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Health Canada Data: Covid Cases By "Vaccination" Status 4 Provinces Jan.2022 Undeniable PROOF- We Are In A Pandemic Of The "Vaccinated"

Every new "JAB" Creates a new "Variant" 
Incase you haven't figured it out yet..
It's something called spiked proteins and SHEDDING.
It never shuts off with these MrNa Gene/DNA Manipulation "JABS" Not A "Vaccine" @ all!!  
Providing No Imunity Or "Protection" Whatsover!
Everyone Needs To really do some research and stop believing everything the Media Keeps Telling You!! 
90% Of  The Media's Incomes Comes  From The Same People Making These "JABS" so Called "Vaccines"........Brought To You By PFIZER!
Feel Free to look @ health Canada's own Covid active cases By DOSES #'s & you will see that The 2 times "Jabbed" are always the highest cases Count In Hospitals This Has Been a Daily Trend For Over 4 months so far! 

How to access Ontario daily Covid cases by vaccination status data.

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