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Sasha Latypova, who heads the investigative group Team Enigma, recently revealed to Dr. Jane Ruby that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found a Baltimore Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine manufacturing facility to be unsanitary.

During an appearance on the program “Live with Dr. Jane Ruby,” Latypova cited the existence of a redacted FDA Audit Form 483 that indicated deviations from the standard operating procedures in the vaccine factory. Her group managed to obtain the documents by means of a Freedom of Information Act request.

The three auditors – senior advisor Jeremey Wally, Deborah Emerson and Cody Rickman – noted that the building used by client “X” to manufacture viral vaccine drugs is not maintained and not in a sanitary condition. They also found that the building is not of suitable size, design and location to facilitate cleaning, maintenance and proper operation. Moreover, they wrote that procedures to prevent cross-contamination were not executed in the Baltimore facility’s manufacturing protocol.

“While the document is redacted with who the clients are, I have a very high probability … the clients were Janssen and AstraZeneca,” she told Ruby.

The details appeared to match with a March 2021 report by the Daily Mail, which involved 15 million doses of the Janssen single-dose COVID-19 vaccines being discarded due to a mix-up of ingredients. According to the piece, workers at the Baltimore facility operated by Emergent BioSolutions accidentally included an ingredient meant for the AstraZeneca vaccines in a batch of Janssen injections. (Related: FDA slams troubled COVID vaccine manufacturer over quality control issues as shareholders sue company.)



“This just gives you the evidence … [of] filth and contamination. We know that’s part of the story,” Ruby commented.

She also called on the federal government to implement strict enforcement of cleanliness and proper protocol in pharmaceutical facilities, adding that numerous violations may have contributed to the death of many.

“Our own government has contracted with manufacturing organizations to produce these bio-weapon shots so they have an obligation to conduct oversight of the cleanliness and the appropriateness of the materials.”

FDA audit conducted to establish Pfizer-Moderna “duopoly”

Latypova explained that within their circles, they believe that the FDA audits were superficial in nature and only sought to shut down other vaccine makers. These inspections were done so that Pfizer and Moderns are the only ones permitted to produce the “gene-altering” injections. “I think this [audit] was used to basically put the nail in the coffin of Janssen and AstraZeneca,” Latypova said.

She also pointed out that the FDA has colluded with Pfizer and Moderna and that “they built the current cartel” so they can put anything on the market without clinical trials.

“They didn’t ask any questions or inspect anything,” Latypova said. “They spend some time there because they just needed to do something.”

Inspections are required before a pharmaceutical company can gain approval for a new drug, as these serve as a check on whether drugmakers can produce quality therapies. However, back in 2020, reports came out saying the FDA would not require manufacturing inspections for emergency COVID-19 vaccines.

According to Jerry Weir, director of the FDA’s viral products division, agency regulations do not require what’s known as a “pre-approval inspection for products seeking emergency use.”

Bloomberg wrote: “Pfizer is the frontrunner in the race for a coronavirus vaccine. Moderna was founded in 2010 and has yet to gain FDA clearance for a product. An FDA database shows the company has never been inspected by the agency.”

“FDA gave emergency use authorization because that continues the legal immunity for these killer companies,” Ruby said. “For their bivalent booster, there are supposedly two mRNAs because one wasn’t enough to kill people.”

Visit for more stories about COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.

Watch the full conversation between Dr. Jane Ruby and Team Enigma’s Sasha Latypova below.

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