and thus relatively speaking, a “higher dose.” Additionally, it is also frequently reported that children develop permanent vaccine injuries after receiving a larger than normal number of vaccinations at the same time (which is typically not questioned by the provider as they are assumed to be completely safe regardless of the number given).

I agree with the second school of thought, but believe it is very difficult to establish a linear relationship between the dose and the toxicity. This is because individual susceptibility to injury varies greatly and the ability of a coagulating agent (e.g. many vaccine components) to coagulate a fluid (e.g. blood) does not follow a linear curve.

In the previous article of this series, I discussed this nonlinear curve and illustrated it within the context of aluminum, a standard vaccine ingredient and one of the strongest coagulating agents in existence. More recently, I discussed some of the potential explanations for why hot COVID-19 vaccine lots appear to exist and emphasized that quality control in vaccine manufacturing is often very poor, which inevitably leads to significant quality deficiencies in many batches. With that context, consider the significance of the following:

July 2021 study, conducted by a team of British scientists led by Christopher Exley, Ph.D., formerly of Keele University, examined the aluminum content in thirteen different childhood vaccines.  They found that six of the vaccines contained significantly higher amounts of aluminum than the manufacturer claimed, and four of the vaccines contained significantly smaller amounts. The study showed only three of the thirteen vaccines contained an amount of aluminum within 10 percent of the manufacturers’ listed contents.

Recently I covered the critical work Richard Fleming has conducted to bring criminal charges against those who were responsible for COVID-19. In his presentation I previously shared, he provided one of the best examples I have seen of how a small amount of a coagulating agent can rapidly cause blood cells to clump together by showing the immediate effects of each of the spike protein vaccines on healthy blood.

These South African researchers likewise observed the same phenomena:

Blood incubated with spike protein showed erythrocyte agglutination, despite the very low concentration of the spike protein. An increase in platelet hyperactivation, membrane spreading, platelet-derived microparticle formation were noted due to spike protein exposure.

This is most likely what causes sudden death immediately following vaccination in susceptible individuals, like this recent example where this ardent advocate of vaccination died 7 minutes after receiving the new booster in the pharmacy.

The Original SADS

Something many are not aware of is that SADS was a medical diagnosis prior to the COVID-19 vaccines and that there are in fact two “SADS,” sudden arrhythmic death syndrome and sudden adult death syndrome. In the former, which occurs in 1 to 1.6 in a million people (although some argue it affects more), a preexisting heart issue causes a fatal heart rhythm to initiate and kill the patient.

As many different (but not all) heart conditions can cause sudden arrhythmic death to happen, cardiologists try to screen for many of those conditions, and when identified, provide preventative treatments to those who have them. Fortunately, in many cases, the initial manifestation of the irregular heart rhythm causes much more minor symptoms than death and results in a prompt diagnosis of the underlying condition.

Victims of sudden death from a fatal heart rhythm often fall under the umbrella of sudden adult death syndrome (SADS), which was previously used to categorize sudden death without a structural cause identified by autopsy or toxicological examination. Prior to COVID-19, it was estimated to account for approximately 4% of all sudden deaths due to cardiac arrest.

I find the concept of sudden arrhythmic death syndrome useful to consider because it demonstrates how many different diseases which affect the heart can result in the same thing (death) and given the number of different ways the spike protein vaccines are able to harm the heart, it is hence not surprising sudden deaths are observed following vaccination.

Additionally, Thomas Riddick, discussed previously in this series, was able to provide numerous cases which demonstrated that an increased thickness of the blood due to red blood cells clumping together caused a dangerous heart arrhythmia. Conversely, when this issue was addressed by restoring the zeta potential of the blood, these arrhythmias resolved (others who followed in his footsteps also found the same thing). 

Given the rapid clumping of blood cells which was shown above to follow vaccination, it is also very possible this is responsible for the sudden deaths that follow vaccination (the heart is extremely sensitive to interruptions in the blood supplies of the small arteries that feed it, and the smaller a blood vessel is, the more it is affected by the blood clumping or blood sludging process).

COVID-19 Vaccine Autopsies

When I first learned of the chosen COVID-19 vaccine design (this was at a time when the toxicity of the spike protein was not yet fully understood), I had three major concerns with the design:

•Mass producing the spike proteins within the body would likely disrupt its zeta potential and thereby cause numerous problems including significant blood clotting.

•mRNA technology had previously been associated with increasing the risk of cancer (although many fatal cancers follow these vaccines, the deaths are not sudden so they will not be discussed here).

•Having cells mass produce the highly immunogenic spike proteins and then express them on their surface was a guaranteed recipe for developing autoimmunity in those cells. This was especially concerning since the spike protein also matched parts of many critical human tissues and through those matches had a real risk of creating many different autoimmune conditions.

It was thus very illuminating to read the leaked Pfizer EMA documents, as Pfizer was given a free pass on testing for a few key issues, including the risk of cancer, infertility, and autoimmunity, which should have been obvious concerns to any competent drug regulator. 

Note: One of the main reasons why so much of the scientific literature has become corrupted is due to “publication bias,” where studies that produce results the researchers or sponsors do not want are not published (this bias can also occur within a published study where inconvenient data is simply not reported or formally analyzed). As a result, when a topic is comprehensively studied, we often only receive a slice of the full picture—the one slice that contains all of its positive aspects and none of its negatives.

I thus could not help but interpret the failure to study these critical areas I could not imagine had not been studied as a tacit admission these vaccines had been found to have significant problems there. Nonetheless, I was still taken aback by how frequent and severe these side effects were and like many have done my best to help sound the alarm on them.

For example, a few open-minded rheumatologists I have worked with or corresponded with have observed that between 1 in 4 to 1 in 3 of the patients they saw had an autoimmune issue that appeared to be linked to vaccination (either a new disorder or an exacerbation of a pre-existing condition). I also know of one rheumatologist that publicly went on record attesting to this occurrence (in his case it was 1 in 2.5 or 40% of his patients) and similar percentages have been reported from this registry and this Israeli government survey.

Due to publication bias, studies that are critical of vaccination are rarely published and Robert Malone recently shared two studies that demonstrated both this bias and the various retaliations that those who nonetheless choose to publish face.

It should thus be of no surprise that despite many autopsies being conducted on those who died from COVID-19, far fewer were conducted on those who died following vaccination and only a handful have ever been published. This is especially surprising given that autopsies are often required when a healthy individual dies and no cause can be identified. In essence, this reflects the theme initially put forward in this series: if a severe condition is caused by a cause no one in power can afford to acknowledge, it is frequently labeled as a “syndrome” that is defined by the event (e.g. death) happening without any identifiable cause.

Fortunately, a few brave pathologists nonetheless chose to pursue this issue. Arne Burkhardt MD, a world-renowned pathologist, took advantage of the protection his reputation had earned him to conduct and publish 15 autopsies of individuals who died 7 days to 6 months after 1 to 2 spike protein vaccinations. I will directly quote the summary of his research:

Histopathologic findings of a similar nature were detected in organs of 14 of the 15 deceased. Most frequently afflicted were the heart (14 of 15 cases) and the lung (13 of 15 cases). Pathologic alterations were furthermore observed in the liver (2 cases), thyroid gland (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, 2 cases), salivary glands (Sjögren`s Syndrome; 2 cases) and brain (2 cases).
A number of salient aspects dominated in all affected tissues of all cases:
•1. Inflammatory events in small blood vessels (endothelitis), characterized by an abundance of T-lymphocytes and sequestered, dead endothelial cells within the vessel lumen
•2. The extensive perivascular accumulation of T-lymphocytes
•3. A massive lymphocytic infiltration of surrounding non-lymphatic organs or tissue with T-lymphocytes.
Lymphocytic infiltration occasionally occurred in combination with intense lymphocytic activation and follicle formation. Where these were present, they were usually accompanied by tissue destruction.
This combination of multifocal, T-lymphocyte-dominated pathology that clearly reflects the process of immunological self-attack is without precedent.
Because vaccination was the single common denominator between all cases, there can be no doubt that it was the trigger of self-destruction in these deceased individuals.

This is a pretty big deal—you almost never see this type of autoimmune response. The only possible explanation for it is cells throughout the body expressing the spike protein (when this all started every authority repeatedly told us the mRNA vaccines would not travel to those cells) and causing the immune system to attack them. For those who want to understand exactly why this is without precedent, they can watch Burkhardt’s presentation of his first 10 autopsies at a September 20, 2021 press conference. 

If the world was sane and the reasons for publication bias did not exist, this press conference (like many other things) would have been sufficient to halt the vaccination campaign. Instead, it was ignored and subsequently, draconian vaccination mandates were enacted around the world (sadly this is a mistake our society has repeated since the disastrous smallpox vaccination campaigns 150 years ago).

I also know of four other autopsies of individuals who died following vaccination:

This autopsy of a vaccinated 61-year-old woman who died 10 days after vaccination detected myocarditis with severe inflammatory infiltration (primarily T-lymphocyte and macrophages) and inflammatory cell infiltration in other tissues.

This autopsy of a 22-year-old man who developed chest pain 5 days after the first Pfizer and died 7 hours later also showed the immune system attacking the heart.

These two autopsies were conducted in teenage boys who died in their sleep 3 to 4 days after the second Pfizer. It found similar inflammatory changes within the heart to those observed in the 22-year-old man.

Lastly, earlier this year, Burkhardt’s team also was able to develop a means of reliably detecting the vaccine spike protein using conventional immunohistochemistry on tissue sections. Through doing so, they were able to detect the spike protein in the blood vessels of a person who had died 4 months after the "vaccination" with both myocarditis and damage to her blood vessels. This further strengthens the argument that spike proteins being expressed by the cells are responsible for the severe autoimmune responses that have been observed.

Why Do the Spike Protein Vaccines Cause Blood Clotting?

There are so many overlaps between heart disease and blood clotting that in many ways it is completely arbitrary to categorize them as separate diseases. One author I respect, Malcolm Kendrick, recently published a book cleverly titled "The Clot Thickens," which for those interested, makes the best case for the connection between these two diseases that I know of. 

Between the two, I presently believe the primary way the COVID-19 vaccines kill is through blood clotting. However, exactly why these blood clots (especially the large fibrous ones) so frequently emerge throughout the body following vaccination is still an unanswered question because the spike protein excels in so many different ways at forming blood clots. The key mechanisms we have looked at to explain how this all happens are as follows (note: explanations beyond those listed also exist and it is quite likely more will be discovered in the future):

•The spike protein lowers the physiologic zeta potential of the body and by causing blood cells to clump together, forms microclots throughout the body.

•The spike protein is electrically attracted to the layer that protects the endothelium (the glycocalyx), which provided it with easy access to the endothelium. The endothelium has one of the highest concentrations of ACE-2 receptors in the body (the spike proteins bind these) and as a result, the spike protein is a perfect weapon for attacking the endothelium, especially once the immune system also begins to attack endothelial cells expressing spike protein cells. All of this is a major problem because one of the primary causes of blood clots is endothelial damage, and as the above autopsies show, this is a common consequence of spike protein vaccination.

•The normal blood clotting process is a complex cycle of many blood clotting factors interacting with each other. For some odd reason, the spike protein matches various parts of these factors, which has led us to suspect it is also a biologically active clotting factor. For example, if we consider the South African study, it was shown that the spike protein activates platelets (this causes clots) and many physicians treating spike protein vaccine injuries have found that an anticoagulant directed at platelets (Plavix) is quite helpful. Determining which part of the spike protein directly affects the clotting process is challenging and so far the best match has been found with the anticoagulant heparin (which is also present throughout the glycocalyx). The spike protein’s ability to bind heparin may also explain why spike protein clots do not respond to anticoagulation with heparin (which makes them quite difficult to treat).

•The spike protein activates the complement system through the alternative pathway by activating complement factor B. This inflammatory activation likely accounts for some of the hypercoagulability seen with spike protein toxicity (for example complement activation attacks many tissues including the endothelium), and my friends who work in industry have told me that multiple pharmaceutical companies are now working on developing ways to inhibit factor B.

•The spike protein causes protein misfolding, either through its unique distribution of prion-like domains or its effects on zeta potential. This is very important as the South African researchers were able to show dense misshapen fibrin clots formed in the presence of spike protein, these clots, unlike normal fibrin clots often grew large enough to disrupt the flow of arteries, and unlike normal fibrin clots would not dislodge in response to the rapid flow of blood. When the factor that promotes fibrous clots was present, these altered clots grew faster than the normal ones, and most importantly, when the factor that breaks fibrous clots apart was present, the misshapen fibrous clots resulting from the presence of spike protein did not degrade. Overall, I believe this is the most likely explanation for the highly unusual large fibrous clots seen by embalmers in vaccinated individuals. Additionally, Jessica Rose has made the case that the spike protein is causing misshapen hemoglobin to enter the circulation, which is then causing the highly unusual clots that characterize the vaccine injuries.

•Antiphospholipid syndrome is a rare condition that affects between 0.1% to 0.2% of the population and massively increases one’s risk of a heart attack or blood clot (50% of blood clots in those under 50 are attributed to it and many other heart issues are strongly linked to it). Because the spike proteins are expressed within the cell membrane (which is thus what the immune system attacks and unfortunately also where the phospholipids reside), there is some basis to suspect these vaccines could cause this disorder. I was initially alerted to the possibility this syndrome played a key role in the spike protein blood clots after hearing the previously mentioned rheumatologist state in his interview that he now regularly tests his vaccinated patients for it. At this time, approximately 30 reports on VAERS have also observed it onsetting following vaccination and there is at least one case report of this occurring.

•I suspect there may also be problematic alterations in the normal microbial composition of the body, as one therapy that was produced for addressing this imbalance decades ago (and has long been used for treating circulatory disorders) also appears to help to address the circulatory issues that follow spike protein injuries. Similarly, it has also been shown that COVID-19 can attack bacteria and alter the gut microbiome.

Delayed Deaths

One of the most unsettling aspects of these vaccines is that many of the unusual deaths that follow vaccination occur long after the initial vaccine. Steve Kirsch recently presented an excellent report on this subject that included a whistleblower testimony that made the case the vaccines on average appeared to be taking 5 months to kill those recipients who died from them along with many other datasets also showing the same trend (other analyses Kirsch did not cover also have found data in VAERS suggesting this trend).

It is important to note that within both the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials this delayed vaccine toxicity was also shown.

For Pfizer (in tables S3 and S4):
•At 1 month there were 3 vaccine deaths vs. 5 placebo deaths.
•At 6 months there were 15 vaccine deaths vs. 14 placebo deaths.
For Moderna (in table S8 and S19):
•At 1 month there were 2 vaccine deaths vs. 3 placebo deaths
•At 6 months there were 17 vaccine deaths vs. 16 placebo deaths placebo.
The most common cause of these vaccine deaths were cardiovascular issues (see S4 and S26).

In light of these effects, consider this story recently shared by the same colleague I mentioned in the previous article:

I had a good friend with no health issues in his early forties who was forced to get vaccinated for work. After his first vaccination, he immediately lost his hearing in one ear. Since we last talked and a year after his vaccination, he had an aortic dissection (this is a condition where the wall of the largest blood vessel in the body breaks apart inside and is extremely unusual for his demographic). He was taken to the intensive care unit, dangerous blood clots were found throughout his body which significantly complicated the standard treatment process for his condition, and before long he passed away.

The current model I have to explain these events is relatively straightforward. The mRNA that produces the spike protein was engineered to not break down (which was necessary so that a sufficient antibody response could be mounted to earn an emergency use authorization) and this persistence was demonstrated by this recent seminal research study. As a result in some susceptible individuals (there is also a hypothesis that some lots were modified to last longer in the body), the spike protein production continues long after vaccination (not surprisingly this also was never formally tested before these vaccines were released on the public). Then, at some point in time, a critical threshold is passed where the body can no longer tolerate the spike protein buildup and death occurs. 

Each of the mechanisms outlined throughout this article could then become applicable and lead to death. For example: 

•Physiologic zeta potential and blood clots could worsen until they pass one of many critical thresholds for the body. When we review the story mentioned above, it should also be noted that the scientists who originally studied the blood sludging phenomena observed the smaller blood vessels that fed the large blood vessels could sludge, and when this happened, that loss of blood flow would severely damage the larger blood vessel. I suspect these processes explain what happened to the above individual.

•Protein misfolding such as in fibrin clots or amyloids, can build up until a critical threshold is passed. Interestingly, Pfizer recently invested in a treatment for cardiac amyloidosis so they are also aware of this issue. This may also explain some of the neurodegenerative diseases that have been seen following vaccination (e.g. Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease).

Additionally, many of the other lethal spike protein vaccine side effects not covered in this article, such as the development of deadly cancers, are also likely to emerge within this much longer time frame but are beyond the scope of this article.


For decades, many within the virology community have been tinkering around with how to weaponize viruses. Coronaviruses are particularly popular in this regard due to the ease with which they can be modified and as a result, countless things that should never be done to an easily transmittable respiratory virus have been tried out on them.

For some reason, it seems that many of these projects ended up within the virus that emerged in Wuhan. Fortunately, as a species, we appear to have been resilient enough to survive most of these gains of function. Unfortunately, when that same toxin is attached to a novel gene therapy the immune system has not adapted to overcoming, that appears to be sufficient to overwhelm many of us. All I can really say at this point is that I sincerely hope Fleming and others will be successful in criminally prosecuting the individuals who created this disaster and that laws will be enacted to prevent anything similar from ever happening again.

I thank all of you for sitting through this project. I have wanted to write this series since July, and I am quite happy it is at last complete. As always, I appreciate your time and your willingness to share this article with the appropriate audiences (e.g. on Gab or GETTR).

Thanks for reading The Forgotten Side of Medicine! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

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