January 01, 2023 from Bill Rice Jr.'s Newsletter
He’s talking here about the official Covid narratives.

Author’s note: The start of a new year is perhaps a good time to reflect on lessons gleaned from almost three years of observing our surreal Covid New Normal. In this meditation, I try to identify the bigger themes and the many scandals still concealed. I think I now understand how vast conspiracies and cover-ups could occur  … and what thinking will have to change if a country that is listing seriously is going to right itself.


In my writings on Covid topics, I’ve begun to filter my thoughts and theories through one question: What was “the most important thing” to officials?

The answer to this question seems almost undeniable: Officials and key allies in the Establishment wanted as many people as possible to receive the Covid “vaccines” (and now “boosters”). 

While mass vaccination was the paramount goal, rolling out “vaccine passports” and, perhaps even more important, digital control of the population are also key components of the unfinished agendas of society’s real rulers in my opinion. 

That is, everything that’s occurred in the last three years was done to promote these overriding goals/objectives. Promoting (non-sensical) mass fear was of course a prerequisite for achieving the goal of mass compliance.

Any evidence that might debunk any of the false Covid narratives - and reduce the level of public fear - had to be concealed to advance the vaccination objective, but also to keep the conspirators from one day being tried for perpetrating “crimes against humanity.” 

Thus, I also believe “self-protection” quickly became another overriding goal of those most responsible for producing the tragic outcomes of the last three years.

Another way to express my hypothesis is that certain officials engaged in on-going disinformation campaigns, all of which sought to achieve these two goals. 

If most Americans ever realized all of the important “disinformation” was spread by officials, transformational change might be possible.

If more Americans belatedly realized it was the skeptics who were right all along, the future might be a better place. More Americans might realize that holding officials with great power accountable, and challenging false narratives, are actually vital civic duties.

It’s possible that one day the public will learn the scores of mechanisms officials used to conceal their crimes and lies. 

For the last few years, I’ve tried to produce journalism that might be of use to future historians. For example, I’m currently finishing an article that will list approximately 20 ways that evidence of “early spread” has been concealed. 

I’m sure many independent journalists could write articles listing at least 20 ways that vaccine injuries have been concealed. Still another journalist could compile a list just as long that shows how iatrogenic deaths have been concealed, or lockdowns and masks were unnecessary, or how Covid statistics were manipulated.

The fact so many Covid topics could provide so many examples of cover-ups and shocking scandals should be telling the American public something significant, lessons that should disturb any person who still cares about the truth. 

Nothing that happened would have been possible

if the Fourth Estate had not been captured

It’s also significant that the views of skeptics have been ignored by the mainstream press and public health officials. This suggests censorship and “cancellation” are vital tools to protect false narratives. 

As almost all “journalists” at mainstream press organizations refuse to seriously investigate evidence that might debunk any false narrative, this suggests the Fourth Estate has been captured or recruited by the organizations seeking to advance nefarious agendas.

Indeed, I’d argue this represents perhaps the most sinister development in the history of our nation. If “science,” every agency and branch of government and “watchdog journalism” are now all captured, no important truths (or scandals) are likely to ever be exposed.

Isn’t this a massive conspiracy and thus unlikely to have occurred?

Some critics might argue I am positing a massive (and thus implausible) conspiracy or cover-up. 

In one sense, I guess I am. My future article will argue that officials pursued at least 20 different “projects” just to conceal evidence of early spread. This does suggest a wide-spread conspiracy. 

However, I think most officials or employees who played a part in concealing evidence of early spread probably had no idea they were engaging in a wider conspiracy. 

The same belief would apply to all the Covid conspiracies and cover-ups. Most of the people involved were simply following orders

I’ve also come to believe that the “most important thing” for people in bureaucratic organizations is to NOT create waves, to not be considered mavericks or contrarians, to not challenge any politically-correct or “authorized” narratives. 

In layman’s terms, people working below the apex of the organizational pyramids intuitively pick up on the authorized narrative and are able to quickly identify which way the proverbial wind is blowing.

My theory posits that a relatively few “masterminds” of any conspiracy - the few people really “in the know” - exploited this knowledge to procure the support of subordinate workers “in the field.”

This, I believe, explains how widespread conspiracies or cover-ups are easier to achieve than one might imagine was possible. 

The people who could blow the whistle are not likely to do so. Also, those who might refuse to “go along” are quickly removed from positions of influence.

In other words, while I believe numerous tactics were employed to cover-up evidence of early spread, it probably wasn’t that difficult for the key “conspirators” to make sure their objectives were achieved. 

If the effort to conceal evidence of vaccine injuries necessarily entails the participation of vast numbers of people (which it obviously has), achieving this level of participation was also far easier to achieve than one might have thought possible … for the same reasons. 

The cover-up is always bigger than the original crime

I also believe cover-ups almost always require the participation of far more actors than the original crimes. 

In this conspiracy, the overriding goal was to get everyone vaccinated. However, it must have quickly become apparent to numerous officials inside the U.S. government that “rogue actors” in the government played at least some role in creating this virus. 

If this was proven and then revealed, U.S. “national security” might be jeopardized. At best, the international image and reputation of the U.S. government would suffer immense harm.

The liability issues and reparation movements that might emerge infer economic damages mind-blowing to fathom.

Domestically, citizen trust in our trusted public officials might be irreparably damaged. 

Given the above possibilities, it does not seem farfetched to suggest that every important official of every important agency in the U.S. government might now possesses a strong motive to cover-up Covid facts that, if revealed, could produce seismic repercussions.

In short, the truth - ever revealed - would jeopardize the standing, reputation, influence (and government funding) of practically every important organization in the world.

As it’s almost impossible to identify an important organization that did not enthusiastically support lockdowns, draconian “mitigation” mandates and vaccination agendas, the number of organizations with a strong incentive to conceal the truth is virtually all-encompassing.

This observation also explains how a conspiracy originally involving only a small number of people could expand to include legions of officials, both inside and outside of government.

Which is why society’s true patriots and truth-seekers are so important

The same observation also highlights the vital role being performed by the few organizations staffed with contrarian voices who posses the courage and intellectual integrity to challenge false or dubious narratives.

Whether citizens realize it or not, we now live in a world where much of the accepted conventional wisdom is either false or dubious. As erroneous conventional wisdom ultimately creates flawed public policy, false narratives that are never challenged or exposed can and do inflict great harm on society.

In such a world, the few groups pointing this out are performing a vital public service. The fact the Powers that Be want these voices silenced is perhaps the greatest and most-ominous “tell” of them all.


It’s painful for someone to admit he was duped …

For most people, the belated realization that staples of conventional wisdom might have been false all along would cause psychological pain, an uncomfortable result most people seek to avoid.

The same people might intuitively sense that exposing and correcting these false narratives could produce more-tangible negative effects in their own lives and throughout society.

But any short or mid-term pain must be endured if the world’s long-term prospects are going to be brighter.

The bottom-line is our children’s future ….

The reason the population should support such a “cure” is not necessarily to benefit the remainder of our own lives, but because we want the lives of our children and grandchildren to be better than our own lives. 

However, the future of our own generation’s children and grandchildren will be bleaker unless the frauds and lies of today are belatedly exposed. 

Refusing to perform this painful but necessary task ensures that the same “leaders” who are dismantling the founding principles of our nation (people who created and mandated policies that are literally killing and injuring large swaths of the population) will be in charge next year … and 10 and 20 years from now.

Exposing narratives that were false would expose and purge many of society’s worst leaders. A better class of leaders could guide us into the future. 

Also, more people might realize it’s dangerous to put so much blind faith in government officials and the giant corporations that are now so closely aligned with government. Instead of being cancelled and maligned, skeptics might be more appreciated. 

It might make people uncomfortable to admit to themselves that they trusted the wrong leaders on Covid topics. However, if more people are beginning to consider this possibility such a development would be very significant.  

If more people realize how important it is to keep these same policy makers from ruining the lives of their children and grandchildren, this potential “silver lining” of Covid might end up saving the world.

Circling back to where I started … When something is “the most important thing” to a cadre of highly-motivated, committed and powerful individuals, such people usually find a way to make sure this thing happens. 

For almost three years, too many decent people accepted the pronouncements of officials, alleged experts, CEOs of Big Pharma and Big Media as the gospel truth when these words were really evil lies. In short, we let ourselves be led by the wrong people.

Today, the most important thing decent people can do is to expose and purge such dangerous charlatans before they make it impossible that our children live in a better world in the future.

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