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American Airlines' Regional Partners Increase Pilot Pay by More Than 50  Percent - FLYING Magazine

In light of the new epidemic of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), I find it odd that there isn’t any airline, anywhere in the world, screening their pilots for cardiac issues. How can that be?

There is a very inexpensive test, from Heart Care Corp, that can be used to screen a pilot for cardiac issues. The test takes only 10 minutes per pilot, it is non-invasive (it is similar to an EKG), and the cost is extremely low. The results are more definitive than other tests, such as a cardiac MRI, that are much more expensive, time-consuming, and invasive. Check out this comparison chart. It’s a very impressive new technology.

My offer… any takers?

I am willing to personally help defray the costs of screening all of an airline’s pilots. My offer is only to the first airline willing to screen all their pilots and release the aggregated results of the screening test to the public so that the public realizes just how “safe” (or not) the COVID vaccines are.

If I’m really a misinformation spreader, then I will be spending money to prove I’m wrong. What airline could resist that?

On the other hand, if the vaccines were really safe, Pfizer, Moderna, the CDC, and the White House would all be literally throwing money at the airlines to do this screen, wouldn’t they? And the FAA would be requiring the screen.

But they aren’t.

That tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?

They aren’t because they know the failure rate would be astronomical and it would show that:

  1. A large number of pilots would be disqualified to fly making it impractical for airlines to operate

  2. The airlines have been operating in an unsafe manner all this time

  3. The CDC has been lying to the world about the actual rates of myocarditis which are much higher than they are telling people. For example, the CDC never multiplies the VAERS rates of myocarditis by the VAERS under-reporting factor (URF). They know it is unethical not to do that, but nobody on any of the outside committees ever brings this up because they are all in on the scam. In all my surveys of Americans, the rates of myocarditis are well over 1 in 100 vaccinated people. In my latest survey, the rate was 2.6%, which is more than 500 times higher than the CDC claims.

Any takers on my offer?

I didn’t think so.

Here’s a comment from a retired airline pilot:

I’m a retired airline pilot. Paying for the screenings will never be enough. Someone will have to guarantee lost salaries. Pilots will never agree to screenings unless they are made whole financially - meaning that if heart issues are discovered they will still receive their salary until retirement age. Even getting long term disability at 60% Of their salary will not induce their cooperation with this screening. Most airline pilots have loss of license insurance. The FAA mandated twice yearly health screenings significantly increase the risk of loss of license. These screenings, because they would reveal the extent of pilots with heart issues would bankrupt the insurance companies. As you stated in your post, the airlines will never agree as it will bankrupt them. The FAA nor any other government agency will agree as it will reveal their massive lies and failures. This would bring the nation to its knees economically, socially, and structurally. Dominoes would fall in every industry, including healthcare. Thus we will be stuck with a pandemic of people pretending not to know things.

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