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Now That Most Of The Military Has Already Been Force-Vaccinated For Covid, Pentagon Finally Drops Deadly Mandate

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

Forced vaccination of the military with a deadly and debilitating 'vaccine' is an act of war.  The strategy of destroying the enemy before mounting an attack has been pulled off.  90+% fully injected with a ticking time bomb so called vaccine.

NaturalNews.com  /  Ethan Huff

(Natural News) In a clearly political move that makes no sense considering the timing, the Pentagon has formally ended its covid “vaccine” mandate for military servicemen.

Even though most members of the armed forces are already fully jabbed because of said mandate, the Pentagon has decided – with a little legal prodding from Congress – that now is a good time to stop discharging troops who refuse the shot.

A legislative bill signed into law back on December 23 gave Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin 30 days to completely rescind the mandate, though in practice it had already stopped being enforced even at that time.

That same memo gives commanders “some discretion,” we are told, in deciding whether or not to deploy unvaccinated troops. (Related: When the military’s jab mandate was still in full swing, a “digital tool” was used to systematically deny exemption requests.)

“The Department will continue to promote and encourage COVID-19 vaccination for all service members,” Austin wrote in the memo. “Vaccination enhances operational readiness and protects the force.”

That last bit about the shots supposedly protecting the force is what the Biden regime plans to use to compel unvaccinated servicemen to get jabbed, as they could be denied deployment due to being “unhealthy” in the eyes of the state.

The mandate drop does not include other vaccines, it is important to note. All other injections will still be mandatory in order to serve.

Pentagon praises itself for forcing covid jabs on military, says “many lives” were saved

According to the Associated Press (AP), more than 8,400 troops in the United States military refused to get injected for covid throughout the scamdemic. The AP called this “refusing to obey a lawful order when they declined to get the vaccine.”

How the AP decided that it was ever lawful to force deadly drugs on the military remains unknown, but this is the narrative the mainstream media is going with to continue vilifying purebloods with natural immunity.

Austin’s initial decision to force the injections on the military came after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to authorize their use under a state of “emergency.” His view is that forcing the shots on the unwilling would “protect the health of the force,” to quote the AP.

Congress eventually fought back by voting to rescind the mandate now that roughly 99 percent of active-duty troops in the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps have already gotten at least two “doses.”

About 98 percent of the Army and “more than 90 percent” of the National Guard and Reserve are fully injected.

The Pentagon, meanwhile, is praising itself for forcing the jabs right up until the time Congress intervened. In a statement, the Pentagon bragged that its covid jab mandate “will leave a lasting legacy in the many lives we saved, the world-class force we have been able to field, and the high level of readiness we have maintained, amidst difficult public health conditions.”

As for those who were discharged for refusing covid injections, they are now free to petition their military service for a change in the “characterization of their discharge.” It has not yet been stated what possible corrections could be awarded.

Lawmakers who supported ending the mandate say they hope it will help with recruiting as numbers are majorly down – not just because of medical fascism but also because of “wokeism,” which has infested and taken over America’s armed forces.

“I will always respect those who served, died for us, but have lost my respect for the institution,” one commenter wrote.

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