October 20, 2022 from Steve Kirsch's newsletter

I still haven’t heard of a single case where anyone under 19 who was healthy got COVID and died from COVID. Have you ever heard of such a case?

I have looked at the death records in Massachusetts and couldn’t find such a case.

In other words, for kids, there’s no emergency. There’s not even a PROBLEM here for kids!

John Ioannidis just came out with a paper on October 13, 2022 saying that the median IFR is 0.0003% for kids 0 to 19.

What that means is that in the event your child does get COVID, the chance your child will die is 3 in a million.

But it’s likely much less than even that number if your child takes a few drugs and supplements to further minimize the risk like I did. My treatment profile had ZERO side effects, and I had no long haul COVID symptoms and recovered very quickly.

In fact, just a simple saline nasal rinse done twice a day after infection reduces your risk of hospitalization by a factor of 8. Here’s the conclusion of the paper cited in that article:

SARS-CoV-2+ participants initiating nasal irrigation were over 8 times less likely to be hospitalized than the national rate.

So in light of virtually zero risk for kids, why would anyone get vaccinated with a vaccine which causes measurable cardiac injury in nearly 30% of the kids who get it?

Answer: Only someone who was misinformed by government/mainstream media propaganda would do this.

Why would the ACIP committee approve these vaccines for the childhood vaccination schedule?

The Ioannidis paper had already been available at the time of the vote. The Thailand paper has been out for a longer time and is well known.

The only reason for approving a vaccine which causes more harm than good is … ? Well I don’t know.

Here’s one of the public comments that was submitted to the ACIP committee.

I saved this brilliant, compassionate comment I read on the governmental regulations' site yesterday:

I am Dr. Sheila Furey. I have been practicing medicine for over 25 years. I am seeing COVID vaccine injured patients every day in my practice. I have never seen this rate of disease.

The patients were all medically stable prior to their COVID shots. After their shots, all of them became ill from COVID and required treatment. Many continue to suffer from fatigue, weakness and brain fog. One patient's cancer is aggressive and is not responding to chemotherapy as anticipated. They are 40 years old.

Please stop the COVID shots and do not expose our children to these genetic experiments. The lipid nanoparticle does not stay in the arm. Children and young people are dying at alarming rates. These are primarily cardiac injuries, but over 1,200 serious injuries are seen on VAERS.

COVID is a treatable illness and we must stop sacrificing our children and young people to this deadly injection.

I’m sure none of the committee members reads any of the public comments.

Doctors on the ground are seeing that the vaccine is causing enormous harm. It’s not even a close call.

NEJM Editor and Harvard Professor Dr. Eric Rubin

Rubin, who is an advisor to the FDA, said, “But we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.”

That was October 26, 2021, nearly one year ago!

Well, OK, we’ve been giving it and we now know how dangerous it is.

So Eric, now that we know the IFR is so low and the rate of cardiac injury is so high, will you be calling for a halt for the vaccines for kids?

Of course he won’t. That would save lives, but it would end his career in medicine. It’s never going to happen. And that’s the problem.

Bannon interview today

I’ll be on Steve Bannon today at 5pm EST to talk about the ACIP vote.


The numbers clearly show that the ACIP committee should be disbanded and reconstituted with people who understand simple risk benefit analyses. It’s clear that none of the people on the committee have the basic math skills required.

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