January 14, 2023 from Tom’s Newsletter

You may have noticed but the work we have done over the last nearly three years is beginning to pay off. People are starting to realize and associate the numerous “died suddenly” situations with the death-jabs. The fear of COVID has largely subsided (I know there are still some idiots wearing masks but they are a small minority) and the truth about Ivermectin and other early treatments is moving in to the mainstream. While we still have a LOT of work to do before this is over, the war will result in a victory and it is time to shift strategy to better reflect the new situation.

As many of you reading this know, I have not stopped fighting this for even a minute since before the lockdowns began. God put me in a position where I started researching COVID for a masters degree program I was working on in the field of health science as early as January of 2020 so I was awake to the fraud that was occurring before the lockdowns started. For me, the fight has awakened me to the evil in this world in a way I don’t think anything else could have and facilitated my conviction that I need to spend the rest of my life doing everything within my power to destroy that evil to provide for my children’s future and all of our freedom. My position has also changed substantially since this fight began. I am still a small town person that is honored that God has allowed me to participate in something so much bigger than me but I have earned a little respect and, thanks to many of you, gained enough resources to have more people than just me on the team. Just as importantly, I have developed friendships with some truly incredible people that are national and international leaders in healthcare, the fight for freedom, and media. The new resources mean expanding the fight and strategy in a way that leverages what God has provided to the maximum extent.

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As some of you may have noticed I have undertaken a huge number of new initiatives. A partial list includes: the launch and continued development of www.tomrenz.com, bi-weekly Renz Rants on Rumble and elsewhere, the EcoHealth Lawsuit (amongst others), and the Tom Renz Show (Mon-Fri at 6:00PM Eastern: listen here and here). I have a bunch of other VERY big updates coming soon and am expanding the freedom fight to a lot of other areas. This is all part of a larger plan to expand the freedom fight and I want to explain the logic a bit.

From the beginning I realized that my fight was never a single lawsuit, it was a fight to regain our freedom. The fight for God and freedom had to include lawsuits but also had to be a fight from and about we the people. That lead to the idea that the best way to fight for freedom would be to use lawfare rather than just law. I define lawfare to include tactics related to the law (legal), political pressure, and educating the public (PR). It is important to recognize that this approach is necessary both due to the inherent limitations of the powers of the court and also because the attack on freedom is not only coming from issues that the courts can address but rather is coming from many directions. We can never forget the fear campaign that facilitated the COVID lockdowns that allowed for the massive election fraud we have seen the last couple of cycles. Nor can we overlook the trillions of dollars spent in the name of COVID and other fake “emergencies” that have facilitated the inflation/economic collapse we are currently experiencing along with the greatest transfer of wealth from the working class to the rich in history.


The need for the battle to include both political pressure and public education is critical from the lawyer’s perspective. Many of the COVID cases I filed early on were very well supported by science but the overwhelming number of lies coming from our federal officials made those incredibly well-cited cases appear implausible. Under federal law, many times cases that may appear implausible can be thrown out without the court even bothering to look at the evidence. While I personally question the constitutionality of this, it is reality and made the fact that we knew the truth incredibly frustrating. Regardless, the reality was that if we wanted to meet the plausibility standard in the courts we had to wake the public up to the reality that much of what was being said about COVID was a lie. This is why I was forced to become so prolific in the media (I’ve always hated the idea of losing my anonymity).

This legal reality forced me to begin a media campaign that was well beyond what I would ever have imagined I could participate in. That campaign was wildly successful and ultimately lead to the development of a legitimate platform where, through my own media or the media of more well-known friends I made, we could have a substantial impact on the national conversation. This was truly an act of God (and a dedicated and wonderful group of people that helped me) and was made all-the-more impressive in light of the massive censorship campaign against me (if you don’t believe censorship exists check out the Twitter files).

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The success of the media campaign along with the continued use of lawsuits has gone a long way to edging us closer to the inevitable accountability we all seek. It has also created enough political pressure that there is now hope of actually seeing the crooked politicians finding enough of a spine to stand up against the massive special interest behemoth that big pharma is.

At this point we are continuing to see massive success. Remember, success in my world is defined by the collapse of the COVID narrative and accountability. The collapse is well under way and accountability is the next step. To facilitate that accountability I am moving in to the second stage of the the “big plan”.

At this point, as noted above, I am launching a substantial number of media initiatives. Those include talk radio, podcasts, writing (this SubStack), the launch of www.tomrenz.com, and a number of other projects. The reason I am doing this is to further promote truth to the public (public education), create political pressure, and to ensure the truth is far reaching enough to facilitate greater success in the courts. You will see a number of sponsors on www.tomrenz.com and a push for more fundraising. That’s right, I need more money.

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The fundraising is a critical part of the overall plan. No, the point is not to make me rich (I rarely bill for my legal work), but rather to allow me to hire more staff and lawyers. There are limits to the number of cases I can file by myself and, for some of these major cases, those limits can be severe. I can either deal with one or two major cases at a time or can support 50 lawyers filing a lot more. The latter seems like a better idea when the world is on fire so I need the money to pay those lawyers.

I also need legitimate staffing. At this point I have several part-time team-members and only myself as full-time. My hope is to continue fighting for freedom for the rest of my life (and I intend to) but I need staffing to do it effectively.

Through the grace of God I have continued to receive donations through my GiveSendGo and other places that have allowed me to keep the lights on and continue the fight. I will always be more honored by the faith of the people that have supported me than I could possibly convey but feel it would be better for those that support me than to only allow donations and SubStack subscriptions. To that extent, we have added sponsors to www.tomrenz.com (at this point use RENZ in the checkout for MyPillow, bh-pm.com for precious metals, and Nepute’s personalized vitamin program with more to come) so that those that support our work can buy things of value rather than just donating (though we are still happy to take the donations here).

It is my hope that the new combination of additional media plus the opportunity to support us with sponsors will allow the growth necessary to expand the fight substantially. If resources allow, I plan to push the fight in to new areas such as political corruption, election fraud, free speech, energy/food/economic issues, human trafficking, and more. Ultimately I am honored to publicly commit to a lifelong fight for freedom for everyone and pray for the support necessary to win. To be clear, I will continue the freedom fight for the rest of my life regardless of whether anyone supports me or not, but can do so much more if I have the resources necessary.

God bless to all that have supported me and continue to do so and please know that it is my sincerest prayer that I can earn the support your have given.

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