June 22, 2021 from Stand for Health Freedom

In this video, Stand for Health Freedom Executive Director and Co-founder Leah Wilson interviews Dr. Henry Ealy (also affectionately known as Dr. Henele and Dr. H). He is the Founder and Executive Community Director of the Energetic Health Institute.

Dr. Ealy is the lead author on five research papers on COVID-19, including COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective, and COVID-19: Restoring Public Trust During A Global Health Crisis – An Evidence-Based Position Paper to Ensure Ethical Conduct. His COVID Research Team has dedicated more than 20,000 hours into investigating all aspects of COVID-19 in producing their published works. The authors hope that these papers empower elected officials, attorneys, professional organizations, and the public to take action on behalf of good people throughout the world.

In March 2020, the CDC abruptly changed how death certificates were recorded. While this might seem like a mere formality, the CDC only made this change for one type of death — COVID-19 — and circumvented multiple federal laws to do so.

Thanks to Dr. Henry Ealy and his research team, Stand for Health Freedom has solid evidence that the official COVID numbers being reported are not accurate. Moreover, these numbers have been skewed to incite fear and invoke public policies that have radically changed how we as a society work, worship, learn, move about society and interact with others, including our own family members. The United States has been in a state of public health emergency for well over a year now. Americans have had enough. We cannot idly sit by and allow agencies that are entrusted with protecting our health to invoke bad policies, keep us in a state of perpetual lockdown, or engage in acts of potential willful misconduct at the expense of our basic human rights.

Listen to this important interview to learn more.

“It is incumbent upon you to do your homework and be a part of your own rescue because the people who are in positions of power right now are abusing their power. They are corrupted, and they do not have our families and our children’s best interest at heart. And their actions prove it over and over again regardless of the lies they continue to spill out of their mouths. … We cannot protect our children by being polite and silent about this anymore. It is incumbent upon us to be the shield that protects our families, and the way we do that is through knowledge and love.” – Dr. Henry Ealy

Dr. Ealy holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA, is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the NANP, and has over 20 years of teaching and clinical experience.

Dr. Ealy appeared in Stand for Health Freedom’s CDC Data Disaster panel event this past February, where a panel of experts discussed why we should be concerned about death certificate data, why accuracy, integrity and transparency are so important during a public health crisis, how the CDC set the stage for widespread devastation — physical, psychological and economic, and some simple steps we can take so that incidents of this magnitude never happen again. You can watch the replay of that online event here.

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Step One: Take Action by adding your signature today to join our petition to call on key U.S. Attorneys to investigate the CDC’s conduct through a formal Grand Jury investigation.


Step Two: Take Action by sending a letter to ask members of Congress to formally investigate the CDC’s conduct during COVID-19 through congressional hearings.

Dr. Henry Ealy Interview Transcription

The entire interview between Leah Wilson and Dr. Henry Ealy has been transcribed and is available below, with permission to quote and source material from, so long as an original attribution link to this article is used as a citation for the original interview, as well as a link to the Petition to convene a formal special Grand Jury to investigate the CDC’s conduct during COVID-19.

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Full Interview Transcript

Leah Wilson: Hello, everyone. Leah Wilson, Executive Director of Stand for Health Freedom here. And today, we have Dr. Henry Ealy. He is a biomedical researcher, a journal editor for medical pieces, and someone who has led a research team over the last, what do we say now, 19 months, 18 months, I don’t even know, I’ve lost track of time, looking into all things COVID—more than 20,000 hours invested into all things COVID on your behalf.

And more than the big terms like biomedical researcher, Dr. Ealy is a humanitarian. He has one of the biggest hearts that I’ve ever gotten the chance to connect with. And I’m so thankful that he is looking into the issues that affect you and I today.

Thank you so much, Dr. H, for joining us. I wanted to start out by asking you why are people in institutions ignoring the data that you’re uncovering?

So, we have mountains of evidence that the deaths are inflated—the death rate forCOVID-19, and that the cases are inflated. And these very numbers are what is being used to drive policy that affects every part of our lives.

What is your sense of why people in institutions are ignoring the data?

Dr. Henry Ealy: Well, in my professional opinion, it’s a complete void of ethics, and doing what’s right, if I can just be point blank with it.

Since June of last year, we have been banging the drum, doing everything we can as people who are definitely involved in this—licensed physicians, scientists who have empirical evidence. And what we’ve been trying to do is get something as simple as nutritional guidelines issued statewide, here in Oregon, and nationwide.


And when we’ve got into some preliminary conversations, we were originally excited, and then it just went radio silent.

So, we got into an expert forum. One of the county commissioners in Yamhill, Commissioner Mary Starrett, championed a–because she had that same question, Leah. She was like, “Why aren’t you listening to this data? Your data is not [jiving] with this.” And she wanted her constituents to know which one was trustworthy.

So, I got into an expert forum with Dr. Dean Sidelinger of the Oregon Health Authority. And he promised to look at a nutritional guideline proposal that my team had authored for issuance to all people in the state. And since that day, he has refused to speak with me.

And so, we started asking why. Why are you purposely, willfully ignoring us?

And what came to be very obvious in talking with county commissioners from a number of states is that they took money, not realizing that there were a lot of strings attached. They took money from the Federal Government that was given to their state governors, and issued to their state governors with rules attached to it. It wasn’t, “Here’s money. Help the people. Do what you need to do to help the people in your counties—small businesses, schools, education, our seniors.”

It wasn’t done with that. It was, “Okay, you take this money. You have to do x, y and z,” which really entailed, you have to be in alignment with the narrative. You have to do whatever the governor and the health department says, even if what they say is not based upon verifiable scientific, empirical evidence.


And it’s absolutely appalling, it’s un-American, it’s disgusting that we have sold our freedoms and our futures out for, really, Judas’ wages, Judas’ gold, in these cases.
And I think that what concerns me the most is now that a lot of commissioners that we’ve talked to have figured out this, at the county level, and they don’t know what to do to get out of it.

My advice to them is have the courage to give the money back. Give the money back and take back control, and do what’s right for your constituents. Have the integrity to go, “You know what? We didn’t know we were agreeing to all of this, and we don’t agree with this. Take your money back. We don’t need it. We’re going to do things based upon empirical scientific evidence and what’s in the best interest and needs of the people in our community.”

Leah Wilson: Yes, and that is what it is going to take to step through this prolonged state of emergency is we, as communities, deciding how we see fit what is best for those around us, for our own families, and moving in that direction. And that takes courageous leadership on the parts of our county leaders, our state leaders, within our schools, and even in our own households. Because it’s okay to get down the road and say, “We need to do an about face.”

None of us are going to be upset that we say, “We’re in a situation that we have never been in before, and it’s time to do an about face and give the money back.”

That would take massive amounts of courage.


So, we, today, are doing, in large part, a follow-up to the amazing work that you and your team helped us do back in February, when we had the CDC Data Disaster Panel Event.

And since that time, when we had the panel event, what has changed when you look at the landscape right now, if anything?

Dr. Henry Ealy: Well, I think, to speak to what you said, leading into that question, Leah, is that we all, as free Americans, reserve the right to change our minds in the presence of new information. And new information has come to light. There is some work done by Dr. Steven Quay and a number of other highly respected researchers around the world that show that the RaTG13 sample that was entered into the Wuhan Institute of Virology by Dr. Shi and Dr. Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance was fraudulent.

And that this is a lab-generated–I don’t think there’s any doubt, at this point, that this was a lab-generated virus, which brings up enormous concerns for all of us that did you create the problem to create and profit off the solution? Because that certainly what appears to be happening right now. And that is deeply concerning because then they would be able to manufacture a new virus every couple of years and create a new vaccine and keep us under their thumb for the rest of our lives.

No. I say no to that. If you created a bioweapon, or if you created something that you were studying, and it wasn’t intended to be a bioweapon, but it still had the same effect, you have to be responsible for those things.

When we see the CDC openly saying that they are–because there were too many breakthrough cases, otherwise known as vaccine failure, that they are now no longer going to track unless the case is hospitalized or dies, that is a compromising data integrity.


Once again, we need that data to know how many people received the experimental COVID biologics—we do not call them vaccines, how many people received it, and then still contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus anyway. We need to know that data. But the CDC has now gotten in the way of that data being collected.

Now, they did something else that was really unethical, in that they said point blank, they would not accept any samples for breakthrough cases—people who had been injected with the experimental biologic, for samples, PCR samples with cycle threshold above 28. But yet, people being tested, the cycle threshold is at 40.

And what’s the big deal for your audience with that? The big deal is that over 28 cycle threshold, we know is highly an exponential increase of false positives, which again, makes the situation appear much worse than it actually is.

I was just getting testimony today in support of an anti-vaccine passport resolution with this basic understanding. Why in the world would we consider a vaccine passport, which is a violation of all of our private rights, constitutional rights, our right to medical privacy, our right to equality and equal access, why would we be discriminatory? Why would we invite medical segregation into our society which is in defiance of Brown versus the Board of Education?

We have already solved this problem. As a society, we agree segregation is not American. So why would we even consider it on medical grounds under the illusion of safety?


And I say illusion of safety because somebody asked me a very important question—should my kid get this experimental biologic?

And I said to them point blank, that’s a decision you have to decide. But what I can tell you is this—a child in the 0 to 19 age range is 99.98% likely to recover.

Why in the world would you consider any experimental therapy? Why do I call it experimental? Because clinical trials are ongoing until 2022 and 2023. Why would you consider putting your child essentially in a clinical trial for something that they have a 99.98% chance recovery without even addressing their nutrient status?

That number, that 99.98%, Leah, goes up, when a person has a blood level, serologic level of 55-nanogram per milliliter of vitamin D. We know that if you have 55-nanogram per milliliter of vitamin D in your bloodstream, and you contract SARs-CoV-2 virus, your recovery is a virtual certainty—99.99% certainty regardless of what your age is, regardless of what your cultural heritage is, and so forth.

Why would you consider taking the risk of rolling the dice with something that we don’t have [longitude and little] data on yet? It doesn’t make sense to me.

But if you want to do it, you can do it. Just go in with your eyes wide open.

Leah Wilson: When I heard you talk about vitamin D back this winter, I remember you saying, “I just want people to know they don’t have to be afraid. I just want people to know there are options to help them increase their survivability against a virus.”


Just like any pesky virus that exists, we know that there are options of whether to focus on the virus or focus on the host.

And that’s part of informed consent. That’s part of medical ethics.

I love that you have the [heart] for the people, to encourage people to look into what decisions they are making for themselves.

The term, “medical ethics,” might seem far away, not in my backyard type of term, but when we’re looking at a virus that has taken over the way we interact with our communities, with our children, with our grandparents, you start to realize that medical ethics affect us all at the end of the day.

So, with the extensive data that you’ve looked at, and that you have made sense of, do you have an opinion on the CDC’s decision to, last week, approve the Pfizer injection, or as you said, biologic, for the age group 12 to 15 years old?

Dr. Henry Ealy: Yes, I do. They’re wrong. They are 100% wrong in approving the Pfizer biologic for that age range under EUA. The EUA is only supposed to be used when there is an emergency, number one.

When the percent recovery for people in that age range is 99.98% and higher, there is no emergency. So there is no need to accelerate clinical trial, there is no need to accelerate and skip steps in validating the safety and efficacy of the biologic, and there is no need to give any approval prior to the full completion of the clinical trials, and maybe even beyond.


There is nothing anywhere in the literature anywhere in the world that suggests that children in that age range are at risk for succumbing to this. So, there is no need to put them in the largest human experiment even in history. There is no need for it. It’s unethical, it’s unconscionable, it’s wrong, and it is strictly for profiteering and control.

And I denounce anyone who takes any opinion to the contrary. And I challenge them to an open public debate anywhere, anytime in the world on this. I will stand my ground on this, and I will challenge them to prove the necessity, the safety, the efficacy and especially the benefit.

How do you benefit beyond 99.9% recovery? How do you get a better benefit than that? I’ve never seen it. It’s unconscionable, it’s wrong, and we have to call it for what it is with these gutless cowards who are doing it.

Leah Wilson: Yes, and I often watch those proceedings because it’s our job to be informed, so we can equip other people to be informed. So, watching the ACIP Committee, which is the committee that reviews vaccines to put on the childhood schedule, one of the things they brought up, one of the very first things, was oversupply.

So, we have an oversupply, and now, we have a population that we can give this abundance of vaccines to. So that doesn’t seem very scientific in terms of need, benefit, necessity and safety.


And then the second thing that they really hit on was contributing to herd immunity. But there was never any science or data or research to back up that those that received the vaccine are, in fact, adding to herd immunity.

Dr. Henry Ealy: Correct. That’s a very correct statement. The empirical evidence on that is, if what they are saying is still being collected right now, this is why things are still in clinical trial. And I have a big issue when you look at ACIP and other committees like that. I have a big problem with the number of closed door meetings that they have, which are in the Federal Register as closed door meetings. I don’t think that’s American.

And I think that I have a big problem with any organization that touts a slogan, “In vaccines we trust.”

We all know that that statement is supposed to be, “In God we trust.” That’s what makes us American, that this belief that there is a goodness in all of us. When you put your faith in a medical product over God, I’m going to have an issue with you.

And I think they tell on themselves in all of their actions, and we have to make sure when they tell on themselves, we believe them the first time because they don’t have our children’s best interest at heart.

Leah Wilson: When they tell on themselves, believe them the first time.

Wow. So, if you, Dr. H, only had one message to tell the American people about what is going on with public health today and COVID-19, what would that be?


Dr. Henry Ealy: It would be that, number one, take heart. Solutions do exist, treatments do exist, and it’s going to be on you to be a part of your own rescue and find out what those treatments are.

My team has put them together. Dr. Peter McCullough has put them together. The frontline doctors have put them together. The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons have put these options together.

It is incumbent upon you to do your homework and be a part of your own rescue because the people who are in positions of power right now are abusing their power. They are corrupted, and they do not have our families and our children’s best interest at heart. And their actions prove it over and over again regardless of the lies they continue to spill out of their mouths.

It is disgusting, it’s un-American, and I’ve had enough. I’m not going to be polite and silent on this anymore. We cannot protect our children by being polite and silent about this anymore. It is incumbent upon us to be the shield that protects our families, and the way we do that is through knowledge and love.

And that’s what I’m going to continue to do throughout this fight, no matter how long they want to fight. I have the endurance. I can go until the end of time on something that’s important. And I hope that people will join me on that sentiment.

Leah Wilson: Yes, and being a part of your own rescue, that is so important because we know that you are your own best advocate, that you are your child’s only true advocate. So being a part of your own rescue is imperative, especially coming through this critical time in history.


And at Stand for Health Freedom, we want to empower people to do something, to take part, not only in finding knowledge and making decisions for yourself, but also in demanding that transparency.

So, if you, like Dr. Henry Ealy, are frustrated with the data being ignored, or even if you’re just curious and want to make sure that what we’re being told is true, please text the number,”313131,” with the word, “CDC.”

Take out your phone right now, open your text app, type in, “313131,” and the word, “CDC,” in the message part, and press send. And you’ll have the link in your hand to sign a petition that is asking for grand jury investigations into the CDC’s response during COVID-19.

Even if you think they most likely did a good job, it’s worth us knowing, being reflective, reviewing, what has happened, what have been the costs, what have been the benefits and the motives. So please take action today, add your signature to that petition.

So, as we prepare to deliver those petitions to key federal AUSAs, these United States Attorneys, that they will know the American people are behind this request.

Thank you so much for joining us.

CDC Investigations: An Interview with Dr. Henry Ealy

In March 2020, the CDC abruptly changed how death certificates were recorded. The CDC only made this change for one type of death — COVID-19.

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