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I know I should avoid being rude but when it comes to masks, I’m so far beyond done. It’s not that I don’t realize that there are exceedingly rare circumstances where people have no choice but to wear them, rather it is that now I see people so stupid that they are choosing to wear them because they still believe the COVID narrative. Much like continuing to promote the death jab and continuing to believe that 6 feet of separation makes any difference, believing masks were ever helpful in COVID is, at this point, simply a sign of gullibility and ignorance.

This article is more of a rant than anything else, so I am not going restate the incredible amounts of evidence demonstrating that masks, not only do not help, but actually create harm. Rather, I’m going to list a few very credible places you can look for yourself. Below are several documents and links. Within the documents are numerous studies and articles you can review yourself. Dig deep and tell me that this is incorrect… if you do, I’ll respond that you’re a liar or an idiot.

Evidence Attach B Masks
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This was submitted to federal court and if you look at the dates of the studies you will see they were ALL 2020 or before so we knew this was garbage from the beginning.

Petty Generic Covid 19 Ih Presentation June 25 2021
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This presentation is from Stephen Petty - the foremost expert on industrial hygiene in the country; I highly recommend him if you need an expert witness on masks.

Do Masks Work - by Steve Kirsch and Masks Don’t Work - also by Steve Kirsch, give further discussion of this stupidity. Steve is a highly successful Silicone Valley guy that realized the lies being pushed in the COVID narrative and has fought hard to share the truth since. I like his work on masks a lot.

By themselves, the above documents and links clearly demonstrate that masks don’t work. When you combine that information with the fact that people like Birx have admitted that they lied about the COVID narrative and that Fauci and others have changed their stories more than most people change their underwear, the mask nonsense seems even less credible. Then when you add to it that there is zero credible evidence supporting the general use of masks to prevent the spread viruses you can see this is just garbage.

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My impetus for writing this article stemmed from the fact that I noticed masks were trending on Twitter and when I clicked to see what people were saying I still saw an incredible number of morons promoting them. I’m done with the virtue signaling buffoons that have zero substance and are willing to do things like wear a mask so they can be high-fived on social media for “being a good person” when all they are really demonstrating is that they are sheep.

I’ve spent almost three years researching this nonsense in depth and, at the risk of sounding arrogant, you simply cannot win the mask argument against me. They don’t work, they never worked, and while I am not going to fight with you if I see you wearing a mask in public, you should know that instead of thinking how awesome you are for your nonsensical virtue signaling, what any thinking person is seeing is a sheep that would trade their common sense for social approval.

I know I should be better than this article but am simply done with this nonsense.

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