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Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor condemns New York City employees to DEATH by lethal mRNA injections  /  Ethan Huff

(Natural News) City employees in the Big Apple have been given a death sentence by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who tossed in the trash bin an emergency application that would have protected New York City firefighters, police officers, and other government employees against mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination.”

Employees in the city were almost at the finish line in achieving a victory for health freedom when Sotomayor came barreling in during the 11th hour and struck down their attempts to remain exempt from forced jabbing on religious grounds.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a public interest law firm that specializes in religious freedom cases, argued in the application, filed on November 2, that it is unfair for entertainers and athletes to be exempt from the jab mandate but not unvaccinated city workers, who were fired from their positions.

Since the application was submitted under emergency status, Sotomayor was allowed to decide the matter on her own without having to refer it to the full Supreme Court. Consequently, New York City employees have been denied their right to not be forcibly injected with chemical and biological poisons.

In her ruling, Sotomayor provided no reasoning for the rejection. We can only assume that she feels strongly that everyone should be forced by the government to get injected for the Fauci Flu – this being a form of medical rape. (Related: Sotomayor has repeatedly indicated that she fully supports medical rape against the American people.)

Sotomayor thinks Americans should be forcibly penetrated with Big Pharma chemicals through government-sanctioned medical rape

The ADF case argues that the disenfranchised employees are “suffering the loss of First Amendment rights, are facing deadlines to move out of homes in foreclosure or with past-due rents, are suffering health problems due to loss of their city health insurance and the stress of having no regular income, and resorting to food stamps and Medicaid just to keep their families afloat.”

None of this is of any concern to Sotomayor, though, who from her ivory tower smashed the gavel against them with a grin. Sotomayor does not believe in health freedom, including the right to not be forcibly penetrated with Big Pharma needles against one’s will.

“These city heroes have dedicated their lives to serving their neighbors and keeping their city running safely and efficiently, yet New York City officials suspended and fired them because they cannot take the COVID-19 vaccine without violating their sincere religious beliefs,” said John Bursch, senior counsel and vice president of appellate advocacy at ADF.

“But for athletes, entertainers, and strippers, the city found a way to loosen its mandate.”

In the comment section, many wrote that Sotomayor should be immediately removed from the bench and punished for her crimes against humanity (and the Constitution). Covid injections are, after all, a form of genocide that have initiated a massive global depopulation scheme that was many years in the making.

“Government employees killing government employees – legally with the vaccine! Thanks, your honor,” wrote one of them in jest.

Another wrote that if Sotomayor were to get removed, her replacement, Ketanji Brown Jackson, is hardly any better.

“Bimbo leftist Sotomayor always does the opposite of constitutional reasoning,” wrote another.

“With each new decision Sotomayor makes, she confirms our long-held belief that she was nominated by an appeasing Democrat president for the color of her skin rather than her intellectual competency,” expressed another. “Sotomayor is a disgrace and an indelible stain on the American judicial system.”

“She is an embarrassment to the country and the court,” said someone else.

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