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What is the Lock Step Scenario?

Continued emerging evidence of a lock step scenario being executed on societies across the globe shows years of evolving collusions between multiple factions with reciprocal, corrupted and anti-democratic interests. A reliable and favourite independent media outlet of ours, The Exposé, explains where this lock step scenario stems from including leading influencers, in this 28 September 2022 article.

A 2010 report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, documents a framework for four potential futures. Their Lock Step Scenario outlines “A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback” resulting from a fictitious influenza pandemic.

In reference to the 2020 imposition of pandemic lockdowns, historian, author, investigative journalist and fearless geopolitical analyst Dr Naomi Wolf states (at 4m 55s here) “the only times that any populations have had their assembly restricted are in places like North Korea, or fascist moments like the enclosure of the Warsaw ghetto … I also knew that populations are restricted right before their assets are going to be stolen or there’s going to be an attack on them“.

Her views are shared by fellow Democrat, Robert F Kennedy Junior whose book The Real Anthony Fauci, now made into a feature documentary, offers further detail on the Lock Step Scenario and multiple other pandemic tabletop exercises undertaken at least yearly, since 1999 or earlier. He describes these events as war games, involving biosecurity and health agencies collaborating with various corporate entities including pharmaceutical companies, and political groups including the Chinese Communist Party and World Economic Forum, revealing a political agenda for power disguised as public health.

Why Should New Zealanders Care?

New Zealand politicians including PM Jacinda Ardern and individuals with mercantile interests are deeply involved in today’s lock step scenario. Seventeen high profile New Zealanders are identified so far, as World Economic Forum (WEF) graduates by the ongoing Malone Institute World Economic Forum Project. As at 26 October 2022 these seventeen people are:

Lock Step NZ WEF

Understanding what this means for New Zealand and indeed the world, requires reading and listening to what WEF are saying and doing. Their infamous video 8 Predictions for the World in 2030 has been removed from the WEF website, which is replete with euphemistic language about “health”, “leadership”, “innovation” and “opportunity” whilst their intent is far from benevolent. They have intricate networks with the United Nations, World Health Organisation and powerful non governmental organisations.

  • Lock Step Scenario Tedros Klaus
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  • Lock-Step-Scenario-Gates-Funding-Digital-ID-699x1024.jpg
  • Lock-Step-Scenario-Tedros-Farrar.jpg

Examples from WEF chairman Klaus Schwab include excerpts such as the various threats he claims to be protecting the world from; on the topic of Covid vaccinations; and on the topic of his successes to date. Political leaders across the globe, from Holland’s Gideon van Meijeren and Canada’s Pierre Poilievre to South Australia’s Alex Antic, are officially challenging WEF interests and activities, as are media outlets such as Sky News Australia. Why do New Zealanders only hear profound silence from our leaders on this issue? Why can New Zealanders only access this pertinent information through independent news sources?

What Do Health Professionals and Health Systems Have To Do With It?

Associations between health care services and crimes against humanity committed by authoritarian regimes are well documented. Haque et al, 2012 offer multiple reasons as to why medical doctors were the largest profession represented in the Nazi party and outlines the medical crimes committed in the name of “research”.

Under the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia between 1975 and 1979 “revolutionary doctors” were the only ones entitled to care for the sick according to Guillou, 2004, who also identifies individual uselessness as a “characteristic belief of totalitarian regimes“. This corresponds with public statements of Yuval Noah Harari, advisor to Klaus Schwab, telling us we are now hackable animals, that the common man is right to feel he is useless, and should feel anxious he will be left behind in the 21st century.

Such instances of medical and health professional allegiance to regime ideologies are threaded throughout human history. Today we are experiencing the same lock step scenario requiring obedience to unaccountable authorities, moving practitioners away from professional ethics, individual patient care and scientific rigor. This appears to be an extension of historical events relating to the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry as a domineering force in the medical profession.

New Zealanders still don’t know what the contracts our government signed with Pfizer and other Covid-19 “vaccine” manufacturers entail. They very likely mirror those being deliberately concealed by lucrative but fraudulent and corrupt government-corporate collusions elsewhere.

Information continues to emerge since Dr Bruce Dooley’s recent revelations, regarding intimate entanglements between the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and their international arm, the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA), who in turn both appear to have pharmaceutical industry entanglements. The FSMB published a warning to physicians and other health care professionals in July 2021 that Spreading Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation May Put Medical License at Risk. Lock step scenario directives have been invoked across the globe including in Australia (March 2021) and New Zealand (April 2021).

This is all in keeping with the 2010 Lock Step Scenario which states on page 19:

Health care is one of the most vital key industries of any nation. Economic growth has occurred exponentially in favour of those benefiting from the tight controls being established. This includes Google’s parent company Alphabet who have intimate ties with the pharmaceutical industry; and Bill Gates who, without a single qualification is unquestioningly positioned as a global public health mogul, promoting more war games whilst boasting of personal profit corresponding with his distorted recommendations. Biometric surveillance will have the impact of destroying lives further whilst allowing plans for top-down control to march on unimpeded.

Medical Censorship: What Authority and What Motivation?

Earlier this year NZDSOS made seventh on the list of New Zealand’s ‘disinformation dozen’. This appears to have been determined by a team of three people at the Disinformation Project, none of whom are qualified diagnosticians, who claim to be “studying information disorder ecologies“. Our sin? Challenging the war games pandemic ideology described above, which is being employed by the NZ government in accordance with a blatant lock step scenario imposed simultaneously upon multiple nations. Our opposition to this ideology emanates from a large multi disciplinary team with a range of medical, scientific and public health qualifications and skills directly relevant to infectious disease diagnosis and treatment as well as surveillance and outbreak control.

We are alarmed by the draconian legislation being passed rapidly in ‘vanguard’ jurisdictions such as California, Western Australia and Queensland, with sinister intent and the recognisable hand of the FSMB all over the framing. Disobedience to the state, and undermining confidence in public health bureaucracy are now cardinal sins, replacing quaint old-fashioned principles such as withholding critical information about risk and violating bodily autonomy, which are now apparently back in vogue. Yay, it’s bits of the 20th Century all over again!

New Zealand’s ‘disinformation dozen’ has an American equivalent named by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), also staffed by a team of non-diagnosticians involved in identifying “social and psychological malignancies on social media” for the purposes of censorship. Eminently qualified to speak on matters of health, Dr Joseph Mercola, named number one on the CCDH ‘disinformation dozen’ list, is an integrative medical practitioner with certification as an osteopathic and family medicine physician. His sin? Like us, he challenges the war games pandemic ideology demanded of doctors by the global lock step scenario of captured governments.

On 10 October 2022 Dr Mercola published New Law Censors Doctors and Suspends Their Licenses, discussing the history of the FSMB including ties to the pharmaceutical industry, their apparent connections with the CCDH, and their recent recommendations for legislation to censor and punish medical doctors not conforming to regime medicine. He also discusses the CCDH claims of concern for the online safety of children whilst in fact appearing to be motivated by online data tracking, privacy invasion and censorship activities.

The regime standard of Covid-19 care has fared far worse than treatment protocols used by doctors under attack by the FSMB. It is clear that the FSMB are not looking at the entirety of evidence, and are instead enforcing lock step scenario policies steeped in political and mercantile motivations.

Mercola refers to a 2012 MedPage Today article, Follow the Money: Pain, Policy, and Profit, which implicates the FSMB in receiving money from pharmaceutical companies involved in marketing opioids. The FSMB then published policy for state medical boards and delivered CME courses which appear to have promoted use of high dose opioids, allegedly contributing to America’s opioid epidemic.

This leads to many questions relating to the credibility of the FSMB and IAMRA. Who are they and from where do they derive their authority? What motivates them to implement a lock step scenario across the globe, removing the autonomy of clinicians en masse? We have already noted that Joan Simeon, current Chief Executive Officer of the MCNZ, has an administrative background, no medical qualifications and an apparently very lucrative position as Chair-Elect on the Board of Directors at IAMRA.

Published on Mercola’s substack on 15 October 2022, Tessa Lena wrote A Powerful Mob Behind State Medical Boards, which delves further into the evolving story. She writes that the FSMB are a private entity claiming a vague remit of representing medical regulators. Despite having no governance or legislative authority, they have tremendous power to shape American and international health policy without any transparency or accountability. As we have written about, most doctors are unaware of their existence which began in 1912 directly after Rockefeller had commissioned the Flexner Report (see below for a downloaded copy), and began to dismantle America’s medical education system in favour of his petroleum based pharmaceutical model.

It seems unsurprising given the timing of their origins, that the FSMB have a history of condemning medical interventions which do not support the Rockefeller model, ie “Big Pharma”. They have taken on a role of “quackbusting”, naming so-called “alternative” treatments as “health care fraud”. In recent times this has included advocating against the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and now extends into inciting medical boards including the MCNZ to censor and punish doctors who don’t comply with the pharmaceutical industry’s demands.

Characteristic of the strategies described above by World Economic Forum, Lena describes the FSMB’s use of euphemistic, or “upside down” language, implying benign or altruistic motives whilst obscuring the reality of their intent. Misinformation, for example, does not mean inaccurate or harmful information, but rather medical opinions not conforming to the pharmaceutical model.

Watch: Robert F Kennedy Explains The Lock Step Scenario Threat

Robert F Kennedy in this 1.5 hour discussion with Brian Rose, eloquently describes the collusions occurring between corporate interests and government, evolving into a globalised biosecurity surveillance state which must be met with effective resistance.

Read: The Flexner Report

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