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My Monday interview with J.J. Couey was one of the most dense with information and reasonable hypotheses and theories of any I've had during the pandemic, recorded or otherwise. If you're interested in the SARS-CoV-2 origins story, you're going to want to watch this. We cover several topics and threads that haven't been discussed anywhere, and I think we did a good job of making several topics more understandable than they've been previously made.

At least for the moment, you can view the video on YouTube or our other channels.

Since I'm working on other projects, I'm not going to take the 10 hours it might take to lay this one out in a detailed article. But I'll mention some thoughts and topics we covered.

  1. True Gain of Function research may be a technically impossible pipe dream that serves as an illusion for the purpose of public discussion. That's going to surprise a lot of people, but understand that this doesn't imply that bioengineering isn't going on with viruses. We think that it certainly is.

  2. Gain of Purity may be the practically useful form of bioengineering and biowarfare taking place. And it may have been taking place for much longer than we've even uncovered.

  3. There is a lot of money invested in these programs, and a lot of money there to be pursued by competing scientists. It's worth a multi-layered propaganda campaign or three. A lot of money. So much money.

  4. The complicated figure that is Dr. Robert Malone has a past that raises eyebrows—for understandable reasons. This has led to some people wondering whether or not he is controlled opposition. In this fifth-or-later generation warfare environment that induces paranoia at every turn (we should be careful), I have chosen not to jump to conclusions on this topic. I offer a reasonable scenario in which Malone may have been deeply involved in what can be called biowarfare programs, but was unaware of the way the pandemic would unfold into a massive human experiment, including the targeting of children. I always tell people, "Be discerning with your trust," and "we should be building human networks that don't require heroes, and that discourage villains," so there is a sense in which I'm not extremely concerned with the question except insofar as I choose to work or interact with him and decide whether he has or is able to tell a whole story on some topics. One way or another, I think it's a good thing for people to look into his background and try to understand him, but to know that the wall of secrets makes the process non-rigorous to some degree. Maybe one day I'll invite him on RTE to ask him all the hard questions to see which ones he can talk about, but that's not near the top of my priority list at the moment.

  5. Why does Geert Vanden Bossche say that Omicron looks like an escape variant? After most of a year, he seems at odds with most everyone I trust as expert in genetics, and so far as I've seen he hasn't addressed any of the information that points to Omicron being another engineered virus from the same or a similar skeleton (note that I only got a fraction of the information I've gathered into those articles due to time spent on other projects).

  6. Controlling agents over both sides of competing narratives that look something like a game of Hegelian pinball.

  7. A theory of viruses as ubiquitous genetic information being exchanged constantly by all living things—particularly bacteria. We briefly discuss automata and Conway's Game of Life, but we didn't get into anything like Stephen Wolfram level discussion. This is barely explored, and hard to explore Big Picture territory, and comes with an understanding that we are still near the bottom of the mountain of understanding, and computationally, it may be impossible to know all.

  8. U.S. biowarfare programs may have been dropping purified viruses around the world—particularly on China—long before now. China may truly have handled COVID-19 very well using methods they've become accustomed to, perhaps both including their official protocols that included chloroquine, but also traditional Chinese medicine, including herbs. The harsh lockdowns that we've seen may be a matter of political divisions welling up between Beijing and rival factions (Shanghai?) in a struggle to control some or all of a struggling nation that is both a large economy and a precarious one.

This is on the short list of conversations you need to email your friend about—you know…that friend who still has an open mind or has been following actual, real pandemic research that doesn't require suspending disbelief in alien babies being injected into billions of people.

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