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I watched the Oct. 28, 2022 Children’s Health Defense video discussion.

Participants included Jonathan Couey, Robert Malone, Jessica Rose, Meryl Nass, Tess Lawrie and moderator Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy asked Couey to present his most recent thinking on SARS-CoV-2 origins, character, transmissibility, replication-competence and other issues.

Kennedy then asked the other panelists to respond to Couey’s hypotheses.

I haven’t yet watched Couey’s own analysis podcast about the interview.

Below are some pull-out quotes that struck me about the Nov. 3 CHD discussion.

I have some analysis notes, but am also tired, so just posting the quotes for now. There is a lot to unpack.

The immuno-dysregulating features of SARS-CoV-2 and/or spike protein are particularly interesting in light of the 800 fully-vaxxed, Covid-positive Majestic Princess cruise ship passengers in Australia.

Side note:

I was on a legal strategy and information call yesterday with Sasha Latypova and some others, and the discussion turned briefly to how difficult it is for many people to wrap their minds around the horrific truth that the US Government, functioning as a front company and project manager for the owners of the Bank of International Settlements, is working to ruin and prematurely end the lives billions of people around the world, and has made a very good start to achieving the mass murder campaign’s goals since launching Covid-19.

Sasha, who was born in the Soviet Union, observed that it really shouldn’t be hard to understand, because it’s one of the most common features of governments. Sooner or later, most of them kill off a lot of their own people, and a lot of people of other countries.

It’s a blind spot for many Americans mostly because Americans don’t learn about the government-run genocides of history in public schools, because that information is deliberately suppressed in American public school curricula.

I’m a product of American public schools; I graduated from high school in 1992. My history classes never discussed Soviet, Chinese, Cambodian or other government-sponsored genocides of the 20th century, or the persecutions and pogroms of previous centuries. They’re not discussed in most high school curricula now.

My ability to see these things is largely due to anomalies of my home life as a child and adolescent. God put me into the world as the daughter of a culturally mixed marriage (European mother, American father). I grew up in a psychologically-abusive family system my parents created and maintained, due to the forces that shaped them when they grew up in the 1940s and 1950s. Those forces shaped my strong critical thinking and bullshit-detection skills. I had to learn through painful, personal experience to see through lies, gaslighting and suppression of relevant counter-evidence, in order to maximize my odds of emotional and cognitive survival.

I’ve worked with evidence of diabolical, deadly government corruption daily for many years, so I have a deep understanding of how real it is. I still have to fight against the inculcated, media-reinforced self-blinding mechanism that recurrently nudges me back toward “this can’t be real.”

Sasha’s point being: government-run mass murder is not at all an inconceivable crime.

It’s one of the most regularly-conceived and executed crimes in human history.

I’ll add to her point, this may be one of the first times that a government, [or dozens of governments simultaneously, coordinated and/or coerced by the US Government,] has launched a population cull under the public health pretext and manipulated the available information so thoroughly that a large proportion of the victims have, in a seemingly-voluntary way, committed individual acts of suicide and homicide, under the instilled delusion that the cultural project is about protecting self, others, “Grandma” and the public good.

But that too, can be seen as the logical progression from the Holocausts, genocides, and abortion campaigns launched last century, which each began under the pretext that the healthy, wanted members of society could and should protect themselves from the dangers posed by undesirables, by rounding up and killing the undesirables and leaving only the wanted people alive to carry civilization forward.

Key quotes from CHD discussion Nov. 3, 2022

These quotes are transcribed from the last 25 minutes of the CHD discussion, from about 50:00 to the conclusion at 1:13:00.

This section of the discussion addressed warm-base manufacturing in the context of what Malone calls “runaway regulatory capture” and “the biopharmaceutical military industrial complex.”

Warm-base manufacturing was defined in a March 2014 Government Accountability Office report on National Preparedness, HHS Has Funded Flexible Manufacturing Activities for Medical Countermeasures, but It Is Too Soon to Assess Their Effect, at p. 12.

A warm base refers to facilities that, once constructed and commissioned, would be operationally ready to quickly manufacture vaccine during an influenza pandemic.

These facilities are also intended to establish the capacity to provide core services for the development of [Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear weapons] countermeasures.

Key features of a warm base manufacturing system, according to Malone, are that the factories must be in virtually continuous operation. They can’t be “mothballed” because they need to have updated equipment, skilled scientists and raw material supply chains ready to begin production on the very short turnaround times dictated by rapidly-developing pandemics and epidemics.

Malone at 53:20:

“They’re anticipating rollout of mRNA vaccines for Covid for basically all of our livestock industry now…

It’s rent-seeking behavior…

They want a well-established annual or monthly or whatever, cash cow.”

Malone commented that the HHS manufacturing system is also set up to aggressively prevent market competitors from entering the FDA-authorized countermeasures product market, because to enter the market, competitors have to do a “massive non-inferiority study,” demonstrating that alternative products are safer and/or more effective, than products that have already entered the market.

Malone at 57:00:

“From the standpoint of Pharma, this is an absolutely brilliant business model."

For the companies that have made it into the mRNA lead currently — Pfizer, BioNTech and CureVac, “you’ve got the cash cow to end all cash cows.”

Malone at 58:00 responded to questions about the newly-introduced “bivalent” injections.

He described “immune imprinting,” also known as “original antigenic sin,” as the “third rail” problem: a topic forbidden to be discussed in drug development circles. He said that his own occasional discussion of immune imprinting has led to his loss of some contracts.

He talked about immune imprinting in the context of flu vaccines, which were, he said, about 60-70% effective when governmental public health campaigns promoting annual shots began, but are now only 20-30% effective.

Vaccines, he said, become “less and less effective over time…that is precisely what is happening with these multiple [Covid-19] jabs.”

Malone at 59:50:

As I said at the outset, I couldn’t design a better product to elicit these adverse events and outcomes associated with immune imprinting if I had sat down at a computer for six years. It is the ideal product for driving immune imprinting, which has been a chronic problem with influenza vaccines. And the government doesn’t care. They just do the ‘I can’t hear you. I can’t see you. I can’t say it.’

[He mimed a monkey covering his ears, eyes and mouth.]

Couey responded at 1:04:15, discussing the normal human immune response to a pathogen, in which the body “needs to be able to ignore replication-incompetent particles.”

If you engineered a coronavirus with an immunogen on the outside, that the body couldn’t ignore, the normally non-infectious and also non-immunogenic particles would now become immunogenic to your body and create what might be called an incapacitating agent, in the form of what appears to be and can be called a virus but really it’s just a novel protein.

Malone replied, introducing the term “defective interfering particles:”

Those defective interfering particles…it’s not that they are immunogenic.

It’s that they interfere with a lot of functional activities that might otherwise be able to control virus, because they’re busy…it’s as if the defective interfering particles are a sponge…

Discussion then turned to “early data” from Emory and other biosafety labs just after the outbreak began in late 2019/early 2020, when researchers were examining antibody responses through blood draws within the first two weeks of infection.

At 1:10, Malone said:

“It was clear within a month and a half that we were seeing recall immune responses, not primary immune responses.”

Malone then explained the difference between recall responses — those mounted by the body in response to pathogens it has dealt with previously, which can be detected in blood tests within 14 days of onset — and primary responses — those mounted by the body in response to new pathogens it hasn’t seen before, which generally take three or four weeks to appear in blood work.

This is a key thing in vaccinology when you’re designing a clinical trial. You must do a two-week bleed in addition to the typical end point of three to four weeks, because you could be fooling yourself in thinking you’re getting a nice robust primary response when all you’re getting is just another recall response.

And that’s why I’ve always objected to this statement that these [mRNA] vaccine responses represent a true prime boost.

There is no priming here. Every one of us were already primed. Just as Jonathan is saying. Every one of us had already been infected with a circulating cold coronavirus with significant cross-reactivity, which is why these ‘vaccines’ were not ever eliciting a primary immune response.

They were eliciting a boost and then a subsequent boost, with the two-shot protocol, and then boosting and boosting and boosting and boosting.”

There’s a blip in the recording immediately after that statement by Malone, suggesting that some footage may have been removed before the upload.

Then Kennedy made wrap-up and thank you remarks.

Related exchange with a reader from the comment thread on the Latypova-Watt bioweapons discussion video post. Reader comment:

How is such state of affairs even possible? They cannot be just so plainly evil. What was the justification presented to the public to introduce all those laws? How did everyone of consequence go along with it? They cannot all be corrupted. Majority had to be persuaded, somehow. But how?…

My reply:

The pseudo-justification was two-fold:

1. The existence of pathogens — whether natural or man-made — poses a threat to the national security of the US, therefore Congress and the executive branch must have extraordinary emergency powers and funding to respond to those threats, to “protect” the people from harm.

Some of them genuinely saw themselves as good guys when they voted for these horrible pseudo-laws, just doing what’s best for the ordinary people.

A few actually understood the perversion and tyranny they were enacting, but could hide behind the ‘good guy’ mask.

2. Compensating for lack of commercial markets. When the bills were presented, especially Project Bioshield Act in 2003, passed in 2004,

the pharma lobbyists, public health criminals, and bill sponsors in Congress framed the problem as being a lack of financial reward for private pharmaceutical companies to do R&D on drugs to treat antibiotic-resistant infections, pandemic pathogens and other threats, and a lack of appetite (among the pharmas) for taking the risks of expensive studies and potential liability for harmful products.

The solution they pitched was for US taxpayers to commit to pay for product development, and also eliminate product liability for the companies. And, while they were at it, eliminate informed consent rights and obligations. Under the guise, again, of a potential emergency scenario (orchestrated by the profiteering killers) making it too time-consuming to pause for informed consent, or valid clinical trials, or judicial review.

Again, the rank and file Congress members could see themselves as ‘good guys’ solving a problem that the market couldn’t solve, by throwing federal money and authority at it.

While the evil Congress members and public health genociders could hide behind that benevolent false front to build the kill-box.

From, on Day 13 of the 54-day Rosary Novena

During the Second World War, eight Jesuit priests were living in a parish house in Hiroshima, Japan, less than a mile from the drop site of the atomic bomb.

The atomic bomb devastated Hiroshima. All of the buildings surrounding the home of the Jesuits were completely destroyed, most of the city was in ruins, thousands of people were killed, those who did survive suffered tremendously from radiation exposure, and yet the house remained standing and the eight missionary priests miraculously survived.

Not only were these men miraculously saved, but they showed no evidence of being exposed to radiation.

Due to the miraculous nature of their survival, the priests were examined many times, but no one was able to explain how they could have remained unharmed by the cataclysmic blast. Yet, these men continued to be unaffected by the radiation for the rest of their lives.

Throughout their lives, the faithful Jesuits continued to assert that they survived unafflicted precisely through Our Lady’s intercession. They attributed their survival to the fact that they were living the message of Fatima and praying a Rosary in their miraculously protected home every day!

Continue to place your faith in Our Lady, she will protect you! The power of the Rosary is enough to thwart even atomic bombs!

The Last Judgment. Painting by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel.

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