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June Raine  00:00

Your safety will always come first. And the COVID 19 vaccine will only be approved by us, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, once it has met robust standards on safety, quality and effectiveness.

Member of the Public  00:22

I was vaccinated because I’m a carer. I’ve had all three and I had the flu one as well. I suppose as government is concerned, I believe they are doing the best thing for the nation. I’ve got an eight year old and I just didn’t want to catch it where I didn’t have to to be fair, if this is going to prevent me from having out, then it was all good for me.  I wanted to go on holiday. I just thought it was better that I get it done. I wanted to protect other people.

John Bowe  00:45

The COVID vaccine has been hailed as a medical and logistical success. It’s claimed that millions of lives have been saved. But there’s growing evidence that the jab can have devastating consequences.

Alex Mitchell  00:58

They actually told my wife and two children that I had no hope and if I did survive it would be from the waist up.

Maxwell Harrison  01:04

I thought I was going to die. I was going to bed at night, not thinking I was going to wake up.

John Bowe  01:10

Those injured by the vaccine feel unrecognised and abandoned by the NHS, and the government they trusted.

Georgia Segal  01:17

You take one for the team. So I took the vaccine, but now the teams run[ning] in the opposite direction.

John Watt  01:23

So just to let people know that when it goes wrong, there’s no help at all.

Caroline Pover  01:27

The doctors don’t know what to do with us. We’re literally keeping each other alive.

June Raine  01:32

Safety is our watchword and we are globally recognised for requiring the highest standards of safety, quality and effectiveness for any vaccine.

Dr Aseem Malhotra  01:51

Having been double jabbed, and being one of the first to take the Pfizer vaccine. I have after several months critically appraising the data, speaking to eminent scientists in Oxford, Stamford and Harvard, speaking to two investigative medical journalists and being contacted by two Pfizer whistleblowers, reluctantly concluded that this vaccine is not completely safe and has unprecedented harms, which leads me to conclude that it needs to be suspended until all the raw data has been released for independent analysis.

John Bowe  02:33

Dr. Malhotra is a respected and influential figure in medicine. And he’s not alone in calling for the suspension of COVID vaccines. Many more international scientists are alarmed at what’s developing into a global issue. I’m John Voe, and I’m going to shine a light on an issue that cannot be ignored. Millions of COVID vaccine injuries and 1000s of deaths are being reported through official channels all across the world. Our government has been accused of covering up the emerging data and the media of telling only one side of the story. We’ll look at how and why. But first and foremost, we give the vaccine injured a voice.

Georgia Segal  03:23

My mum was standing on the drive. She’d been looking after the dogs while we’ve been away and she was talking to the neighbour and I remember getting out of the car and I burst into tears and I said please don’t be alarmed at how I’m walking, and it was then I really realised I think after the tremors on the Sunday that there was something seriously wrong and I’d been fine up until like I’d been healthy perfectly fine up until the point of me having my second vaccine. It’s really funny because I look at these videos and I watch them and I either get really emotional watching them. Or I just go wow, look at how far I’ve come and look at where I was. I was on a zimmer frame. I was in a wheelchair. I kind of feel like I’m looking at somebody else sometimes and not me. I still suffer now I suffer with a lot of fainting I suffer with my legs giving way as a result of the damage that the vaccine has done to me I’ve ended up registered disabled.

Alex Mitchell  05:50

Before I took the vaccine I was a 56 year old scaffolder, absolutely no underlying health conditions and I worked hard five ton of steel a day, never been ill, I had a very active, private life. I was in a band. I left the band about a year ago, but I still went to about four to five gigs a week. Nothing now, I don’t do any of that anymore. Trying to get into places is not easy, either on a wheelchair or on crutches. The prosthetic leg is great when it works. I’m still very early so it’s not working the way it should to a certain extent. The doctors actually said that the clots that were in my system were enough that it should have been fatal. I’ve lost my left leg. I’m lucky that I’ve lost my left leg. It should have been both legs. I’m now going blind in my right eye. Thanks AstraZeneca it’s the gift that keeps on giving. That’s the honest answer.

Charlotte Wright  06:51

My husband was 32. He was due to start a job at Great Ormond Street Hospital as a senior clinical psychologist. I remember him coming home and saying that he had been offered AstraZeneca and he was really, really excited, really proud that it was the British one. He was funny. He was kind. He was generous. He did everything. You know he worked two jobs and still came home and help with the children. Even that day, he helped put the kids to bed, you know, when he was having a stroke. He’s just my best friend. The last time I saw him was was walking towards the ambulance. I must have known on some level that that might have been the last time that I was gonna see him.

John Bowe  07:45

For months this doctor’s widow was forced to use the local food bank because she was living on benefits. She has finally received government compensation and she accepts it as some vindication. But she says it’s not enough. It will never be enough. Charlotte is still awaiting an inquest, but across the UK coroners have confirmed deaths from the vaccine. They are usually framed as very rare, but how rare? Adverse reactions should be reported to the yellow card scheme operated by the MHRA, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency. Their figures to August the 24th show over 430,000 reported reactions, of which 2240 were fatal. America’s VAERS system has almost one and a half million reports with over 30,000 deaths. Not all these reports will be confirmed as vaccine induced. But then again, not all reactions are reported. The figures surely demand investigation.

Dr Clare Craig  09:15

Absolutely. I [mean] absolutely. I don’t think anybody can deny that there has been harm. You can argue about how much but you can’t deny that there has been harm. It’s just a scandal of such epic proportions that I think people don’t know where to begin with it. It’s frightening to even approach it.

John Bowe  09:46

The government is in denial on vaccine injuries, according to one of its own MPs.

Sir Christopher Chope MP  09:51

Other jurisdictions have taken the view that fully compensating those who do the right thing for public health reasons by having a vaccine should be looked after by the state if the consequences of having that vaccine result in disability or injury. This approach is taken in order to promote vaccine confidence amongst those who might otherwise be hesitant about having a vaccine. This government’s approach, however, seems to be to try and promote vaccine confidence by covering up the adverse consequences for some of having been vaccinated.

John Bowe  10:27

Sir Christopher is pursuing a private member’s bill trying to speed up compensation and increase the maximum amount from 120,000 pounds. But for the vaccine injured, recognition and a return to good health are paramount. Take Caroline Pover. She runs a pickling business, writes books and is a public speaker. For 10 years she supported a village in Japan which was devastated by the tsunami. And to make her annual visit she took the jab.

Caroline Pover  10:58

My life has completely changed now. It’s unrecognisable compared to how it was. Sorry. For about five months, I did hardly anything I couldn’t function at all. I was exhausted constantly. I was in constant pain, head and eye pain was relentless. I couldn’t function, I couldn’t walk very far. I couldn’t read things. And I write as well as running my business. So I couldn’t write anything, I had trouble processing information. So I couldn’t work in my business because I couldn’t follow the recipes. And I didn’t have any physical strength. I got to the stage where I can function at about 30% of how I could function before the vaccine. On a good day, I can maybe do a couple of hours in the kitchen. But then after a while I have such chest pain that I have to come and lie down in here, and I used to do 12 hours on my feet working in there. It’s not about money. It’s about having a sense of purpose with your day, isn’t it, jobs and work is for all of us. And if you can’t do those things, you do get to the point where you think I cannot live like this, life is no longer worth living. And we have lost people in the vaccine injured community to suicide. I didn’t want to live when it was at its worst, I just couldn’t see the point.

NHS Propaganda Vaccine Advert  12:49

These vaccines were tested thoroughly for safety and effectiveness at every stage of the development and manufacturing process. They are also continually being monitored now they’re being used in the wider population. This means we can be confident that the vaccines are safe and highly effective,

John Bowe  13:09

Safe and effective? Wouldn’t millions have been so confident if they’d known how different these gene therapies were? The word vaccine may have served as a reassurance. But by no traditional definition where these vaccines.

Dr Clare Craig  13:26

The definition the authorities are using is not what people understand the word vaccine to mean. The public’s perception of a vaccine is, you know, we’re thinking about polio and about measles and the conventional vaccines, where you have a very inert part of the virus being used and it prevents the illness. These what we’re using now is a different technology. It’s new, and it doesn’t prevent the illness.

Dr Aseem Malhotra  13:52

Although it’s not my traditional area of expertise. My understanding, looking at the data of the mechanism of harm from the vaccine is that the spike protein which we believed initially just to be localised to the arm appears to be distributed throughout the body in every major organ system for several months, causing either a direct reaction through toxicity or an autoimmune reaction, and that is the most likely explanation behind the mechanism of harm from the mRNA products.

John Bowe  14:23

Development of the jabs was done at warp speed. So much so that Governments had to indemnify the drug companies against any future injury claims and invest billions upfront. They knew they were taking risks,

BBC Breakfast – April 12th 2020  14:37

As I understand it then from what you’re saying is that it may be that there needs to be some compromise in some of the safety measures that would normally be expected to create a vaccine because time is so crucial.

Bill Gates  14:53

Well of course if you if you want to wait and see if a side effect shows up two years later, that takes two years.

John Bowe  15:00

When vaccine efficacy was declared at 95%, relieved Governments gave the green light. But Dr. Malhotra argues that the methodology was flawed.

Dr Aseem Malhotra  15:11

Relative risk reduction is a way of exaggerating the benefits of any intervention clearly, which would be in the interest of people trying to sell you something, in this case, the pharmaceutical industry. So if, for example, you have a 1000 people in a trial that didn’t have the vaccine, versus 1000 people that did, in the placebo group in the dummy group, you may have two people dying. And in the intervention group, you may have just one person dying. And that’s a reduction of 50%. One over two is a 50% relative risk reduction. But actually, you’ve only saved one life out of 1000. So the absolute risk reduction is only one in 1000. It’s a big difference. The guidance has been for many years, that we must always use absolute risk reduction in conversations with patients, not just relative risk reduction alone, otherwise it’s considered unethical.

John Bowe  16:08

The accusation is that Governments acted on Pfizer’s relative risk figure of 95% efficacy, when the absolute risk was a mere 0.84%. In other words, you’d have to vaccinate 119 people to prevent just one from catching COVID.

Dr Aseem Malhotra  16:27

So we were basically sold on something that ultimately, and in retrospect now, was very, very misleading.

John Bowe  16:35

Red flags should have been raised when the FDA locked away Pfizer’s trial data for 75 years while the vaccines were being rolled out. A US court finally ordered their release, and the initial disclosures are alarming. Alexandra Latypova is one of a group of experts who studied the documents. Among her shocking allegations are these.

Alexandra Latypova  16:59

Pfizer skipped major categories of safety testing altogether. The toxicity of the COVID-19 vaccines mRNA active ingredient was never studied. The FDA and Pfizer knew about major toxicities associated with gene therapy class of medicines. The CDC, FDA and Pfizer lied about ‘vaccine staying in the injection site’. My examination of leaked Moderna documents also revealed that vaccine induced antibody-enhanced disease was identified as a serious risk.

John Bowe  17:34

AstraZeneca also met with controversy. In March 2021, Its use was temporarily halted in several European countries because of fears of blood clots. In the UK, it is now not recommended for anyone under 40. We asked the DHSC see whether they were aware of allegations of inadequate and possibly flawed trial data.

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)  17:55

This is not something that DHSC will be responding to.

John Bowe  17:59

The pharmaceutical companies have also been reluctant to comment. Scientists prefer to emphasise the 20 million lives they claim to have been saved.

Dr Aseem Malhotra  18:09

So the suggestion that the vaccine has saved 20 million lives is really I think science fiction, not scientific fact. Because the study that it comes from is a very poor quality observational study. And when you look at a higher quality level of evidence, in fact, even Pfizer’s own randomised control trial didn’t show any reduction in COVID mortality of statistical significance, it showed no reduction in all cause mortality. So really this statement is almost implausible. To be honest, it sounds more like an advert from the drug industry than true science.

John Bowe  18:44

With so many questions about the benefits and safety of the vaccines. Why were they authorised so quickly by the MHRA? And what exactly is the relationship between the regulators and the companies they regulate? A recent article in the British Medical Journal questioned their independence. The MHRA, Chief Executive June Raine insists that safety and independence are vital. But this year, she admitted that the agency had changed from watchdog to enabler.

June Raine  19:17

Rules are written on tablets of stone and there’s a lot of policemen in these places that go around factories, find problems with trials and generally hold things up. We tore up the rulebook, and we allowed companies to immediately start juxtaposing not sequential phases of clinical trials, but overlapping beginning the next one before the previous had been finished.

Dr Aseem Malhotra  19:42

Doctors, patients and members of the public must be aware that regulators cannot be trusted to be independent, as long as they continue to be captured by industry. You know, recent evidence that’s emerged from a BMJ investigation revealed that 86% of the funding of the MHRA comes from the drug industry. And that’s a huge conflict of interest.

John Bowe  20:02

We asked the MHRA for their observations, but they merely referred us to their official guidance on the safety of COVID vaccines.

Dr Clare Craig  20:20

What was happening with informed consent was hugely concerning. I think what concerned me the most were doctors who weren’t informing themselves.

Dr Ros Jones  20:30

They’ve been very busy, and they haven’t done their own research. They’ve just accepted everything that they’re told, the government guideline comes. And we seem to have disrupted the doctor patient relationship.

Dr Clare Craig  20:42

There were many, many doctors who were getting all of their information from the BBC in their lunch breaks, and to accept it at face value because of the word vaccine that these were going to be safe and effective. That was a real dereliction of duty.

Dr Aseem Malhotra  20:57

I think the lack of acknowledgement of vaccine injuries being a major issue is rooted in willful blindness. Specifically, human beings turned a blind eye to feel safe, avoid conflict, reduce anxiety, and to protect prestige.

John Bowe  21:16

The General Medical Council responded,

General Medical Council (GMC)  21:19

It is not within the remit or expertise of the GMC to assess the scientific or evidential basis for the recommendation made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation or the decisions made by Government and public health bodies. But we do regularly share and discuss our guidance and its application with Government health officials and other relevant stakeholders. We expect doctors to follow the principles in our guidance and use their judgement about how to apply these in the circumstances of the pandemic.

John Bowe  21:52

Later, why did the government continue driving the vaccine campaign, when scientists had learned it didn’t prevent infection, it didn’t prevent transmission, and statistics show the vast majority of the population was never at risk from serious illness. And Dr. Jones, a consultant paediatrician who’s always been pro vaccination has this stark warning.

Dr Ros Jones  22:12

The children are at low risk, they don’t need this vaccine. And the harms are real.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson  22:21

Hi, folks, I’m here at St. Thomas’s where I just had my first AstraZeneca vaccine. And quite literally, I did not feel a thing. And I cannot stress how important it is for everybody to get their vaccination. Get your jab when you’re asked to do so. It’s good for you, it’s good for your family, and it’s a great thing for the whole country. So please get your jab. Thanks very much.

Interviewer  22:49

Can I ask why did you get vaccinated?

Member of Public  22:53

To minimise the threat of COVID on everybody and myself Well to try to stop me dying from COVID 19 was a pretty big one, that and I wanted to go on holiday. Why did I get vaccinated cos I didn’t want the Covid. But I still got it anyway, I was ill all over Christmas. And I don’t know quite what it was. But they said it’s not Covid, it was something to do with COVID. But I know that I could have quite easily called an ambulance I was that ill.

Interviewer  23:21

Were you told about any potential side effects from the vaccine?

Member of Public  23:27

No. And when I did ask, especially about reproductive issues that it may cause in the future, nobody really gave me any answers. And the other thing is after I’ve had my vaccinations, I noticed some changes. To be fair, I don’t feel that was given enough information but because it was such a big outburst, it kind of scared me into having it done and I’ve had it done and luckily I haven’t had any bad repercussions from it.

John Bowe  23:57

Millions of people took the COVID jabs without serious side effects. But for those who did suffer, the physical pain and debility is made even worse by the frustration and mental stress of being ignored. They feel neglected by the NHS, misunderstood by the public, and betrayed by the Government.

John Watt  24:21

Before I was fat and unhealthy I used to do boxing, I would do cross fit, you know I’d do a lot of weight training, you know keep myself in good shape. When I had my Pfizer booster, that’s when my world totally crumbled.

Isobel Ferguson  24:40

I remember once grabbing onto him and saying don’t leave me, you’re not gonna die, he couldn’t even get to the toilet my baby was so frightened, his body was shaking was jerking. It was horrenous, absolutely horrendous.

John Watt  24:59

My heart got elevated when I was on standing. I got really sick. I was being sick for six weeks. I was wretching and being sick and throwing up every single day. My heart cramped it felt like somebody had grabbed my heart and twisted it three times. I had brain fog, I developed a slur I  slurred my words and developed a stammer. I had seizures. My body can’t regulate temperature anymore. Story short. This is my life now stuck in my bed every day with no help from anybody.

Isobel Ferguson  26:01

it’s not really a life for him, it’s an existence and nobody. I tell you if I got hold of Boris Johnson, I would tell Boris Johnson exactly what I think of him. Help these kids. Help them. Help these people that are injured.

John Watt  26:14

I can’t live with this. I can’t live my life in my bed. I have my wife Hillary??We’re suupposed to be getting married next year.

Maxwell Harrison  26:45

I thought I was going to die. I was going to bed at night not thinking I was going to wake up because of how much pain my heart was in. In fact, I couldn’t breathe.

Speaker  26:54

Welcome Max and Katie Harrison. Congratulations.

Maxwell Harrison  27:01

We were ranked number six in the entire world for amateur ballroom and latin dancing and the 10 dance championship. And we were one of the highest ranking couples in the UK, and subsequently the world. Our ambition is to become World Professional 10 Dance champions, European, international and British professional champions. And we aim to do that within the next eight years. So I got my second jab and for the first two to three days completely normal. I was dancing, I was preparing for the World Championships. So this is you know, I’m going to the gym every day and practising. After the fourth and fifth [day], I started getting a small pain in my heart, and I thought it was just genuine heartburn, but I was still dancing. And I’m told now that that could have been very dangerous and caused long term health problems because of what could have happened. Originally it was pericarditis. And I was then told just before Christmas actually is perimyocarditis . So it’s actually worse because I’ve got pericarditis and the myocarditis damage. So I have scarring on three parts of my heart and still underlining the muscle of my heart is the inflammation which constricts it and that’s when my heart rate goes up. That’s what’s constricting my heart and stopping me from breathing. I don’t trust myself and I don’t trust my body. I don’t know what my heart’s doing. Yeah, I can have a small pain now and 10 seconds I’m gonna be on the floor. That’s just the consequences of what’s happened. Music is a very beautiful and powerful thing if you understand it, and if you enjoy it, and just to be able to go onto the floor and do what I think I was born to do, in front of 1000s of people that was the most special thing in the world. And you know, having lost that. I can’t even begin to tell you them how how bad it feels.

Genevieve Florence  28:54

For four days we’ve experienced Majorca and we’re about to jump off this cliff. I used to be in the Olympic team for synchronised swimming, it’s to train six days a week, 10 hours a day. Incredibly hyperactive. I was always known as the person that was like running around set doing stupid things backflips when I shouldn’t be doing them and stuff like that. I’d go out and party and dance with my friends and then I’d be back home at 7am and then shooting a commercial at 10am. So really pushing my limits. The industry required me to have be double vaccinated to work on films, and I immediately regretted it as soon as she put it in my arm. I just thought well, what have I done. Over that period of two weeks? I just got worse and worse and worse and worse. And eventually this awful headache that was like someone was actually inside my skull like pushing out. I can’t explain how awful it was. And I was dizzy. I was literally crawling. Like I really thought my life was over. Because I couldn’t even cook for myself. I couldn’t even stand up, I couldn’t care for myself, my mom would come and see me, I think like twice a week to change my bedsheets for me, do a food shop for me, clean my house for me. I just couldn’t do anything at all. But I thought this isn’t living. If the rest of my life is going to be like this, then I would rather not be here, but it was in the sense of desperation for help. And I wouldn’t have had those feelings and my mind wouldn’t have gone there if I had literally, if someone had just said, I see you, I’m gonna help you.

Sir Christopher Chope MP  31:03

Those who were in perfect health before their vaccine, have encountered too much ignorance and scepticism when seeking medical help. For some, their GPs have refused to engage. And that has reached the extent that they are made to feel gaslighted, Madam Deputy Speaker, with their physical pain being dismissed or explained away as mental illness. How insulting and humiliating is that and how at odds with the principles of national health service.

Genevieve Florence  31:36

It was the most terrifying experience to be told that what’s going on with you is psychological and that it’s not physical when you’re in physical pain.

John Bowe  31:49

Genevieve, and many of her fellow vaccine injured, have spent 1000s of pounds seeking treatments. They’ll try anything to help ease their pain and disabilities.

Caroline Pover  32:00

I found a private phlebotomy service and she comes to the house and and she takes a pint of blood out and I literally sit here, she takes the pint of blood out and I come alive again. And I’m me again, I can talk properly, I can move properly, my body feels different, everything feels different.

Genevieve Florence  32:23

I did a series of oxygen therapy treatments with Janie at the Wellness lab, I’d come into the oxygen therapy and I haven’t my drip?? and I’d leave without one and feeling like so much better. I’m very fortunate in the fact that I’m 70% recovered. I’m back working just pacing myself. But there’s no such thing as autopilot. There’s no such thing as easy.

John Bowe  32:48

For John Watts, just making the journey for treatment is a trial. Like many of his fellow sufferers, he has POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, a walk of just 20 metres is enough to send his heart rate soaring.

John Watt  33:03

That’s 134-135. I can only stand for three minutes, five minutes, and then I start to blackout. You know, so that’s why I’m always having to lie down and that as well.

John Bowe  33:19

He’s trying a course of treatment called Goldic, where blood is taken from the arm infused with gold particles and then spun to remove the reactive cells.

Isobel Ferguson  33:28

We’ve spent like 10s of 1000s. My husband and I were getting ready to remortgage our house to get more treatments for him. Every single treatment we can possibly give him to get him better.

John Bowe  33:41

It’s important to note that John suffered a heart attack before getting any of his jabs. But he was back in the gym and back to health taking his first two jabs without problems. It was after the Pfizer booster that he collapsed.

John Watt  33:56

In regards to people getting a vaccine, that’s their choice. I’ve never told anyone not to get a vaccine. But just to let people know that when it goes wrong, there’ no help at all. And I’m being serious here you don’t have any help at all. They’ll use your mental health again you.

John Bowe  34:24

Georgia Segal also paid for private Goldic treatment and had some encouraging results.

Georgia Segal  34:30

Although the treatment that I’ve had has helped me dramatically and significantly and given me back a certain quality of life. It’s not the quality of life I had before I had the vaccine.

John Bowe  34:43

None of these treatments guarantee a cure. And the tragedy is that for most healthy people under the age of 70, there’s very low risk from COVID 19. The benefits of vaccination are questionable.

Dr Aseem Malhotra  34:58

One thing that’s become very clear now is that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission, and in fact, has very limited efficacy, if any, in preventing infection. Therefore, it becomes an issue of individual choice. And certainly when you look at age groups that are under 70, the harms clearly seem to outweigh the benefits for most people.

John Bowe  35:26

This chart reflects deaths of people with COVID up to May 2022. And the numbers increase dramatically as the age groups rise. The vast majority are over 70 years old, and especially over 80. We asked the DHSC why the vaccine campaign targeted all age groups, and whether it accepted that the vaccines were not preventing infection or transmission.

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)  35:52

This is not something that DHSC we’ll be responding to.

John Bowe  35:57

Let’s now look at the data after the vaccination has began. These are deaths from any cause amongst 15 to 44 year olds in England and Wales. There is a notable increase in 2021, the year of vaccination higher even than 2020 when COVID emerged. Young men seem particularly prone to myocarditis, inflammation of the heart. This data from America shows the expected rate of myocarditis in blue against actual cases in yellow, within seven days of a vaccine. Note the increase in younger age groups, particularly 18 to 24s. It’s hard to ignore reports of sudden deaths and collapses, in particular, on the sports field.

Matt Le Tissier  36:43

It’s just been unbelievable how many people, not just footballers, sports people in general, you know, we’ve had tennis players, cricketers basketball players, just how many are just keeling over? And at some point, surely you have to say this isn’t right. This needs to be investigated. You know, and it might turn out that it’s because they’ve had COVID. And this is what the COVID has perhaps done to their hearts. It might be that the vaccines are causing these problems. But we need to find out why.

John Bowe 37:18

Why in 2022 are many more people than usual dying, as confirmed by the Office of National Statistics. For instance, deaths are up 11.7% in 10 to 14 year olds, and almost 15% in the 55 to 59 age group. Overall, that could equate to over 75,000 excess deaths in England and Wales this year, and not from COVID. The Daily Telegraph is reporting the deaths in the aftermath of lockdown could be greater than COVID itself. There are calls for an investigation mentioning lack of health care, stress, long COVID, even the cost of living. Why on earth isn’t COVID vaccination under suspicion when there are so many reports of adverse reactions here and around the world. it beggars belief. And yet, when there are so many questions on the efficacy and safety of COVID injections, the Government still pushes ahead with a programme of immunisation, and for children. Last April, the NHS began a rollout of jabs for those aged between five and 11. Letters of information were distributed to parents across the nation. And in southeast London, the NHS went further still sending bright smiley envelopes directly to the children. Inside there was a packet of sunflower seeds to quote, ‘bring some joy and sunshine into children’s lives’ directly below the vaccination message, quote, ‘to give them the best protection’, it all marked a major U turn in policy.

Matt Hancock November 10th 2020  39:00

The likelihood of children having significant detriment or if they catch COVID 19 is very, very low. So this is an adult vaccine for the adult population.

John Bowe  39:13

Nevertheless, this summer the NHS added COVID-19 to the regular vaccination schedule for five to 15 year olds. Even though the government does not recommend Pfizer for under twelves and AstraZeneca for under 40s. It was a move that prompted 78 leading professors, doctors, and analysts to write this to the MHRA. We strongly challenge the addition of COVID-19 vaccination into the routine child immunisation programme, despite no demonstrated clinical need, known and unknown risks and the fact that these vaccines still only have conditional marketing authorisation.

Dr Ros Jones  39:51

I so deeply concerned at the lack of balance and the risk of harm that is, and that’s really why I’ve been speaking out, I feel that I have a moral obligation and ethical obligation to at least let as many parents as possible know that they don’t need to get their children vaccinated. This is not necessary. Children are at low risk, they don’t need this vaccine and the harms are real.

John Bowe  40:16

Now government advice seems to have changed yet again, from September the 1st, children who turned five can only get a first and second dose of COVID-19 vaccination, if they are either at high risk due to a health condition or living with someone with a weakened immune system. And it appears that children aged between 12 and 15 can only be boosted if they too are at high risk. So if the jabs really are safe and effective, why are they now being limited? We asked about the changes.

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)  40:48

This is not something that DHSC will be responding to.

John Bowe  40:52

Now if some of the contents of this programme have surprised you. In our final part, we’ll show you how and why the mainstream media only tells you one side of the story and how the government used psychological techniques to nudge the nation into compliance.

Covid-19 Vaccine Propaganda Advert  41:11

You come in, it’s gonna be good. Come on mate, come on, let’s go. Don’t miss out on your two COVID jabs. Don’t miss out on the good times.

John Bowe  41:26

When they went for their jabs, those who were injured thought they were doing the right thing and following Government instructions. They might even have lined up behind you. And yet the government, the NHS, the media, all those who encouraged vaccine take up, they’ve all backed away. So people have had to help themselves. Through groups like UKCV Family, VIB UK and others. My charity organisation for the vaccine injured has created a call centre to support people. The indifference that we’ve all experienced, is unnecessary, and cruel.

Charlet Crichton  42:03

We want to support each other, that’s the main thing our group is doing is supporting each other because we’ve got no one else to talk to.

Caroline Pover  42:10

The doctors don’t know what to do with us. Nobody else really knows what to do. So we just trying to help each other

Charlet Crichton  42:17

On a weekly basis. I get told that someone is suicidal. Caroline and I’ve both had to call the police before because we’ve found online suicide note.

Caroline Pover  42:28

We have frequently found ourselves in regular contact with somebody private messaging, saying someone who’s who’s literally on the edge at that moment and these support groups are keeping people alive.

Charlet Crichton  42:43

We get abuse from both sides. We’re kind of stuck right in the middle.

Caroline Pover  42:48

There are people who are very pro vaccine who hate you. There are people who are very against this vaccine, if not all vaccines, they hate you too, all for different reasons. This is the feeling that you get from people in and you’re stuck in the middle. And that’s a very, very lonely place to be.

John Bowe  43:06

The plight of the vaccine injured will be on the agenda when Baroness Heather Hallett finally holds her COVID inquiry. But she must also investigate SAGE, the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group and especially their so called Nudge Unit, otherwise known as SPI-B. Why did they drive such a culture of fear?

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson  43:31

From this evening, I must give the British people a very simple instruction, you must stay at home.

John Bowe  43:38

Earlier on the very day of that historic Boris Johnson speech. SAGE met to discuss SPI-Bs methods of achieving behavioural change. The tactics were agreed. The influence is clear.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson  43:54

The Coronavirus is the biggest threat this country has faced for decades, and this country is not alone. All over the world we’re seeing the devastating impact of this invisible killer and although huge numbers are complying, and I thank you all, the time has now come for us all to do more. You should not be meeting friends. If your friends ask you to meet you should say no. You should not be meeting family members who do not live in your home. You should not be going shopping except for essentials like food and medicine. And you should do this as little as you can. If you don’t follow the rules, the police will have the powers to enforce them, including through fines and dispersing gatherings. The way ahead is hard. And it is still true that many lives will sadly be lost.

NHS Propaganda Vaccine Advert  44:52

This is an important update from the government about Coronavirus. Someone on your street at your supermarket or in your park is highly likely to have COVID-19. Do not go out unless absolutely necessary. Do not meet up with anyone outside your household. Do not put the lives of your loved ones in danger. This is a national health emergency. Around one in three people have no symptoms and spreading it without knowing. Keep your distance, exercise, don’t socialise, stop the spread, stick to the rules. If you bend the rules, people will die.

Dr Christian Buckland  45:23

I think what’s important to understand is over the last two years, there has been the promotion of unethical psychological techniques to encourage behavioural change, such as the use of fear, artificially increasing the sense of being afraid, in order to get people to change their behaviours.

John Bowe  45:41

And so fear drove the lockdown. It was the strictest of peacetime regimes with untold damage to businesses, education, mental health and family life. In this atmosphere, deepened by fatality numbers, which experts now tell us were inflated, the only way out apparently, was vaccination.

Tony Blair  46:02

People have got to understand vaccination is going to be in the end, your route to liberty.

Bill Gates  46:07

For the world at large. Normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population.

John Bowe  46:17

And once vaccines were approved, the promotional campaign went into overdrive worldwide.

George Bush Jnr  46:24

Our fellow Americans, the science is clear these vaccines will protect you and those you love from this dangerous and deadly disease.

Michael Caine  46:32

My name is Michael Caine. I’ve just had a vaccine for COVID.

Elton John  46:37

It’s really important to know that the vaccines have all been through and met the necessary safety and quality standards.

Actress (Unknown)  46:44

There’s no evidence that it affects fertility.

Elizabeth Hurley  46:47

So roll up your sleeve. It’s not just your own life you’ll be saving it’s other people’s lives too.

Lenny Henry  46:52

Trust the science and get on with it.

John Bowe  46:55

The vaccine rollout was a logistical triumph, and may well have prevented hospital admissions and deaths. But when 9 million adults in the UK chose to remain jab free, the nudge became a threat. No jab, no job, vaccine passports and vilification of what were termed the anti vaxxers.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson  47:15

The nut jobs, the anti vaxxers dangerous obsessives.

Edwina Currie  47:19

I don’t want them sitting next to me in the theatre, I don’t want them standing next to me at the theatre bar, I don’t want them next to me or anywhere near me, or even in the same carriage on the train.

Tony Blair  47:28

Frankly, if you’re not vaccinated at the moment, and you’re eligible, and you’ve got no health reason for not being vaccinated, you’re not just irresponsible. I mean, you’re an idiot.

Dr Christian Buckland  47:38

When you use unethical psychology on a population, you actually start to see splits and divisions occurring. And that’s really dangerous because you also encourage othering, or the demonization of people. So we see that that kind of not just fear being raised, but also anger being raised as well.

Pro Vaccine Crazed Man  47:57

They deserve to be punished. And I’ve told my friends this as well. In fact, I have blocked my friends who have said they’re not getting a job, they are dead woods in my eyes.

John Bowe  48:07

10s of 1000s of people would not bow to the drive for mass vaccination. They demanded choice, and they accused the mainstream media of promoting Government propaganda. Let’s return to the SAGE playbook. It says use media to increase a sense of personal threat, a sense of responsibility to others, and to promote positive messaging. Immediately the regulator Ofcom asked broadcasters to take note of the significant potential harm that could be caused by material misleadingness in relation to the virus or public policy regarding it. They warned of taking appropriate regulatory action on any breaches. And note the date [23 March 2020]. It’s the same day the SAGE document was approved and the Prime Minister spoke to the nation. Cue the BBC.

BBC Pro Vaccine Biased Interviewer  49:16

Just to let you in on a journalistic point here. We actually don’t, as a matter of editorial policy, we don’t debate with anti vaxxers whether they’re right or wrong, we actually don’t do that.

John Bowe  49:27

So the BBC doesn’t engage with so called anti vaxxers, even when they may be right. And when several huge marches took place in London and across the UK, they were virtually ignored by the BBC and the rest of the media. These are the images they didn’t want you to see, the story they didn’t want you to know. 10s of 1000s of citizens from all walks of life raising genuine concerns, the people the media painted as dangerous anti vaxxers. And it just so happens that the Government has spent an estimated half a billion pounds of public money for media advertising. Then there’s the trusted news initiative, which the BBC says is ‘an industry collaboration of major news and global tech organisations working together to stop the spread of disinformation’. The partners include the BBC, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Microsoft. It sounds laudable. But what it really means is the Government’s, the media, and the big tech companies are working to a common script, their script, their version of the truth. We asked the BBC what happened to free speech, balanced reporting, and impartiality?

BBC  51:09

I’m afraid we won’t be commenting.

John Bowe  51:13

The real truth is that anybody who questions the official narrative is generally suppressed and cancelled or labelled as a spreader of disinformation on social media. And that includes eminent scientists, doctors, and disgracefully the vaccine injured. We have 1000s

Caroline Pover  51:32

We have 1000s of people on that support group all over the world who were vaccine injured. And we got shut down by Facebook, and I was quite shocked that that could happen.

Charlet Crichton  51:42

Your story is misinformation, you’re anti vaccine. You’re anti science. You know, you’re killing people. I’ve been told that you’re killing people telling your story. People won’t take the vaccine if you tell your story. Please be quiet.

John Bowe  51:58

This conspiracy of editorial control between mainstream and social media is stifling democratic discussion. A proper debate might have led to better informed choice on the vaccines and potentially fewer injuries. Instead, we’ve been subjected to psychological pressure under that dubious mantra, safe and effective. Proper, balanced science must come to a sound conclusion. We need to know the truth.

End Notes  52:33

Between January 1st and May 31st 2022, 15,113 people died with Covid-19 in England. 90% had received at least 1 jab (Source ONS).  In 2021, Pfizer doubled its annual revenue to $81 billion. It is expected to surpass $100 bilion in revenue this year.  A paper published in America has found that up to 98 young people could be injured by Covid vaccines, for every one prevented from hospitalisation. A key author is the Director of Harvard Medical School Center for Global Health Delivery. In America, a Judge has ruled that the White House must release correspondence regarding a ‘massive censorship enteprise’ with Big Tech. Plaintiffs allege that Federal Agencies communicated with social media platforms about misinformation, disinformation and the suppression of private speech on social media. Statement from Ofcom. OFCOM is an independent regulator. At no time during the pandemic have we taken advice, instructions or direction from any third parrty, including Government, as to how we carry out our duties. Georgia Segal still suffers from seizures, fainting and problems walking. Alex Mitchell recevied £120,000 for the loss of his left leg. Charlotte Wright received £120,000 for the death of her husband. Caroline Pover has learned to carry out her own phlebotomy. She continues to fight for help and recognition for the vaccine injured. John Watt is still seeking alternative treatments. He remains bed-bound. Max Harrison still dreams of a return to the dance floor. Genevieve Florence still suffers from severe headaches.

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