July 12, 2022 from NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Introducing Substack As A Reliable News Source

We are often asked, and used to wonder ourselves: how on earth does one deal with information overload and keep up with developments in the fog of war that is Covid science on planet Earth?

Well, there is a way that is working well for us, and we have gained confidence in the people involved, their methods, collaborations, motivations and backgrounds.

One of the few good things to come from the plandemic – but with great chapters to come, we are sure –  is the continued rise of the citizen journalist and especially recently the ‘scientist scribe’. Substack is a blogging platform that seems to have selected out a thriving and, above all, collaborative community of scientists, doctors, statisticians, entrepreneurs and other assorted bright and informed people who are passionate about finding the truth on various issues, not least all things covid, and seem to write really, really well. 

Substack is a subscription service but you can try the writers out before you buy, and many of them upload much of their work for free. We have found plenty of very rigorous science and interpretation of hard data to learn from and pass on, and some beautiful writing to be inspired by. 

Of course, the internet is vast and caters to all shades of taste, prejudice, open or closed minds and all sorts of confirmation and selection biases. However we have corralled a selection of Substack writers that have stood the test of rightness in their analysis and discourse, certainly as far as we are concerned. Also, if there is an important or useful academic paper, or new data dump trying to hide the truth, these guys will tear into it like hungry piranhas, often flipping it around between themselves to distil the good bits. 

Remember they were already extremely good at what they did before both Substack and Covid hit the scene. Steve Kirsch is a great example: a highly successful tech entrepreneur, he got double vaccinated but then noticed a high incidence of injuries amongst friends and workmates, so he applied his analytical skills and immediately smelt a rat. Now he funds early treatment research, regularly presents to the FDA, and still has the million bucks he has offered to any government official that will debate his team. He has almost cornered the Substack market in common-sense, efficiently-written and attractively-packaged dissection of the complete crap peddled as establishment science. His PDFs make very helpful ‘gifts of knowledge’ for people still on the fence.  

Just this week we have read, and would like to share, two exceptional ‘review’ pieces that act as marvellous summaries of where we are and how we got here. Both happen to be by Substack writers, and available for free. One is from Steve, and another amazing piece is from a writer new to us:

You can read varyingly detailed bios on their pages, and the comments sections are often a treasure trove of other experts and information.  Trolls are easily identified and sent packing. NZDSOS writers often refer to these sources, or share primary sources with these writers. 

Here is a selection of other writers we follow regularly; some are names many of us have come to trust and respect already for their consistent bravery and dedication to the truth. There will be plenty of others of course. Many have their own websites. In no particular order:

With the scale of the apparent crimes, and huge sadness lying ahead for so many, it really is a case of read ’em and weep, but whatever wakes up enough people who will stand side-by-side and say “Enough!”, well we’ll take it.

New Zealand is Rising. 

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