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When I began writing this Substack, one of my early hopes was that it would last long enough to make it to November 5th so I could write this article. I never imagined it would take off as well at it has (there are almost 20,000 subscribers on here now) and I sincerely appreciate the heartfelt support each of you has shown to it.

One of the things I have found very challenging about our current society is how difficult it is to have genuine communication and how people hide behind their words in almost every form of discourse. A large part of why I write here is because I have the freedom to say exactly what I believe, and because the audience here is receptive to that (for which I am truly grateful), which I felt that was appropriate to mention as we passed this milestone.

Note: I put length stamps below each video so you can know how long it is before you click it.


Ever since I saw the above scene (which incidentally provides a few metaphors to our current situation) , I have always thought over how I would answer the favorite color question so I did not succumb to the same fate as the indecisive knight. Since I have not watched all that many movies, were “What is your favorite movie?” to be asked instead, it would be much easier for me to answer it correctly.

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V for Vendetta is a masterpiece and has numerous lessons that directly relate to the situation we currently find ourselves in. If you have not seen the movie, I would highly recommend you watch the movie instead of reading this article. For those of you who are on the fence, I will try to write this in a manner that does not spoil too much of the movie.

First off, I would like to begin with the defining speech of the movie. From listening to this speech, the parallels it has to the last few years and the lessons within it should be obvious. If you only watch one video in here, please watch this one.


This speech transcribed was as follows:

Good evening, London. Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of the everyday routine, the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke. But in the spirit of commemoration - whereby those important events of the past, usually associated with someone's death or the end of some awful bloody struggle, are celebrated with a nice holiday - I thought we could mark this November the fifth, a day that is sadly no longer remembered, by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat.

There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?

Cruelty and injustice...intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told...if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.

I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn't be? War. Terror. Disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you and in your panic, you turned to the now High Chancellor Adam Sutler. He promised you order. He promised you peace. And all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.

Last night, I sought to end that silence. Last night, I destroyed the Old Bailey to remind this country of what it has forgotten. More than four hundred years ago, a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice and freedom are more than words - they are perspectives. So if you've seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then I would suggest that you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek...then I ask you to stand beside me, one year from tonight, outside the gates of Parliament. And together, we shall give them a fifth of November that shall never, ever, be forgot!

Mass formations or collective psychoses like those described within the Psychology of Totalitarianism can only persist if the populace gives into fear and every tyrant in history has known and exploited this. I attempted to synopsize Matthias Desmet’s exploration of this subject and describe the entire process here:

Totalitarian states require the citizens to live in a constant state of fear, and a key theme of V for Vendetta is how to move beyond that fear so that it can no longer be used to enslave the population. Put differently, it is incredibly important to be this guy, as without people like him, mass formations will continue forever:

Unfortunately, in most cases, people will not be that guy, as even if they disagree with what is occurring, they are terrified of the consequences of speaking out. This is highly problematic because as fewer and fewer people speak out, totalitarian leaders can tighten the range of acceptable discourse more and more. As history has repeatedly shown, that censorship can rapidly tighten, and before long, create situations where things each citizen believed they had an unquestionable right to criticize can easily land them in jail or worse.

Think for a moment about how rapidly the censorship has increased over the last 10 years in our country: many trivial but politically incorrect statements can now cost one their employment and California recently outlawed its doctors from deviating from the party line during a private medical visit, something which was previously unthinkable in America.

One of the things I most valued about V for Vendetta was that it beautifully illustrated exactly how an all powerful regime can be splintered into 1000 pieces and scattered into the wind. One of the key elements utilized was this iconic mask being distributed to the citizenry of England as individuals protesting behind the mask could express their solidarity with the movement (thereby bringing others to it) and more importantly, do so without placing themselves in jeopardy.

(This is one of my favorite quotes from the movie).

I believe that many of the positive changes we have had for promoting the freedom of speech and red-pilling the population have only been possible due to the anonymity the internet has been able to provide. Likewise, I also believe that much of the fanatical push for censorship we are seeing now is a result of the ruling class realizing unrestrained discourse online is the greatest threat to the unelected corporate governance they are forcing upon the world.

Igor Chudov has written one of the best summaries I have seen on this topic, and as the scale of vaccine catastrophe becomes known to the public, the consequences of censorship will grow far beyond what we are seeing now. Like Igor, I avoid censoring people I strongly disagree with here because the times we live in have taught me the absolute necessity of free speech (including for polarizing topics like the non-existence of viruses or COVID-19).

One of the great challenges I have faced over the last few years was that in late 2019 as I began reading about what was occurring in China through anonymous internet message boards, I became very worried this was going to turn into a debacle, and around new years, I have a vision of how the next few years would play out. Since that time, life has been a surreal experience of watching a nightmare become reality, and I’ve tried to do what I could to stop that future from becoming reality.

One of the key things I have sought to do here has been to explain exactly how I knew all of this would happen as almost all of it built upon longstanding issues which had happened numerous times in the past that were not addressed. In turn, I believe the only way we can prevent another situation like this from occurring is by bringing public awareness to those issues so history does not repeat again. Similarly, I have seen many iterations of free countries collapse into totalitarian states, and until you witness this first hand, it is very difficult to appreciate how suddenly it can happen. Another thing which sets V for Vendetta apart is how concisely it illustrates how this can happen.

One of the most fascinating aspects of V for Vendetta was its foreshadowing of COVID-19. In addition to the virus’s lab origins moving from the realm of “conspiracy” to accepted fact, it is also now known a the virus contained a genetic sequence that came from Moderna’s patent. This is particularly important because the mRNA vaccine technology was specifically designed so that it would be able to rapidly bring any computer modeled vaccine into production in a much shorter time than any other vaccine platform (which is why Pfizer and Moderna were able to obtain the coveted COVID-19 vaccine market). I am also of the opinion that like the virus in V for Vendetta, SARS-CoV-2 was engineered both to have a large number of mechanisms with which it could harm the body and for there to be a unique drug which could antidote it, although these contentions are much more difficult to prove.


Despite these shocking parallels, I do not believe that V’s author had the foresight to predict COVID-19, rather he was using a rather common motif. In one of the most memorable examples, in 2009 the eccentric dictator of Libya utilized his once in a lifetime opportunity to speak before the UN to criticize numerous aspects of the organization and argue against exactly what transpired a decade later.


There are a variety of conflicting opinions on the dictator himself as beyond being highly eccentric (which is why he would openly discuss topics like the above), he was responsible for some highly positive and negative things within his own country. The only person I know who directly knew Gaddafi (they worked with him for decades) told that Gaddafi started out as an idealist who wanted to help Libya and then turned quite bitter after multiple failed attempts on his life.

Note: Shortly after this speech, Gaddafi was disposed of by a U.S. led military intervention initiated my the Clinton led State department. Many within the U.S. government questioned the wisdom of this policy (Obama considered it the worst mistake of his presidency as Libya remains decimated over a decade later), while outsiders such as Putin used it to justify their belief that the US could not remain the world’s sole superpower. Because of the controversy of this intervention, many potential motives were raised to explain it. After COVID-19 occurred, I always wondered if this speech played a pivotal role in the events which later took place.

Many others also raised this theme after observing how the influenza “pandemics” were handled by the America government. Mike Adams for example, less than a year after Gaddafi’s speech made an over the top video satirizing the swine flu response which ended up perfectly predicting everything that happened over a decade later. One of the first articles I wrote here (before there were many viewers) illustrated how that has happened and it has always been my hope that meme will go viral.

Note: For those of you who have already read this article, I updated it with an unbelievable advertisement from Pfizer Igor discovered which perfectly embodies one of the central lyrics of the song.


Presently we are moving into a very unusual period in American democracy. The current presidential administration has committed more unconstitutional and illegal actions against the American people than any other in my lifetime, and possibly in American history, such as forcing a deadly and ineffective vaccination onto the general population without any legal authority for doing so (RFK provides an excellent summary here).

Throughout the pandemic, we have watched the Bill of Rights (e.g. freedom of religion, assembly or expression) be dismantled in the name of saving lives, even though each of the policies which “necessitated” relinquishing those sacred rights was nonsensical in the first place and did not save lives as promised. As time has moved forward, the severity of these violations has increased and we are now seeing numerous examples of “non-partisan” federal agencies attempting to promote one political party while attacking the other. Many have also noticed remarkable parallels between Biden’s recent speeches and the fascist dictator from V for Vendetta (this is the best video montage I have come across)

This is something that needs to stop before it can grow into something monstrous.

Ultimately, I believe that the current era we are in represents one of tremendous opportunity to right many longstanding issues that have been allowed to fester and harm citizens throughout America for decades. Countries historically go through cycles of institutional breakdown where corruption accelerates in tandem, until eventually that breakdown hits a critical point and the population becomes motivated to eliminate the corruption which threatens the stability of the country and properly rebuild each institution.

As the COVID-19 profiteering has shown, the corruption within our government has reached a point that it is no longer sustainable, and while there are many catastrophic ways this instability could play out, I believe we are very close to a positive reversal happening. For example, the book Turtles All the Way Down has recently gone viral and attracted a large readership. Most of the content contained within the book (and much more on the same topics as there is far too much to fit in one book) has been raised in many other books the preceded it. However, unlike its predecessors, this book has attracted a large following which speaks to the public’s interest in examining the century of corruption within this industry.

I strongly encourage each of you to vote in the upcoming election and select the candidates who do not support the pandemic industrial complex. Remarkably, there are many this time around, which like the example in the preceding paragraph, speaks to the unprecedented opportunity these turbulent times have provided to us.

At the time I first wanted to write this article, the world was a very different place and some of the details I shared from V for Vendetta were not yet known. I believe this speaks to the timeless nature of the movie and I hope this weekend provides the opportunity for some of you to watch it (note: I strongly considered overtly sharing the “ideas are bullet proof” scene along with the domino scene, but decided not to as they spoil the movie). If you are unable to watch the full movie, please at least consider watching the speech at the start of this article.

Note: Another fun fact about V for Vendetta is that the filmmakers who produced its cinematic adaptation were also responsible for one of the most frequently referenced allegories in our community, which speaks to their artistic mastery in the medium of expression cinematography provides and to utilize multiple dimensions to convey their themes:


Lastly, part of what I am trying to do on here is utilize different article formats so the same style of content is not repeated (as everyone has different preferences and I would like to know which one each of you likes). Assuming nothing unexpected happens before the election, the next article I post on here will be a return to discussing an important but largely unknown medical topic at length. Thank you for reading this article, sharing it with the appropriate audience (e.g. on Gab or GETTR) and providing me the space where I can share this story!

Thank you for reading The Forgotten Side of Medicine. This post is public so feel free to share it.


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Postscript: I am not sure if this fits within the context of this article, but the only other fictional work I’ve ever come across that artfully depicts the dismantling of a totalitarian state in a manner akin to V for Vendetta was this one.

Additionally, a reader shared a meme I thought I needed to be included:

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