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For most of my lifetime, I have watched people be seriously injured by pharmaceuticals and have their plight be ignored either because:

•The injuries were subtle enough they could not be recognized unless someone was trained to identify them (which most doctors are not). In turn, one of the great difficulties I’ve had throughout my career is continually observing medical injuries that are rarely identified by my colleagues (and which often are necessary to treat in order to alleviate the patient’s current issue).

•Not enough people were affected, so it was easy enough for the press to cover it up. In previous eras, when the media was not bought out, this censorship did not exist (Sharyl Attkisson has done the best job of identifying when this started), and much less harmful products were correctly exposed for what they were. For example, consider this report on the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine fiasco, which would never air on television today:

Note: One of my patients suffered permanent complications from this vaccine, which I learned when she shared with me why she was not willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine (“I am not falling for this again”). Additionally, one of my mentors was in practice when the swine flu vaccine came out and had numerous patients who were severely injured by it. However while these stories are alarming, I consider the 1976 vaccine to be much safer than the current spike protein vaccines.

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One of the few positive aspects of the COVID-19 vaccine campaign is that it has been so egregious, many people I knew who were previously on the fence about vaccines have decided vaccination has serious issues which need to be looked at. Put differently, vaccine safety concerns have gone from a fringe viewpoint very few were even aware of to a mainstream political position. 

For example, my friends in this movement told me during the 80s and 90s they had to put in a tremendous amount of work to raise attention to this subject (which involved exposing themselves to significant risks), and they only were able to have their message reach a small number of people. In contrast, now the messages we provide through the internet rapidly reach millions of people. Unless you have seen this issue evolve over decades, it’s difficult to even begin to describe how profound the shift has been.

One of my favorite fables is The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs. It describes a goose that did as its name suggested and brought great prosperity to its owner. Eventually, the owner concluded he was not making enough from those eggs to satisfy his newfound greed and slaughtered the goose to collect the rest of the golden eggs inside it. There were none inside, and he went bankrupt as a result of losing his steady supply of golden eggs. 

I believe the pharmaceutical industry is in a similar situation. It has advanced its business model of pushing harmful and ineffective proprietary medications onto the population so aggressively (while the entire government has capitulated to the money they receive from facilitating this), that the public is now seeing that business model for exactly what it is and no longer wanting to take its products. To some extent, the industry has been able to get away with doing this provided the escalation was gradual, but the COVID-19 vaccine campaigns were so over the top, everyone recognized what happened when it did.

For example, I recently put together (a now updated) compilation of all of the egregious marketing propaganda that was used to sell the vaccines as I believed it would serve as a critical lesson to future generations:

Although you could argue many of the examples shown above (please take a look if you have not seen them) clearly constituted unacceptable corruption within our government, the case can also be made that so many members of society got caught in an irrational exuberance to promote the vaccinations that they fell into a mass hysteria around that. This is important because while that hysteria is impossible for those trapped within it to recognize, the absurdity can be seen by people outside of it, and this cult-like behavior often serves as the most persuasive argument possible against the policy in question (in this case vaccination).

Died Suddenly

As stated above, many pharmaceutical injuries are subtle and complex enough that it becomes an uphill battle to convince others they could be occurring. However, the same cannot be said for individuals who are dying suddenly after vaccination. Everyone regardless of their education will recognize this and default to trusting their firsthand observation over what an “expert” tells them. That unfortunate side effect of the vaccines has thus created a major publicity problem for everyone pushing them.

Recently a viral documentary brought more attention to this subject (which was estimated to have been seen by 15 million people). One of the most widely viewed articles I wrote here in turn addressed the pros (bringing attention to the subject) and cons (it having false information) of this documentary:

Note: I am not sure if the unusual blood clots are the primary mechanism behind COVID-19 vaccine sudden death. For example, a good case can also be made that it is due to the profound autoimmune response the vaccines create which is frequently seen in autopsies.

The popularity of this article and the documentary serve to highlight that the public is strongly interested in this topic. Similarly, Ed Dowd recently authored one of the most popular books on the subject of vaccination (it’s been the number 1 and number 2 seller on Amazon for the vaccination topic…which is a constant source of frustration for Peter Hotez). I felt Dowd’s book took a very persuasive approach to this topic by highlighting the objective data showing an unprecedented rise in disability and death after the vaccines came out along with many of the individual unexplained cases of sudden deaths:

All of these serve to illustrate that the “Died Suddenly” meme will not go away, and rather as time continues it is becoming a larger and larger problem for the political leadership.

Political Polling

Every single industry (except for say the independent media) has fallen into a similar trap. Because so many penalties exist for questioning the narrative (e.g. some consider discussing ideas that could lead the vaccine hesitancy to be equivalent to mass murder), no one wants to touch the vaccine issue.

For example, many embalmers have observed highly unusual blood clots in bodies that were never seen before the vaccine rollout (this was the central theme of Died Suddenly). Unfortunately, almost none of them want to publicly go on record about this because they are afraid of having their business be slandered and thus losing their employment. A few of my readers have been informally surveying embalmers (most of whom are willing to speak off the record), and they have reported to me that the majority have also observed these clots (presently 68% or 73 of 107 surveyed said they had), but are not willing to speak out publicly on the issue (when their survey is completed I will publish it).

A similar issue exists within the mainstream media (the only exception is a few hosts on Fox News like Tucker Carlson), and political polling firms. A few people I know have tried to get polls on the vaccines to be conducted, but have confided with me the posters are extremely resistant to that polling, and in one case where they succeeded in having a poll be conducted (I spent a long time corresponding with the individual who sponsored this poll), the organization stipulated for their name not to be included on the final polling report.

Fortunately, Rasmussen, an organization that is willing to touch upon more controversial subjects, recently began exploring this issue. In a previous post, I discussed some of the startling results they came across in their initial poll (which I believed to be accurate):

A more detailed breakdown of that poll can be found in the above article. The key point was that despite all of the over-the-top propaganda (detailed in the article above) and censorship that we have experienced over the last two years, only 56% of the population believes the vaccines are effective, and 57% have concerns about their safety. 

The most important part of the survey was this finding:

For reference, 7% of all currently vaccinated Americans is 12 million people (additionally, based on other data points I’ve seen, I believe the respondents appropriately categorized their side effects as being “major” in nature). 

These results are a big deal and I am relatively certain if it had been known at the start that major side effects or death were expected to occur in 1%, yet alone 7% of the people being given the vaccine, for the majority of those involved in pushing the vaccines on the public, this would have constituted a completely unacceptable risk profile for these products. 

I concluded the previous article by stating these results are a huge publicity problem for the vaccine advocates and I am not sure how they will be able to surmount what they are now facing.

This morning I was alerted to an even more damning finding on the vaccines:

Although Rasmussen typically makes their polls be behind a paywall (since they have to stay in business), they felt compelled to make this one be publicly available.

This poll evaluated 1000 American adults, of whom 71% reported being vaccinated. The results Rasmussen found were as follows:

The results of each of these questions have profound implications for the general public losing its trust in the mainstream narrative. 

The second is particularly important: 28% know someone directly they believe died from a vaccine. Even if the correlation is false (although I believe it is the opposite as many of the deaths are not recognized), 28% of the population believing the government and every authority they were raised their life to trust would push something this dangerous onto them shatters the institutional trust our entire society is built upon. 

Note: Many have reached out to me to share that someone they were close to had died from the COVID-19 vaccine. This substack was largely a result of my attempt to compile these reports and share them with the public.

Put differently, this is not a problem more propaganda can solve or half-hearted pseudo-apologies like Emily Oster’s disingenuous plea for amnesty or Peter Hotez’s “apology” that followed him being called out for his egregious conduct with the vaccines:

Hotez and Oster are by no means the only people realizing they need to jump on the pseudo-apology bandwagon. Of the ones I’ve seen so far, this one takes the cake:

My favorite example of someone calling out these “apologies” was someone paying to fly this over Oster’s house:


At this point in time, the major challenge our movement is facing is bridging the gap from the evidence of harm (there is far more than enough data to end this program) to persuading the public that this data matters and the vaccines need to be pulled. This is why Rasmussen’s survey results so important, as they illustrate that gap is beginning to be overcome. When it comes to ending these mandates, how the vaccines are perceived by the public is the most important thing and what politicians will listen to.

Initially, vaccine skepticism was a highly politically polarized subject—most Democrats were not open to questioning the vaccines (and often espoused hatred for the unvaccinated), while many Republicans were open to questioning the vaccines and refused to vaccinate. This political shift has been incredible to watch because not too long ago, the majority of people I knew who were uncomfortable with putting unsafe or untested chemicals in their bodies were Democrats. As best as I can tell, this all arose during Obama’s presidency as a result of him changing who the corporate donors for the party were (I tried to chronicle how this transpired here). 

One of the interesting things about today’s poll was how each demographic answered:

For example, when asked if they knew someone who they suspected had died from the vaccine, 33% of Democrats said yes, while 26% of both Republicans and those who were not affiliated with either party said yes. Rasmussen argues this (along with many other demographic response rates) suggests the poll's results were valid, and explained this result being due Democrats, while being less likely to want to acknowledge a vaccine injury, likely knowing far more people who were vaccinated, and thus being exposed to a higher rate of deaths.

Before the COVID-19 vaccinations, a common topic of discussion within the vaccine safety movement was if vaccine safety should become a politically polarized topic. The argument in favor of this was that it would bring much larger exposure to the issue, while the argument against it was that they did not want to alienate the other political party from the movement.

Interestingly, when we reviewed industry publications, they stated they wanted to do everything possible to prevent vaccination from becoming a political wedge issue as that would threaten half of the customer base. I thus was quite perplexed by the push during Obama's presidency to turn vaccination into a partisan issue. 

In retrospect, from looking at everything that has happened with COVID-19, I suspect that the strategy was decided upon because the COVID-19 vaccines were so questionable (due to their experimental nature and dangerous safety profile) that it was the only possible way people could be convinced to get them—many Democrats vaccinated to align with their political ideology and only supported the otherwise unjustifiable mandates for partisan reasons.

It is thus extremely hopeful for me that the skepticism towards these vaccinations appears to be breaking through that wall. This means that at the end of the day, all the pharmaceutical companies will have to show for adopting this politically divisive strategy to market their product is the entire population recognizing the negative aspects of these vaccines (which the opposite side of the political spectrum promoted as a result of this issue being politically polarized). 

It was also observed that those who had been vaccinated were less likely to question the vaccines than those who were not vaccinated (which makes sense), but nonetheless, 38% of those who were vaccinated think it is at least somewhat likely the vaccines have caused a large number of unexplained deaths. Similarly, while 45% of those who had not been vaccinated thought someone they knew personally might have died from the vaccines, only 22% of vaccinated adults shared this belief. 

In addition to these results supporting the validity of the poll, consider for a moment the situation of those who were vaccinated and now have serious safety concerns about the vaccine. For example, how would you feel if you were vaccinated and someone you knew died suddenly after vaccination? As this poll shows, that is the position many Americans are in now, and that has profound implications for public trust in our government.

As we move into 2023, I am hopeful shifts like these will continue to emerge and I believe we have hit the point that shift may no longer be possible to stop.


As you all know now, immediately after publishing this article, during monday night football, the game was suspended after a 24 year old NFL football player collapsed on and received CPR until an ambulance took him off the field (he is now in the ICU). Steve Kirsch wrote a detailed summary of what is currently known here.

In my eyes, the most important facet about this event was a sports doctor immediately stating the collapse had nothing to do with the vaccine. The theory that doctor put forward was possible but not by any means the most probable explanation since as far as we know there has only been one documented case of this happening during football and that single case did not occur in the NFL (where numerous factors drastically reduce its negligible probability of occurring).

This doctor’s conduct is quite pertinent because the medical profession has lost enough trust from the public from how they’ve handled COVID-19 that statements like his will make the public more rather than less suspicious of what is happening (like honestly how could the doctor immediately know it had nothing to do with vaccine and was due to a 1 in 200,000,000 freak medical condition). Similarly, this is what you get when you search for “Damar Hamlin Vaccine:”

All of these examples situation thus speaks to the downhill spiral modern propaganda is experiencing which was discussed in the previous article. Essentially, the standard form of propaganda our entire form of government revolves around cannot work anymore, and presently, the media is attempting to bridge that gap with more and more audacious lies or gaslighting (which will only further increase public distrust in our institutions). This is actually wonderful because it will necessitate the government switching to a different model of governance predicated upon being truthful to its citizens and adopting sensible policies the populace will agree to of their own free will.

Finally, Igor published his own analysis of the survey which has a few additional important details supporting the validity of the data not included here:

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