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Reader comment:

I watched a great discussion between [statistician-warrior] Mathew Crawford and [biologist-warrior] Jonathan Couey last night.

I think JJ Couey is correct about "Gain Of Purity." Just an FYI.

My reply, revised and expanded:

Thank you — just watched that. Very, very interesting material.

Fits with the big picture analysis that the ‘outbreak’ and everything derived from it are part of a massive fraud.

In JJ Couey’s discussion, the fraud is not that viruses themselves don’t exist.

The fraud is that naturally-occurring viruses, even if manipulated and recombined in laboratories by people like Ralph Baric, are not capable of causing global pandemics, because of their intrinsic genetic diversity, the co-evolution of our immune systems with them, and how both of those things affect their replication capacity in vivo.

Natural outbreaks burn themselves out too quickly, after infecting too few people.

But lab-purified, artificially-distributed synthetic viruses selected for replication capacity, can be presented to the world as if they were natural or recombinant natural viruses.

And that fear-generating fraud can and did drive all the rest of the masking, testing, lockdowns, faked clinical trials, lethal-injection mass-vaxx campaigns, mandates, economic destruction, centralization of power, and concentration of funding.

On the fraud-based premise that viral pandemics are a genuine threat to humanity that governments can and should exercise insane powers and invest enormous financial resources into pharmaceutical corporations — especially mRNA/lipid nanoparticle products — to try to control.

Maintaining the public perception of the fraud as if it were truth, drives the ongoing cover-ups and misdirection campaigns and other informational warfare.

For what it’s worth, I have a different read of the Malones (Robert and Jill) than Crawford’s. I think they’re knowing, willing actors in the criminal performance.

I don’t think they’re reluctant participants for whom the game has unexpectedly gone out-of-bounds, who are now looking for ways carefully disengage and come clean without violating the terms of their DOD security clearances.

Just my opinion, though. Based on the fine line-walking skills Dr. Malone has demonstrated throughout, and his weird embrace of the Most-Interesting-Man marketing persona.

Christ Carrying the Cross. Painting by Titian.

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