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Masks in the NHS have been ongoing for about two years now, and it doesn’t seem to ever be ending. Even though they don’t bombard us anymore to wear one, there are still far too many staff and patients engaging in this bizarre behaviour that makes zero sense. I knew it was bullshit from the start, but I made a mask from an old pair of knickers, and my husband donned an awful plastic blue mask during the first week of the ‘mandatory masks’ nonsense. I guess we were afraid of being different in being full faced, but we only wore them once or twice and then carried exemption cards the rest of the time. We received our fair share of persecution for seeing through the bullshit.

I study the behaviour of people. Some nurses and doctors are wearing the mask on their chins while ordering or eating lunch. Others continue to adjust their masks while they are wearing them. I’ve seen one consultant in mental health wear the mask one day, and then no mask another day, then back to wearing the mask. Social workers keep masks in the bag and then put their grimy fingers all over it while they put one on, then half wear it off the nose and half way on the chin. These bizarre behaviours of masks in the NHS and social services are unscientific nonsense.

What is wrong with these people? If God has given us half a face, he would have, but this masking of society has been nonsense from the outset. Hear it from the experts themselves in this mask timeline transcribed video. Look at the dates. It was political lobbying. Many people got very rich from the selling of these masks, and some still are profiting from this nonsense. God will hold to account all of these members of Government who lied, deceived, and still continue to lie to their people. No one is getting away with anything, even though we are seeing very little justice in today’s courts.

What is even worse with this bizarre behaviour of masks in the NHS is their use of masks in TV adverts. We know that you are trying to get us used to viruses and fear-based mindsets so we take the poisonous jabs that they say are ‘safe and effective’, but it doesn’t work on everyone. Some of us don’t watch the mainstream fear porn news.

To those of you still wearing masks, still maintaining your distance from friends and family, and still queuing up to take these ‘jabs’, because you were told they were ‘safe and effective’. you have been fooled by the authorities who want to kill you to reduce the population. These satanists will never kill themselves first, will they? The jabs are not the saviours and neither will the masks stop you from getting sick. You are part of a ritualistic cult that has altered your behaviour from sane to insane.

I will NEVER get used to this ‘new normal’ that society wants us to take part in. It still makes me upset some days that so much of humanity has been fooled. Why do they switch on the news to listen to such fear-based crap, and THEN engage in whatever they are told. Sheep to the slaughter. Lemmings going over the cliff edge.

NHS staff taking part in these rituals have to be some of the most mentally ill people in society, densensitised, suppressing their immune system, and helping to form this autistic society that is just around the corner.

It’s the men in masks that really does my nut in. Where is their masculinity? Too many men have become weak cowards to afraid to stand up against the unscientific virtual signalling nonsense.

There will always be coughs and colds in our society. Before the Covid obsessive nonsense, no one wore masks to stop the spread of cold and flu, and yet the Government, mainstream media, and censoring social medias, have use applied psychology upon the population to change your behaviour from normal to bizarre, including the NHS. I doubt normal will ever return, and very few are able to see the depopulation agenda in plain site. It’s been a pre-run for the beast system that is yet future where you’ll have to play part if you want to buy or sell in the antichrist’s cashless system. There will be no exemptions. It’s worship the antichrist and take part in society or you may have to die as a martyr for Christ by guillotine (beheadings spoken of in Revelation 20), during that terrible time. There will also be some people who reject the mark to take part in the beast’s system, but who also reject Jesus Christ. It’s a sad thought. How many people took the jab just to go on holiday, to maintain their freedoms? It’s all been a test.

Now these evil Governments and globalists are after your children, and children in the womb, and how many parents are protecting their children from the unicef/united nations/uncesco sexualisation filth that is being taught in the curriculum? What is worse, how many parents are still wearing masks in front of their children. Those poor young minds, the terror of see their parents half faced.

Please ditch masks in the NHS, and if you are visiting a hospital, hold your head up high and stand up for your God given right to smile and be a normal human being.

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