SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028: A Repeat Rehearsal of Event 201?

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

“At the end, what the 4th Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital and our biological identities.” – Klaus Schwab, Founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

The SPARS Pandemic – 2025 to 2028 – A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators – The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

This 89 page-paper has supposedly been written in 2017, preceding by 2 years the by now infamous Event 201 that took place in NYC on 18 October 2019.

Event 201 was also sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, with cosponsors of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Participants included such prominent UN agencies as the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, the IMF, UNICEF, the UN political body itself – and many more.

Event 201 consisted basically of a computer simulation of the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus that hit China from 2002 to 2004, but was more virulent in the simulation. The computer projection produced some 65 million deaths in 18 months, destroyed the world economy and plunged all 193 UN member countries into severe debt and social misery. Hence, the participation of the IMF, World Bank, regional development banks, as well as representatives of the FED. The rescuers.

The 2002 to 2004 SARS outbreak was relatively harmless. First cases of the outbreak were reported in Guangdong, China, on 16 November 2002. The epidemic was reported contained by WHO in May 2003 and concluded in 2004 with 8,096 confirmed cases and 774 deaths Worldwide. The epidemic spread over 29 countries most of them in East Asia with the vast majority in China. Indeed, all infected people outside of China could be traced to Chinese origins. Chinese scientists then strongly suspected that the SARS virus was directed specifically to the Chinese genome. In other words, a bio-war against China.

Just a few weeks after Event 201 on 18 October 2019, the first cases of the so-called SARS-CoV-2 were reported in Wuhan, China. Obviously, China was more than preoccupied, identified a virus very similar to the one of the 2002-2004 outbreak, suspecting again a China-targeted virus – biowarfare.

China took immediate and drastic measures to contain the outbreak, closing down first Wuhan, then the entire Hubei Province of 50 million people, and subsequently locked down other areas where the virus made appearance. Indeed, the Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 virus was directed again against the Chinese DNA. The few cases in the first weeks in January 2020 identified outside of China, were all traceable to people of Chinese origin.

Other countries, Italy, Iran, Spain, Central Europe, were later hit by other corona strains. SARS-COV-2.  Then  the WHO conveniently identified Covid-19 (as the disease triggered by SARS-2). COVID – may stand for Certificate of Vaccination ID, or simply Corona Virus ID.

Covid-19 was a well-orchestrated epidemic, first declared by WHO, a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, or PHEIC (30 January 2020) and a pandemic on 11 March 2020. Once declared a pandemic, no matter whether justified or not – the world, or those who think they call the shots on Mother Earth, had green light to lock down and destroy the world – socially, economically and morally.

Now, there is suddenly a new report, a new scenario emerging: The SPARS Pandemic. Why SPARS? – Because this fantasy story – purely hypothetical as the paper doesn’t fail to repeatedly point out – is based on a SARS-type virus outbreak in St. Paul Minnesota. Thus – Saint Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome = SPARS. Of course, it doesn’t stay in St. Paul, but opportunely spreads all over the place – first heavily in the US, but then reaches out daringly around the world – as does SARS-CoV-2, alias Covid-19.

Is it a new fear campaign, based on human health, the threat of death, our vulnerability – the inward focus of people – playing on egocentricity – our personal well-being and will to live under all circumstances, and to live in comfort, and at all times wanting to maintain the status quo?

Pointedly, the document makes no reference at all to SARS-CoV-2, or to the “Covid-19 – Great Reset”. The 89-page paper was supposedly written some 2 years before the onset of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The playbook, that’s what it is, originates again from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and pretends to protect people from epidemics and disasters and build resilient communities through innovative scholarship, engagement, and research that strengthens the organizations, systems, policies, and programs essential to preventing and responding to public health crises.

In their own words,

“The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (JHCHS) works to protect people from epidemics and disasters and build resilient communities through innovative scholarship, engagement, and research that strengthens the organizations, systems, policies, and programs essential to preventing and responding to public health crises. The Center is part of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and is located in Baltimore, MD.”

No mention of Bill Gates, of the Rockefeller Foundation which actually created and funded both, the JHCHS and the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

No mention either of the 2010 Rockefeller Report, outlining in great detail, the various health / disease / fear and tyranny scenarios humanity has to endure during the 2020-2030 period, the most notorious of which is the so-called “lockstep scenario”, in which humanity around the globe is so deeply and desperately entrenched and locked down today.

And of course, no mention of the perfect match between the 2010 Rockefeller Report’s scenarios, the UN Agenda 2030 and – “Covid-19 – the Great Reset”, penned by Klaus Schwab, CEO of the WEF. Their consistent parallelism is all coincidence.

According to Alex Jones, this apparently in October 2017 written Johns Hopkins document, SPARS, details plans for Big Pharma global domination. He says, “this document is the holy grail. The key to defeating the globalist.” Its war-gaming different scenarios, making sure they are “armed” for different dynamically appearing situations. See this.

However, the Big Picture of these scenarios is going much further than the kingdom of the pharma-industry. Looking closer and thinking deeper, isn’t it strange that this paper – written allegedly in October 2017, some 3 years ago – emerges only now, when Covid-19, with its nefarious vaxx-coercion is in full swing, with many of its “scenarios”, depicted in a more or less similar form in the paper that envisions – purely hypothetically, as the introduction doesn’t fail to repeat numerous times – what will (or may) happen – hypothetically – from 2025 to 2028?

Is it possible that this SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 document was written much later? For example, well into the current SARS-CoV-2, alias covid-19 Plandemic, to detract the people’s attention from the much written and talked about Event 201, the PLAN that was then outlined for pretty precisely what is happening today – and may go on for another – well 10 years – if the goals and objectives of UN Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset, as well as of the 2010 Rockefeller Report are to be completed?

And what are those goals and objectives? They can be summarized into a set of three:

(i) Taking over total control of humanity, as in One World Order (OWO); by electromagnetic manipulation (that’s where 5G, later 6G come in); by digitizing everything, including all money; by converting humans into transhumans; they – Mr. Klaus Schwab, the co-author of the Great Reset, and his cabal, call it the 4th Industrial Revolution;

(ii) Shifting assets and resources from the middle and the bottom of society to the top few; and

(iii) Drastically reducing world population, via a eugenist depopulation agenda? Eventually, a small globalist elite – all those associated with managing and governing the OWO-tyranny – plus a relatively small world population of serfs – or what Aldous Huxley called the “Epsilon people” (the lowest cast working people) – in today’s world, “transhumans”, would survive. The serfs or Epsilon people, would all be electronically [digitally] controlled and manipulated, so they would not transgress into seeking their erstwhile “freedom” lost.

Could it be that the SPARS paper – which as mentioned above – does not refer to massive vaccination programs imposed on the world population – to deviate the attention from the final intention of the plandemic? Remember Bill Gates: “Only when 7 billion people have been vaccinated, will we go somewhat back to normal”. That’s what the master, or at least co-master, of this ordeal humanity is going through, predicts?

Look how the Preface to this paper introduces the scenes:


Scenario Purpose: The following narrative comprises a futuristic scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future. Its purpose is to prompt users [meaning medical and scientific personnel, government officials, and, of course, the media], both individually and in discussion with others, to imagine the dynamic and oftentimes conflicted circumstances in which communication around emergency MCM development, distribution, and uptake takes place.

While engaged with a rigorous simulated health emergency, scenario readers have the opportunity to mentally “rehearse” responses while also weighing the implications of their actions. At the same time, readers have a chance to consider what potential measures implemented in today’s environment might avert comparable communication dilemmas or classes of dilemmas in the future.

Generation Purpose: The timeframe for the scenario (the years 2025-2028) was selected first, and then major socioeconomic, demographic, technological, and environmental trends likely to have emerged by that period were identified. Specifically, two dominant trends likely to influence regulatory and public responses to future public health emergencies were selected: one, varying degrees of access to information technology; and two, varying levels of fragmentation among populations along social, political, religious, ideological, and cultural lines.

A scenario matrix was then constructed, illustrating four possible worlds shaped by these trends, with consideration given to both constant and unpredictable driving forces. Ultimately, a world comprised of isolated and highly fragmented communities with widespread access to information technology—dubbed “the echo-chamber”—was selected as the future in which the prospective scenario would take place.

From this point, scenario-specific storylines were then developed, drawing on subject matter expertise, historical accounts of past medical countermeasure crises, contemporary media reports, and scholarly literature in sociology, emergency preparedness, health education, and risk and crisis communication.

These sources were used to identify communication challenges likely to emerge in future public health emergencies. This prospective scenario is not intended to predict events to come; rather, it is meant to serve as a plausible narrative that illustrates a broad range of serious and frequently encountered challenges in the realm of risk and crisis communication.

Scenario Environment: In the year 2025, the world has become simultaneously more connected, yet more divided. Nearly universal access to wireless internet and new technology—including internet accessing technology (IAT): thin, flexible screens that can be temporarily attached to briefcases, backpacks, or clothing and used to stream content from the internet—has provided the means for readily sharing news and information.

However, many have chosen to self-restrict the sources they turn to for information, often electing to interact only with those with whom they agree. This trend has increasingly isolated cliques from one another, making communication across and between these groups more and more difficult. From a government standpoint, the current administration is led by President Randall Archer, who took office in January 2025. Archer served as Vice President under President Jaclyn Bennett (2020- 2024), [these are fictitious names] who did not seek a second term due to health concerns.


In regards to MCM communication more specifically, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other public health agencies, have increasingly adopted a diverse range of social media technologies, including long-existing platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, as well as emerging platforms like ZapQ, a platform that enables users to aggregate and archive selected media content from other platforms and communicate with cloud-based social groups based on common interests and current events.

Federal and state public health organizations have also developed agency-specific applications and ramped up efforts to maintain and update agency websites. Challenging their technological grip, however, are the diversity of new information and media platforms and the speed with which the social media community evolves. Moreover, while technologically savvy and capable, these agencies still lag in terms of their “multilingual” skills, cultural competence, and ability to be present on all forms of social media. Additionally, these agencies face considerable budget constraints, which further complicate their efforts to expand their presence across the aforementioned platforms, increase social media literacy among their communication workforces, and improve public uptake of key messages.

Scenario Organization & Use: This scenario was designed to illustrate the public health risk communication challenges associated with distribution of emergency medical countermeasures during an infectious disease pandemic. The story is organized chronologically, and each chapter concludes with a treatment of key communication dilemmas and corresponding discussion questions.

Some questions are targeted towards challenges faced by risk communicators representing federal agencies, while others address issues more relevant to state and local risk communicators. As such, users may find it most helpful to run the scenario as a tabletop exercise.


This reads like the blueprint for a medical tyranny. The paper is meant for “health providers”, Government officials, and politicians, as well as and especially for the media, who are to keep the public-at-large in-check and brainwashed with the right narrative. The paper doesn’t miss the opportunity to bring elements of “dynamics” into each one of the scenarios. In other words, nothing may happen as planned, what to do then?

This paper is utterly confusing and disturbing. If it’s supposed to be secret and destined for those who are to control us, and has been written for a number of scenarios of a fictitious corona virus disease, SPARS, very similar to the one that has affected China in 2002-2004, and is affecting the world today, since the beginning of 2020, SARS-CoV-2, alias Covid-19 the disease – then why is the paper surfacing now? – In principle for everyone to see. But to see what? – To see that what we are living today is a later version of the SPARS fiction, namely the Event 201 fiction?

According to a satanic ritual – the masters behind such ceremonies must inform the public in advance of what their plans are, in order for them to succeed. Event 201, in theory, supersedes the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028. Unless, the three key objectives of the pandemic are not on track to be met by mid-decade 2020-2030, and need to be enhanced – by a “better organized” public relation and political manipulation strategy…. which has to be divulged to the public in advance.

In this case, this paper has hardly been written in October 2017, but is rather the “catch-up” work of now, mid-lockstep scenario – made public to introduce the next scenario which the 2010 Rockefeller Report calls “Clever Together” and describes as “A world in which highly coordinated and successful strategies emerge for addressing both urgent and entrenched worldwide issues.”. This may be interpreted as the “smart” scenario – the rolling out of full digitization of everything, from personal records, to brainwave reading and mind control, to money – to merging the biological man with the digital man – the becoming of transhumans. See the 2010 Rockefeller Report here.

Back to the beginning. Klaus Schwab’s and his cronies’ dream – and humanity’s nightmare:

“At the end, what the 4th Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital and our biological identities.”

This shall not happen. We can and must stop it NOW. Any complacency is a step closer to doomsday – to a digital and mental Armageddon – which we have the power to avoid, if we wake up and ascend to a consciousness of self-reliance and of integrity with nature and to the spiritual meaning of life in solidarity that flows from her, from Mother Earth.


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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020)

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

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