December 17, 2022 from Steve Kirsch's newsletter
Nearly everyone was unvaccinated in the first month which is why the unvaccinated had a higher rate of death than the vaccinated. You need to do some serious data analysis to figure out what is going on here, but the comments on the survey that are impossible to explain if the vaccines are safe.

Executive summary

Now there is a way for anyone to easily collect data using a simple objective survey that proves that the vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

World health authorities and the mainstream media should replicate this survey to prove it to themselves.

But they won’t. And that tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?


On December 15, 2022, I launched an all-cause mortality survey which asked a simple objective question of my followers:

  1. If you know someone who died of ANY CAUSE in 2021 or 2022, please tell us the age, date of death, and whether the person got the COVID vax or not.

  2. If you know more than one person, choose the person whose death details you know the best

I boldly predicted it might be my most import poll ever. My fellow “misinformation spreaders” were skeptical I’d find a signal because the survey is death reports only.

I had nothing to lose but a little pride if they were right. So I launched the survey.

We now have nearly 2,000 responses to my all-cause mortality survey and Joel has finished analyzing the data we collected.

It turns out I was right

My simple poll proves that the “safe and effective” narrative was just that: a story, but not reality. At best it was neither. More than likely, it was actually worse in terms of causing increased deaths from being ineffective and/or unsafe.

Joel Smalley just published his analysis in a video posted to his Substack. The text is short, but the analysis is in the video at the top of the article.

Was it effective? The data shows 0 to negative effectiveness.

Was it safe? The data shows 0 to negative safety in terms of deaths.

Is this devastating for the narrative? Yes.


Because anyone can replicate it and get the same results.

In other words, a simple survey that can be completed in 24 hours is all that you need to prove that the vaccine cannot be justified as being safe or effective. You don’t have to trust the government to provide accurate data. You are collecting it yourself.

You can look at your survey as a “sanity check” on what you are being told. As long as the numbers are high enough, it’s a very reliable check. So instead of blind trust in government numbers, you “trust, but verify.”

At best, the vaccine does nothing to move the needle. No sane medical authority in the world would approve or mandate such a medical intervention. It is unethical.

Here’s the WhatsApp message directly from Joel:

Joel and I are calling for an immediate official investigation.

He also points out that even though the analysis was fatal for the government narrative, it’s basically not our job to prove that the vaccines are unsafe. The burden is squarely on the government to show to all of us that unbiased, objective, third party surveys can reliably prove that the vaccines are both safe and effective, i.e., a positive benefit for BOTH. Where is the study I can do to replicate their results?

If the public health authorities were in any way honest and competent, they would be collecting and analysing this data [that we collected in our survey], correctly accounting for and fixing any confounding factors.

You don’t have to believe our data. You can collect it yourself. Easily. That’s why this is so compelling.

Anyone, including the mainstream media, can collect the data easily themselves.

No public official needs to believe our survey. They can replicate our survey in less than 24 hours. I am hoping that, at a minimum, they do this in Florida. If just one state does this, the narrative falls apart. IMMEDIATELY.

Any claims that the respondents is biased is preposterous: my readers do not determine the date that their family members or friends die and they were free to report either vaccine or non-vaccine deaths. They were instructed to report the death they were MOST familiar with. Nobody knew how the data would be analyzed at the time so there was no opportunity for anyone to “game” the results. Furthermore, my readers had no incentive to game the results. I have contact info for all the respondents if anyone wants to do a spot fact check on any line of the survey to determine its veracity.

The mainstream media should immediately conduct their own independent investigation of the data, but I’m sure they will not do it because they don’t want to admit to the public that they promoted a deadly vaccine. If they are interested in the truth, they have no excuse for not doing this.

This is an indictment of all the mainstream media that NOBODY will touch this story with a 10-foot pole. My investigation cost me $0 and was done in a couple of days. There is no excuse for them not doing this.

You can import into Airtable, excel, etc. and do your own analysis. The survey and data are in full public view. Note: I’ve marked many (but not all) rows which are obviously data integrity issues in a special column. I filter them out in Airtable. Your view has these included so you can see I didn’t cheat.

To my surprise, the Notes field was mind-blowing

I thought I’d look at the Notes field. The notes field is also in plain sight for anyone to look at.

Notes was an optional field that nobody had to fill out and I almost didn’t include it in the survey because I wanted to show objectively from the data alone, whether the vaccines were safe or not.

There is huge value is in the narrative describing each of the deaths, not just in the quantitative columns!

Many of the unvaccinated who died, had hospital assisted deaths (i.e., the “treatment protocols” for COVID).

Most of the vaccinated who died had a vax-related story linking the vaccine with the death.

For example:

My aunt had cancer that was in remission. She then had a very aggressive bout. Her doctor said that it was the most aggressive cancer she had ever seen in her 30 years of practice. I don't know when, but I do know she had the vaccine, at least one.

Or this one:

My wife's grandma. Got her second dose and developed "acquired hemophilia" and bled out internally and died. A 1 in a million condition. Oddly, there was another patient in the same hospital in KY with the same "1 in a million" condition.

The most important thing to keep in mind that my request was not if you knew anyone who died from the vaccine. My request was anyone who died from ANY CAUSE whatsoever in 2021 and 2022. I cannot emphasize this enough.

So you are seeing commentary on the cause of ALL deaths, not just “I think it was the vaccine” deaths. If the vaccine is implicated in just 10% of those all-cause death reports, it’s a disaster. If the vaccine is implicated in 76% of the deaths, it’s unthinkable. It’s the single largest killer of people in history. It makes the SARS-CoV-2 virus look like a rounding error.

I looked at the first 25 records with commentary and judged 76% to be vaccine related. I tried to be conservative and only rated it vax related if I felt I could defend my judgment if challenged and win.

But don’t take my word for it. After all, I’m a professional misinformation superspreader. Do your own survey.

Pick 10 comments at random from people who were vaccinated and later died. Read the comments.

You tell me: Does this sound like they died from natural causes?

More notes

See all the comments section of this article. Does this sound like a safe and effective vaccine to you?


Sure, there could be some bias since these are my followers. But I’d be very surprised if these results are not representative. My followers do not control the circumstances for how their vaccinated friends die.

Are they under-reporting “natural cause” deaths? Maybe but, based on how accurately my previous surveys match up with surveys of unbiased audiences, I doubt it.

But I’d be delighted to be proven wrong!

The beauty of this survey is you are not relying on someone else’s data. You are collecting it yourself.

Replicating the survey

If you want to replicate the survey, extend out the time period to include 2020 as well. Joel believes we would find the evidence that COVID excess mortality pre-vax was also iatrogenic in the notes. In other words, we’d find that it wasn’t the virus that killed these people.

Also, you’d want to ask for the age and vaccination status of the respondents. And then we could do a spot check on the unvaccinated population to compare against the official stats since this is critical to the vaccine effectiveness narrative. If the vaccinated population is overstated, that inflates the VE and artificially increases rates of unvaccinated events.

You could also ask explicitly about treatments by providing a list of options rather than relying solely on free-form text. This makes the data a little easier to use to spot trends.

Independent surveys (not of my followers) confirmed: the cure is worse than the disease

Also, in the past, we ran multiple surveys where the audience was neutral and picked by the survey company.

Those surveys showed the number of people killed by the vaccine was comparable to the number killed. For example, this survey which polled a neutral audience showed more than twice as many deaths were caused by the vaccine than the virus. How do you explain that? Got any polls showing the reverse? Why not? We dare anyone to run the same poll. Why aren’t any of the health authorities running these polls?

Fact check me! I dare you.

The way to fact check me is to do your own survey which allows comments on the death exactly like my survey and see how that works out for you.

I dare CNN or any mainstream news media to do a survey like mine.

But they won’t because they know what will happen. It would be game over for the vaccine. None of them will look because it’s not about finding the truth. It’s about maintaining the propaganda so the people never figure out they’ve been lied to. Because when they do, boy, are they going to be upset. You can bank on that.

Corroboration from massive insurance company database in Germany

I never rely on single surveys, anecdotes, etc. The results I presented above are consistent with everything else I’ve learned about these vaccines.

But if you are a new reader and not convinced by any of the data I’ve presented over the past year on my Substack, then I have a special treat for you: The Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic Was Just Released. I’ll be talking about this data in a subsequent post. My critics will need to explain this:

and this:

A MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE task would be easier at this point in the narrative.

Need more convincing?

Check out this video of David Weisman at the 1 hour mark. The CDC’s own data shows negative vaccine efficacy. This isn’t our data. This is the CDC’s data!

How can you have a “vaccine” with negative vaccine efficacy? That means it makes it more likely you will be infected.

The only way you can get negative VE is if the vaccine damages your immune system. If there is another mechanism, the CDC needs to explain it.

Next at 1:01:15 in the video, he talks about the Seligmann study which again show negative vaccine efficacy which should NEVER happen with a vaccine that is safe. The primary series is bad, but the booster is even worse. See page 19 of this document Wiseman filed with the CDC for more details.

Next he talks about Peter Marks admitting that the vaccines are chasing the virus. When you combine that with the immune system damage and the existence of safe and effective alternatives with better efficacy, the vaccine is impossible to justify.

Need even more convincing?

There is going to be a huge announcement in the near future. It will be even more devastating for the government. So if you aren’t already convinced, stay tuned. The walls are about to come tumbling down.

The icing on the cake

The more than 100 questions that “they” refuse to talk about… well, that’s just icing on the cake. If you were on the fence, all you have to do is pick any question from that article at random and watch as your doctor runs for cover rather than try to answer a simple question.

And of course, the vaccine wasn’t ever needed anyway

Good pediatricians will advise their patients to take Vitamin C, D and zinc if you get a virus. Check out this newsletter from one of the top local pediatric wellness groups. C, D, and zinc are mentioned. They point out that it is good for kids to be exposed to pathogens in order to develop healthy immune systems.

Conspicuously absent: any recommendations to get your child vaccinated with ANY vaccine. Their advice is spot on according to my misinformation spreader friends.

Do you want to know how effective just those 3 supplements alone are? About 97% risk reduction against COVID adverse events. It’s right there in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Add a saline nasal rinse with povidone iodine, and you decrease your risk even more: “SARS-CoV-2+ participants initiating nasal irrigation were over 8 times less likely to be hospitalized than the national rate.”

Even melatonin is remarkably effective. So are lots of other supplements which can be used alone or in combination without drug interactions:

All of these interventions have existed for decades and they are safer, more effective, and a lot cheaper than any vaccine.

None of the lockdowns, social distancing, masking, or any other mitigation measures were ever necessary.

Are we done?

It seems at this point that more evidence won’t change anything; the evidence on the table is overwhelming and they won’t even debate 1 question from that list.

What do you think?


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