July 12, 2022 from NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Warning: mixed messaging about monkey pox designed to confuse you and induce fear. Do not fall for it.

An examination of these New Zealand Herald articles demonstrates what is being done. Please be alert to the tactics that are being used. Brainwashing tactics include conditions that create uncertainty, isolation, emotional manipulation with repetition thrown in for good measure.

Monkey pox has apparently arrived on NZ shores. ​​​​ We are told a man in his 30s returning from Australia has picked up the infection. ​​​​​​​The skeptics among us will ask: Is there a real person or is it just a fictitious imagining of the government or media. If there is a real person, does he have any symptoms or just a positive test?

The articles have plenty of reassuring statements initially such as – reassured the public, safely manageable disease, no need for the public to panic, very few deaths from monkey pox globally, many infected people get better without treatment, self-limiting disease but then go on to sow seeds of doubt – can be fatal for up to one in 10 people, more severe in children, World Health Organisation considering whether the outbreak should be called a public health emergency, large, visible lesions, blister-like sores. We’re left wondering is it mild and nothing to worry about or is it serious and dangerous? So, more free-floating anxiety and no hard truths to anchor to. Sounds familiar to us. Government psychologists working overtime again?

We are aware that a number of people are suffering from blistering rashes as adverse effects following Covid-19 vaccination. Shingles is one example of this (usually localised to a particular part of one side of the body), but there are other rashes which are likely auto-immune phenomena occurring as well.

Why are they suggesting getting the tests at the first instances of common cold-like symptom? Gosh, it must be serious. If it can incubate undetected, anyone could have it. Monkey pox could be scary. It’s nothing like Covid-19 so that’s okay, but why would we be wanting to get tested without symptoms, or for a cold?

Just remember, the more people that rush off to be tested, the more ‘cases’ there will be. Be curious and wonder, how reliable will a test be? Bear in mind, PCR testing can pick up almost anything if enough cycles are done. The inventor himself, Dr Kary Mullis, said his test was virtually useless for standalone diagnosis. “It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick”. A test on its own is meaningless and prior to Covid, doctors knew that.

Then we move on to who can catch it? It seems to affect gay and bisexual men and be transmitted by close physical contact or by droplets. Have they just chucked droplets in there so they can justify the recommendation for protection with masks? What, exactly, will we be masking?

So, is it heterosexual sex, homosexual sex or is it breathing? Is everyone at risk or just some people?

What will need to be done? It is so mild and nothing to worry about that Belgium has introduced a compulsory three-week quarantine. Our Ministry of Health is already exploring options for access to smallpox vaccines for targeted prevention in certain situations and advising us that some second and third generation live-virus smallpox vaccines can provide protection against the virus. If it comes to this, at least we no longer have to refer to the smallpox vaccine as the most dangerous vaccine ever released. Yay, Comirnaty! Anyway, the medical literature tells us there is a perfectly good antiviral that we could use if needed. Is the government quietly ordering it in, or will it panic buy anyone’s smallpox vaccine at any price? Anyway, we’ve already borne the sad precedent of the repression of safe (and cheap) cures for covid-19, which could have saved almost all lives being lost, so will the actual public good be off the agenda with monkey pox too?

Despite telling us not to worry, monkey pox is mild, it only affects a subset of the population, most people recover within about two to four weeks, but the article then goes on to say protection measures will be necessary in New Zealand, and affected people will need to isolate.

At the end of it you are left confused and unclear as to what to think. This is deliberate. You can’t make sensible decisions when you are paralysed by fear, uncertainty or doubt.

Remember, we told you about the monkey pox wargame that took place last year? Well, the first ‘actual’ case was reported this May within 2 days of the pretend scenario’s outbreak start! Random chance? Yeah right. Anyway, we thought covid-19 was the leading cause of coincidences!

Several groups have looked at the supposed monkey pox genome and concluded that yet again the hand of man is all over it. Do our leaders and health authorities have any credibility left at all after the last 3 years? Just asking.

See our 3-part post on monkey pox here, and we will watch this story closely, along with the rest of independent media.

Detach from Mainstream Media if you don’t want to be infected by the brainwashing propaganda.

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