April 30, 2021 from Mercola

In this video, Ronnie Cummins, founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association, and I discuss “The Truth About COVID-19 — Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports and the New Normal,” which we co-wrote.

The book was released yesterday. If you preordered, thank you! If you didn’t, you can now pick it up without delay.

Truth about COVID-19

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Thanks for all your support with the book. This is going to be an overwhelming best seller, and likely No. 1 in the U.S. We preordered 50,000 copies, but Amazon told us a few weeks ago that they needed 100,000 copies, which only happens a few times a year for any new book. The orders were placed weeks ago, but this pandemic has massively disrupted the printing industry so it is taking far longer to print books than it used to.

For that reason, your books will be delivered just a bit later than anticipated. However, if you are like me and only read Kindle books, you can get the book now! The good news is that at least 50,000 of you will get the book next week and start to understand the deep web of deception you have been led into. I deeply appreciate all your support on this book and the project to educate the masses about the truth about COVID-19.

As mentioned by Cummins, the COVID-19 pandemic surprised a lot of people, but in researching this book, we learned that vaccine companies and their investors had been anticipating a scenario like this for a very long time.

Event 201 — A Prescient Foreshadowing

Interestingly enough, in October 2019, mere months before the pandemic was announced, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted Event 201, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, funded by billionaire technocrat Michael Bloomberg. This tabletop exercise simulated the global response to a fictional coronavirus pandemic.

Amid predictions that 65 million people were dying, mass lock downs and quarantines were implemented around the world, and alternative viewpoints were suppressed through censorship under the guise of fighting “disinformation.” They even discussed the possibility of incarcerating people who question the pandemic narrative.

The need for radical censorship was perhaps one of the most striking foreshadowing in that exercise. In my view, Event 201, as a whole, confirms that even if the virus itself wasn’t preplanned, the unprecedented and draconian response to it certainly was, and Gates is a key figure in this scheme.

He may not be the mastermind, and he’s certainly not the only person involved, but he appears to be one of the front men for the technocratic elite who are using this pandemic to further their own agenda, which is nothing short of world domination through subjugation of the people.

Science and Facts Tossed by the Wayside

Many of the containment measures employed during this pandemic have never been used before, ever. Among them are the shutting down of businesses and forcing people to self-isolate at home for weeks and months on end — around the whole world! It’s quite unbelievable, and few would have thought it possible.

Clearly, it would not have been possible were it not for having spent long periods of time grooming the right people, infiltrating the right organizations and government agencies, influencing politicians and granting nongovernmental bodies global influence.

The goal of this pandemic is to usher in the Great Reset, a strategy developed and promoted by the World Economic Forum. Previously referred to as the New World Order, this “reset” of the global economy and society as a whole has been carefully planned for decades.

We’ve also never quarantined healthy people before. Usually, you isolate the sick and contagious. This is standard practice. But you don’t isolate non-sick people. This is a brand-new idea that has never been tried before and has no scientific basis whatsoever.

They were able to do all of this because the World Health Organization is the de facto ruler when it comes to global pandemics. What they say is what member nations will follow. And who’s the primary funder of the WHO? Not any nation, but Gates. He has, by the way, been involved with the WHO for over a decade, so this is not something he or anyone else dreamed up over some weekend event.

The End Goal Is to Usher in the Great Reset

As we describe in the book, the goal of this pandemic is to usher in the Great Reset, a strategy developed and promoted by the World Economic Forum. Previously referred to as the New World Order, this “reset” of the global economy and society as a whole has been carefully planned for decades.

A key component of this agenda is the transfer of global wealth and assets into the hands of the wealthy. According to a September 2020 economic impact report1 by Yelp, 163,735 U.S. businesses had closed their doors as of August 31, 2020, and of those, 60% — a total of 97,966 businesses — were permanent closures.2

Meanwhile, between March 18, 2020, and April 12, 2021, the collective wealth of American billionaires increased by $1.62 trillion — 55% — from $2.95 trillion to $4.56 trillion. One-third of the total wealth gains by billionaires since 1990 occurred in the last 13 months!3

As noted by Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness, “Never before has America seen such an accumulation of wealth in so few hands.”4 The primary benefactors of the pandemic measures include the finance and tech industries and the pharmaceutical and military-intelligence sectors.5

Vaccine Passport Is Your Ticket to Tyranny

As you’d expect, vaccine companies have been able to exploit this pandemic, in large part due to the heavy censoring of any and all preventive and early treatments. Without that censoring, I don’t believe as many people would be lining up to get these shots, seeing how they are experimental gene therapies miscategorized as vaccines.

None of the COVID-19 vaccines currently on the market has been licensed. They are all being used under emergency use authorization, and a condition for an EUA is that there are no other effective treatments available. This, I believe, is the real reason why effective prevention and alternative treatments were so heavily suppressed. They, quite simply, would have rendered the vaccine moot.

In the book, we also detail how inaccurate tests, used inappropriately, created the illusion of a highly infectious pandemic and served as the basis for the fearmongering spewed by the media. In reality, the vast majority of “cases” actually weren’t. They were false positives and/or people being counted multiple times because they kept being retested, and instead of counting people, they were counting tests.

Fatality statistics were also grossly inflated by suddenly changing how death certificates are filled out and marking any person who died having had a positive PCR test within the last month, or who was simply suspected of being positive, as a COVID-19 death. Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that 94% of COVID-19 deaths were people who died with the virus, not from it. The real cause of death was another underlying, often long-term chronic condition.

All of these statistics were artificially manipulated to make it appear we are in a sufficiently deadly and horrible situation to warrant vaccine passports, without which you won’t be allowed to participate in certain social activities or travel.

The irony is that the COVID-19 vaccines are not designed to prevent infection or spread of the virus, so being vaccinated won’t do a thing for public health. At best, it may protect the vaccinated individual from having a more serious case of COVID-19 if or when they do get infected. They encourage everyone to get vaccinated in order to ensure we reach herd immunity, yet these “vaccines” aren’t designed to provide immunity! 

Since vaccination won’t prevent viral spread, the vaccine passport will fulfill but one purpose, and that is to usher in a digital surveillance mechanism that can then be expanded to encompass many other areas of life, including financial data. So, the vaccine certificate is not a passport to freedom. It’s your ticket to tyranny.

How to Take Control of Your Health

I believe your best bet, moving forward, is to address your foundational health, starting with your metabolic flexibility. You want to be metabolically flexible. What does that mean? It means that your body can seamlessly transition between burning fat and burning carbohydrates as its primary fuel. This is important, because when your body can do this, it means you are not insulin resistant.

When you’re insulin resistant, you’re more likely to have complications such as immune insensitivity, obesity, high blood pressure and distorted cholesterol patterns. Your risk for severe COVID-19 will also be dramatically increased. Thankfully, many of these issues can be simply reversed for no cost with time-restricted eating.

Secondly, you need to have enough vitamin D. For optimal health, you’ll want your vitamin D level, which you must measure using a simple blood test, to be between 60 ng/mL and 80 ng/mL (100 nmol/L and 150 nmol/L).

My peer reviewed published study6 on the “Evidence Regarding Vitamin D and Risk of COVID-19 and Its Severity” is available for free on the journal’s website. In the book, we go into more specific details about these strategies, and many others.

Truth about COVID-19

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Freedom of Speech Is Officially Dead

“The Truth About COVID-19” will become all the more important to own and share in days to come, as I was recently forced to permanently remove all articles on vitamins D, C and zinc, as well as most articles on COVID-19, from my website. This book will now be a primary source of such information.

Over the past year, I’ve been researching and writing as much as I can to help you take control of your health, as fearmongering media and corrupt politicians have destroyed lives and livelihoods to establish global control of the world’s population, using the COVID-19 pandemic as their justification.

Through these progressively increasing stringent measures, I have refused to succumb to these relentless attacks. I have been willing to defend myself in the court of law, as I’ve had everything reviewed by some of the best attorneys in the country.

Unfortunately, threats recently became very personal and intensified to the point I could no longer preserve much of the information and research I’ve provided to you thus far. These threats are not legal in nature, and I have limited ability to defend myself against them.

Politicians in January 2021 managed to pass the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act of the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act.7 This piece of legislation was hidden in a 2,100-page bill8 that now provides the government with enormous legal authority to prosecute anyone for “crime” of disagreeing with the official narrative that the vaccine is the ONLY approved approach to treat or prevent COVID-19. Here is the relevant portion of this Act:

This Act makes it unlawful under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act for any person, partnership, or corporation to engage in a deceptive act or practice in or affecting commerce associated with the treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation, or diagnosis of COVID-19 or a government benefit related to COVID-19.

Remember, Hitler and Mussolini came to power LEGALLY, because they subverted the legal structures of their country. Folks, you are now seeing the same kind of subversion happening in real time in the U.S. It is obvious that this is the first assault, designed to remove your personal freedom and liberty. This law essentially abolishes the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution with respect to ANY dialog on COVID-19.

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British Medical Journal  by Kevin Bardosh1,2, Alex de Figueiredo3, Rachel Gur-Arie et al. Abstract Vaccination policies have shifted dramatically during COVID-19 with the rapid emergence of population-wide vaccine mandates, domestic vaccine passports and differential restrictions based on vaccination status. While these policies have prompted ethi
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